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  1. Quote

    Its being carried as a legit story on the news wire

    Dave, Dave, Dave.
    Don't believe everything you read. This was carried as a legit story as well.

    Show me video then I'll believe. Until then I'm not buying.


  2. 45-10.

    Where are all those people that voted for Oklahoma in the other thread? Interesting.....not a peep out of them.

    I'm off to bed. Maybe Matt Leinart will toss another 5 TDs or something B|


  3. Quote

    Ashley Simpson needs to be kicked in the head, then no longer be allowed to attempt to sing.

    You're wrong, Aggie Dave. The person who gave her a recording contract needs to be kicked in the head until they stop breathing.

    She is hands down the absolute worst performer I have ever seen. She makes Gwar look talented.


  4. Quote

    We're seeing a pro style team doing it tonight.

    You got that right. And to think...Auburn would have only gotten their asses whooped worse. Good thing they didn't have to play them tonight. At least now they have their, "we would have won" babble.

    USC.....your undisputed National Champions.


  5. Quote

    Fat Lady hasn't Sung Yet...

    She's already halfway into the second chorus. It's over.

    Aggie Dave left? Damn. His team gets whooped and he won't even stick around. Oh well.


  6. Not sure. Just tuned in. I'll let you know in a sec.

    For the first time in a long time this year's NC has the potential to be a great game. Both teams are phenominal. Great matchup. 2 best teams in the land.


  7. Quote

    Do the math. Auburn won it on the field.

    And they get to watch a NC be crowned in tonight's game.

    You cna pull up meaningless statistics all you want. In the end Auburn blew it. Face it, they had their destiny in their own hands and choked. They failed to soundly put away a mediocre Va Tech team.

    Now we will watch the real NC be decided tonight thanks to Auburn's screw up last night. No controversy anyomore.


  8. Quote

    I'm not sure how you define winning as chocking

    Let me try and explain it so the casual football fan can understand.

    When you need an impressive victory to argue that you're deserving of a NC and can only manage to squeek out a victory against a very mediocre Va Tech team...that's choking. Auburn should have dominated Va Tech. They didn't. Now it has cost them a shot at the NC.

    They choked. Good luck next year.


  9. Quote

    Auburn is by and far the national champion in my opinion.

    Not after that shitty performance last night. We'll see what the BCS says when it's all over. Stranger things have happened.


  10. I wonder who the first people will be to start whining/crying about how Auburn deserves the NC.

    Auburn doesn't for all you casual football fans out there. They had their chance to show America what they had and blew it. They almost let a mediocre team come back at them. Definitly not what needed to happen to impress the BCS. They needed to soundly put them away and didn't. They choked.