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  1. For the record I want everyone to know I no longer feel pure by participating in this. I feel violated.


    Kermit looking forward and keep on walking:

    - Listen sweetheart...I'm going to need a LONG ride.

    Crack whore.- "well gorgeous..hehe, I can give you the ride of your life

    Kermit (still looking forward and walking).- Do you have any idea where am I going?

    Crack whore.- "I....I....don't know, but come with me and I'll take you to nirvana"

    Kermit stops, looks at her

    Kermit.- Show me the way

    Kermit jumps in the Dart and they fade away in the moonlight.

    30 minutes into the trip the crack whore jerks the Dodge off the road onto the shoulder in the middle of the dark night. She pulls out a switchblade and holds it towards Kermit.

    "Give me all your money you little green bastard!"


  2. Quote

    Kermit gets pissed at fozzie and ask him to pull over, Fozzie get out of the car and switch with Kermit, they argue a little and Kermit stabs Fozie because he fucked up, drives the car to a cliff and discards it, goes back to the road and starts to hitchhike

    Suddenly a crack whore high on crystal meth pulls over in a Dodge Dart.

    "Need a ride, sexy?" she says in a deep, raspy voice to Kermit.


  3. I'll play B|


    I'd say, Kermit has a dark secret, and need to talk to the Wizard, but, that happens in the middle of the movie which is being shown first, and flashback to the beginning of the story.

    Flash to Fonzie driving a Buick with Kermit in the passenger seat. They're driving to see Gonzo to pick up a package. Fonzie hits a speedbump and Kermit's gun goes off and blows Beeker's brains all over the rear window.


  4. Actually I never saw Farenhype 9/11. Honestly I don't need a full length documentary to tell me Michael Moron's ficticious movie is a lie. Only takes common sense.

    I may check it out one day.


  5. Quote

    Ahh yes, unless you get caught nothing is wrong argument.

    It's innocent until proven guilty. It's an American thing.

    Until Bush is brought up on charges all of this hokey, "Bush is a murderer who invaded the wrong country" crap has no weight. We'll file that with the other, "Dems good...Reps bad" liberal mindset.

    Lots of smoke. No fire.


  6. Quote

    See, the intention is good, but you guys invaded the wrong country

    According to who? You? LOL. Please.

    If Bush was a murderous, lying, evil person who invaded a country illegally and is personally responsible for over 1K American soldier's deaths...why has he not been impeached? Why has there been no legal action placed against him?

    I'll let you ponder that for a while.


  7. Quote

    Damn, a full 7 minutes before someone blamed Bush.

    It's the typical liberal game. Everything bad is Bush's fault.

    In a way I'm glad the party thinks like that. It's one of the main reasons Bush won the re-election. Let them keep possessing this mentality.


  8. Quote

    But I find it funny that many folks wanted JK, but didn't know anything about him.

    We knew everything about him. We knew everything he stood for and against. The problem was everything he stood for was also everything he stood against. His stance on every issue depended on what voters he was speaking to. They didn't forever label him, "Flip-Flop" for nothing.