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  1. There are always those who will think something is "broken" no matter what. Forty-two
  2. I hate people that take drugs.....mainly custom agents. Forty-two
  3. Curious as to who the casual football fan thinks will win the title. Forty-two
  4. There's 2 possible solutions to the problem that make some sense but will never happen. I'm afraid the BCS will be around for a looooooooooooong time. 1- Playoffs. Take the top 8 teams and bracket them seeded on their BCS ranking. #1 plays #8, #2 plays #7 and so forth. 2- Do the BCS Bowl Games plus 1. What that means is do the bowl games like normal. After all games are decided you will have your rankings. Top 2 teams play for the title. This is not my idea. This has been brought up by many of those closely associated with NCAA Football. Forty-two
  5. A computer forum would be a logical place to inquire such advice. Forty-two
  6. Only game that matters is the one tomorrow. Forty-two
  7. It's common knowledge amongst football fans that they did. Do some legwork and you'll see it. They cried for 2 straight weeks. Forty-two
  8. Lots of coaches claim, "this is it". Usually doesn't work out that way. Go back and do some research and you'll see a lot of coaches make this claim all the time. Forty-two
  9. Seahawks don't have what it takes to get past the Rams. Sorry. Forty-two
  10. Handshakes are political? LOL, ok. Forty-two
  11. When they become a powerhouse conference I'll send you an email. Don't wait in anticipation for it however. Myabe one day. Forty-two
  12. It's not. Sorry. There's always next year. Forty-two
  13. Too bad "historically" doesn't count. Historically Rome once had a great empire. Doesn't mean shit today now does it? Who had what record and who won what title in the past is irrelevant. What matters is now. And now the Big 12 only has 2 top teams. Not exactly a powerhouse conference. Forty-two
  14. Ummm, nah. Hate to burst your bubble but there's only 2 top teams in that conference. Forty-two
  15. How can the Pac 10 show their faces after this season and bowl games? Cal talked so much shit saying that they should have been playing in the Orange Bowl for the NC. They bitched/moaned/whined/cried that they were legitimate and deserving of national hopes. They bitched/moaned/whined/cried even more that they were dropped too far in the BCS standings considering their record. Well guess what? They did deserve to get dropped that far. They didn't deserve a shot at the NC. They proved at the Holiday Bowl that they are worse than even the BCS gave them credit for. How in the name of fuck do you show up and get punked by Texas Tech? That's right, 8-4 Texas Tech. What a joke. Cal truly is the laughing stock of the Pac 10 and all of college football. Then there's UCLA. They put up a dissapointing 6-6 record and go on to the "prestigeous" Las Vegas Bowl only to get beat by Wyoming from the "mighty" Mountain Conference. Next we have Oregon. They got to play in the...ummmm....oh yeah, that's right.....they weren't good enough for any bowl game. Well the bright side is Arizona State and Oregon State. Arizona State did end up a dissapointing 9-3 only to barely beat the 7-5 Purdue in the Sun Bowl. Oregon State didn't do much better after ending up a similiar dissapointing 7-5 and beating up the "impressive" Notre Dame in the "classic" Insight Bowl. The only thing that will make this better is if Oklahoma beats USC in the Orange Bowl. That would be so deserving. So much for the Pac 10 being a powerhouse. Guess they are indeed just a finess conference who beats up on weak teams only to get bitch-slapped when they face off against teams that are slightly mediocre. So all you Pac 10 fans.....say hello to being the new doormat of college football. While you're down there say hi to the NFC West of the NFL. Forty-two
  16. Rams vs Seahawks Vikings vs Packers Jets vs Chargers Broncos vs Colts Let's see.....I'll go with the Rams, Packers, Chargers and Colts. Forty-two
  17. Probably the same people that went and saw, 'Farenheit 911'. Forty-two
  18. tunaplanet

    King Arthur

    The movie was phenominal and very accurate. Loved every nanosecond of it. Of course what else would you expect from a Jerry Bruckheimer movie but the absolute best. He is hands down my favorite producer. I make a point to see every movie he does. Forty-two
  19. Now there's a woman that knows how to freestyle. Forty-two
  20. tunaplanet


    That's from the move, 'Dodgeball'. Forty-two
  21. I just re-read that entire thread. Was that really the entire reason he was banned? That one comment? Forty-two
  22. I agree completely. Forty-two
  23. Who said my comment was directed to Kallend? The comment was a general one. Forty-two
  24. Last I checked colleges offered other classes besides math and physics. Forty-two