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  1. ACMESkydiver

    Anna Endicott

    I am sorry for your loss.
  2. Blue ones; condolences to friends and family. Article said he was a radio operator in the Navy; I was a radio operator in the Army. I loved talking to Navy guys on ships when they entered our net. Said he was stationed aboard the Missouri, too -nice shop. I got to tour it once and was very impressed. Sounds like he had a good service career. Godspeed to a sailor, jumper, & pilot.
  3. ACMESkydiver

    Eternal 10-Way: Casey Craig

    Casey I finally made it to your house.
  4. ACMESkydiver

    Eternal 10-Way: Bryan Jones

    I posted in another thread, but I'll copy it here: Bryan I loved when you were leaning on the cabinets in the DZ and had your arms folded and were trying to act all annoyed.
  5. ACMESkydiver

    RIP Mom Stewart

    Blue ones, prayers for your healing.
  6. ACMESkydiver

    Jon Darnell

    Clickified them for you. Blue Skies.
  7. ACMESkydiver

    Son DZ's Keith Yoakum

    Godspeed. I never met him, but I'll say thank you for paying the ultimate price...
  8. ACMESkydiver

    Blue skies Perry Mumm

    He looks like he was a happy man.
  9. ACMESkydiver

    cessna 206 exits

    -Any way you could post a pic? The 206's I have seen have a side flip up (Snohomish) door like a 182.
  10. ACMESkydiver

    It's done!! It's done!!

  11. ACMESkydiver

    E-mails not coming in

    Me too.
  12. ACMESkydiver

    The Havok Helmet

    I like the full-face to avoid wind burn, especially in colder temps. Fogging can be taken care of pretty much with anti-fog. I have had an issue where the sun is behind & to my right or left, belly flying...made it difficult to read my alti due to sun glare off the visor. No real issue, just turned to avoid glare. The screws do need to be checked/tightened periodically.
  13. ACMESkydiver


    Nice! Thanks HH.