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  1. Quote

    Keep this attitude in SC.

    Who are you to dictate what attitudes are appropriate for a particuliar forum? Last I checked unless he's violating forum rules he can have any attitude he wants.


  2. You're asking all the wrong questions. You missed the biggest blunder of the movie.

    Where do the flyers come from that are in the bags that are carried out of the vault and into the van? Danny and Linus couldn't have taken them down there and there is no room with the Chinese man and they are carried out to the van before the SWAT team appears.

    It's a huge plot hole in that those flyers are vital to pulling off the entire heist.

    Me and my brother both turned to each other and asked the same question when we saw this in the movies for the first time. Later on I bought it on dvd and during the director's commentary he said that it was an error in the plot and has no clue how the flyers would have gotten down there.


  3. After seeing you complain about it makes me want to go out and see it even more. Usually when people moan about something it means it's great. Can't wait to see it soon!


  4. Quote

    Neither one of these teams has a chance in the playoffs.

    Disagree. Packers have a chance. Only two teams better than the Packers in the NFC are the Falcons and Eagles. Falcons are spotty and Eagles have not shown how they'll play without TO.

    Never count out Favre in the playoffs.


  5. Yes it does look extremely unique. It was done against a blue screen (Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow).

    The movie is based on the "Sin City" novels by Frank Miller. They were extremely violent. The 3 of his works that appear to be in this movie are Sin City, The Babe Wore Red and Those Yellow Bastards.

    Looks kick ass!


  6. Quote

    This Rule Book Covers almost all situations that could cause disagreements at the table.

    Or you could find people who know what the hell they're doing.


    No Matter how "Friendly" a Game is, Sooner or later there WILL be a disagreement on the rules.

    I played for a living for 2 years and not once did we ever have a dispute over the rules. Goes back to that thing about playing with people who know what they're doing and not complete rookies to the game.


  7. I've heard it all. It's lame. It takes no talent to do techno. In that aspect it's a lot like rap. Only with rap they change it up here and there. Techno is the same lame, repetitive noise over and over and over again.