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  1. No more updates, Site closes 16.06.2009 http://members.a1.net/wimdevos
  2. Update09.june 2009 Jérôme Bunker, Basik Air Concept : All Advance and Seven H/C including Tandem Advance Pilot Chute Part EXS-P and EXS-N Thank you very much Wim
  3. Hello all out there , Is there someone who has updates to my: Minimum Standards Reserve Pilot Chute Spring Force List? See: http://members.a1.net/wimdevos
  4. Search at : http://www.parachutemanuals.com Have a nice day Wim
  5. Maybe? An airbag as reserve pilot ? (connected with an AAD to activate) Who knows?
  6. Aerodyne email addresses change Edward “ Bushman” Anderson President & CEO : [email protected] Arnold Collenteur European Sales Director : [email protected] Cindy Unvericht Financial Director: [email protected] Dominic Hayhurst Technical Director: [email protected] Karl Meyer Sales Representative: [email protected] Sandy Kimball Sales Coordinator: [email protected] Thiago MuradasTechnical Coordinator: [email protected] Mark Carr Shipping & Receiving: [email protected] Sales: [email protected] Website contact: [email protected]
  7. It is now 33 days ago that Parachutes de France released: Safety Bulletin BSC_06_002 Date: 21/04/06 : demanded to adjust the activation high of the safety system to a minimum of 325m. and 26 days ago that EASA released: AD No : 2006-0105-E Date: 28. April 2006 : The proposed solution of Parachutes de France Safety Bulletin BSC_06_002, dated 21.04.2006 is not accepted by EASA to provide an equivalent level of safety. As a consequence the unit may not act as a safety device. THE USE OF ALL THE Techno 240-B PERSONAL PARACHUTES IS PROHIBITED Is there some one who heard some news ?
  8. Hallo Giudo, I am not a certified vigil rigger. I do not know if there are certified vigil riggers. I am not certified to replace the small plastic loop protection heads. So will not do that without permission and clear instructions. It was just an suggestion how Vigil could help the owners in the field. I send the suggestion to them to but they did not answer. Have a nice day Wim
  9. I am wondering that Vigil does not come with a simple jumper friendly solution: Free repair of damaged cutters by a vigil certified rigger I checked a cutter made 12/2003 and it was simple to replace the small plastic loop protection heads. It cost me 5 seconds to remove them. (and insert again cost me the same time) If the construction of the cutters after 2003 is still identical it may possibly an “in the field job” Wim
  10. Hallo No.Fear The cutter of the Cypres is different. I does not need small plastic loop protection heads to prevent damaging the reserve loop. Blue skies Wim
  11. Explaining (IP)Ratings Just fore all who do not know what that is Example: Protection level offered by an IP 67 rated protected product 6 = Totally protected from dust 7 = Protected from the effects of immersion between 15cm and 1m Protection against solid objects First Number 0 No protection 1 Protected from solid foreign objects of 50 mm and greater (e.g., accidental touch by hands) 2 Protected from solid objects of 12 mm and greater (e.g., fingers) 3 Protected from solid objects more than 2.5 mm (e.g., tools and small wires) 4 Protected from solid objects more than 1 mm (e.g., small wires) 5 Protected from dust; limited entrance (no harmful deposit) 6 Totally protected from dust Protection against liquids Second Number 0 No protection 1 Protected from vertically-falling drops of water (e.g., condensation) 2 Protected from direct sprays of water up to 15° from vertical 3 Protected from direct sprays of water up to 60° from vertical 4 Protected from water sprayed from all directions; limited entrance allowed 5 Protected from low pressure jets of water from all directions; limited entrance allowed 6 Protected from strong jets of water (e.g., for use on ship decks); limited entrance allowed 7 Protected from the effects of immersion between 15cm and 1m 8 Protected from extended periods of immersion under pressure IP Numbers with Hermetically Sealed (HS) or Environmentally Protected (EP) Ratings Rating Protection EP Dust proof, not protected from moisture or water IP65 Dust proof, protected from splashes and low-pressure jets IP66 Dust proof, protected from strong water jets IP67 Dust proof, protected from temporary immersion in water 1 meter deep for 30 minutes IP68 Dust proof, protected from continuous immersion in water under more severe conditions than IP67 IP66/68 Dust proof, protected from strong water jets and/or constant immersion
  12. Ask your rigger to check if the pilot belongs to your gear, If yes check the pilot chute pressure see my list in the attachment Someone more data?
  13. Hi MooChooser Yes I am serious, The best videos from malfunctions an blown up canopies are taken from close distance…………………. Let me try to explain my thoughts with a simple picture: see attachment Have a nice day Wim
  14. Austria: All Tandems and Students must have a AAD All other licence jumpers have a free choice if they put one in there rig ore not 2004: 100% of students, 99.7%of intermediates, 98.3% of experts have a AAD At least at one club is a AAD mandatory to all jumpers