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    It's more appalling that we can manipulate the law so that we can engage in questioning techniques like that and call it OK.

    Appalling? Negative. I'll tell you what it is. Productive. Maybe not engaging in any form of torturing tecniques to extract vital intel sounds swell in the suburbs but in the real world..... it doesn't. This isn't the Waldorf, sweety. This is war. In war you win at all costs. You do whatever is neccessary to kill the enemy before they kill you. Period. If that means cutting digits off a tango to force him to tell you which elementary school bus is going to be hijacked and bombed tomorrow then so be it.


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    I'm glad the rest of the civilised world disagrees with you.

    They don't. If you honestly believe torturing of all kind does not occur within the military you are not up to speed. It happens in almost every military throughout the world.


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    Now it's "yeah, so we tortured some people, big deal.

    Actually a better quote would be, "kill the fucking fuckers before they kill us."

    In war you do whatever you need to do to ensure the safety of our people. If that means torturing terrorist scumbags then so be it. This isn't the Waldorf. This is war.

    If you served in our great military you may have a better understanding of how the real world works. This isn't an episode of Law and Order where a detective walks in and questions the suspect and he politely spills his guts. No, this is war and these are terrorists. These are terrorists with vital information that could mean the difference between the capture of more tangos or the bombing of your child's school resulting in 500+ kids suffering a tragic death.

    So what do you do with tangos such as these that may have vital intel? You extract the intel by any means neccessary. Period. If anyone is offended by that, made queesy or appalled then fine. Stay at home and carry on with your suburban lifestyle making sure you complain about our country every day of your lives and let the soldiers do whatever it takes to win. That is the goal afterall. Winning. And sometimes you have to win at all costs. There are no rules in war.


  4. Been discussed dozens of times already. Maybe you can resume one of those threads. Nothing new to debate. Seems like yet another thread to spark controversy.


  5. Quote

    I still don't understand why people voted for him. It just really makes no sense to me.

    It made sense to over 60 million people. Maybe liberal views are a thing of the past. Maybe that explains why.....

    - Bush had more votes than any other president in history.

    - Bush was the first president to be elected with a majority of all votes casted in 16 years.

    - Republicans will have held office for 20 out of the past 28 years.

    But yet liberals want everyone to think that Bush and the other republican presidents are incompetent, liars, etc... Hmmmm, maybe the liberals are the ones who need to take a hard, long, deep look at themselves in the mirror.

    The American heartland isn't buying what you're shoveling. America will never elect a party to office so full of hate, bitterness and lies. Time to reevaluate yourselves. Gut check time.


  6. Quote

    Could you tell me what we do when the majority of this country is then elderly people who can't work, can't afford a home and can't afford to eat?

    Yes, I know, they should have planned better. But they didn't. Now what?


    there is no free lunch.

    Contradiction there. Exactly which side of the fence are you on? Which is it?


  7. I'm thinking Antonio Freeman will be back with the team due to TO's injury. He won't be the replacement but should be back with them. Freeman gives a more physical presence than Pinkston.


  8. Quote

    Plenty are still mouthing off at how great the Steelers are

    Steelers are having an unbelievable year. However here's the deal...2 words...rookie quarterback. As fantastic as Rothliesberger is playing and how he is an absolute shoe-in for Rookie of the Year, playing in the playoffs is night and day compared to playing in the regular season. He will choke and make crucial mistakes in the playoffs.

    Tom Brady on the other hand is nails. Pats are hands down the favorites to win it all this year...as my prediction at the beginning of the year before one game was even played.


  9. Plus side is they play in the NFC which is turning out to be the most pathetic conference a season has ever seen.

    With Owens out they are back to the same place they were the last 3 years.

    Even with TO out they are still going to be the team to beat in the NFC. Out of the teams that will be in the playoffs there are only 2 that will give Philly a run for their money.....Falcons and Packers. Packers of course have to make the playoffs first. Say what you want about Green Bay and their mediocre season but no one can count out arguably the greatest QB to ever play the game. With Favre you're always in it. I can honestly see Green Bay possibly beating the Eagles.


  10. Uh oh Eagle fans. TO is out for the remainder of the regular season and will be lucky to be back in time for the SB assuming they make it that far.

    Definitly not good news considering you guys have stuggled the last 2 weeks against teams that are mediocre at best.

    However, If you look at the beginning of this thread you'll see I predicted the SB to showcase the Pats and Eagles. Looks like I'm dead on so far.


  11. As a 6 year veteran of the Navy it sickens me to see people on these forums who never served bitch/cry/moan/complain about our country and our leaders. I've seen everything from these peeps on here from wanting Bush dead to not being proud of our country's history. Sickening.


  12. Clicky

    Glen Beck is hands down my favorite talk show host. I listen to him every day and if I miss some of the show I catch it via online in the evening from the Insider Members area.

    Wednesday he was on tour in Richmond, VA for his annual Christmas Tour where he goes to various cities and puts on an unbelievable show in front of a live audience in the evenings. During the day he does his morning show from a local station while he's on tour.

    When he was in Richmond Wednesday he picked up a morning paper and found out the Boy Scouts, in protest, were going to stand in front of the ACLUs headquarters due to their involvement in trying to say the military couldn't donate money to them because they're funded by the government.

    Glen Beck despises the ACLU and decided to but $380 worth of popcorn (and gave them another $170) live on the air and plug them big-time.

    Long story short. The Boy Scouts made over $28,000 dollars in one day. Talk about a good deed.


  13. Quote

    I choose not to put myself in situations where I need a gun for personal safety.

    You think because you don't put yourself in certain situations that a dangerous situation won't come to you? [:/]