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  1. Here is a scary one from the Hunt for Red October in that at the time this was a breach of national security. One of the advisors to the movie definitly said more than he should. There's a scene where the LA Class sub is chasing the Typhoon Class sub. If you listen very carefully in one of the scenes you hear one of the voices in the background yell out gravity anomaly values in milligals. I can't stress how big of a national security breach this was. It was a highly classified secret that gravity measurements were used to navigate. Another mistake was that this technology was only on the Trident subs, not the LA Classes. Forty-two
  2. Top Gun. Hundreds of mistakes in this movie. One I caught was at the last battle. When Iceman goes down you hear then call to scramble the rescue helicopter. SAR choppers are one of the first aircraft to be launched during any combat operation. That huey would have been airborn long before anyone was shot down. And here's a mistake only a Navy pilot or deck crew would get/find funny. During the final battle when they are hooking Cruise up to the catapault you see a deck crew holding his left hand flat and placing two fingers sideways into it. That means you are plugging in an external power source. ROFLMAO you would never do that during launch. Forty-two
  3. Pearl Harbor. Quite a few times you see battleships at PH. Look at the bows and you'll see large boxes on the bows. Those are ASROCs. They weren't around until the mid to late 70s. Forty-two
  4. List some of your favorite movie mistakes/flubs. I'm not talking about minor bullshit like the level of a glass of water rising and lowering in different shots or an actresses hair style being different from scene to scene. I'm looking for factual and historical mistakes as well as plot holes. I'll go first. Not a major mistake but in 'Saving Private Ryan' when Tom Hanks is talking to Matt Damon you can see the Screaming Eagle insignia on Hanks. The Screaming Eagle is the insignia for the 101st Airborne. Hank's character was a Ranger. Forty-two
  5. If you are going to donate money to the tsunami victims you may want to check out this site. It lists how much of your money goes to the victims as opposed to administrative costs. Also, did you know that if you write a check to a charity and in the memo section you write, "tsunami victims" or "911 relief fund" by cashing that check that said charity is bound by a legal contract to put all of your money to that fund despite their normal administrative costs? Not that you could ever prove that they didn't put all of your money towards that or not...just thought it was interesting. Forty-two
  6. Now their payroll tops 200 million. Forty-two
  7. If you think it was me you're way off the mark. Not my style. Forty-two
  8. They're firing you? What is the reason? Forty-two
  9. Hooyah to that. I may not have agreed with much of what PK posted but for someone to rat him out like that is just wrong. Definitly not cool. Forty-two
  10. No clue. I can never get that to work. Forty-two
  11. Anyone see this story? Pretty weird. http://www.cnn.com/2005/US/01/05/kangaroo.awol.ap/index.html Forty-two
  12. Pink Panther I agree with. War of the Worlds on the other hand looks incredible. You can't go wrong with Speilberg and Cruise. Forty-two
  13. Yeah, Star Wars will rock. Can't wait. There are also a lot of tv shows and old movies being made. Bewitched actually, sad to say, looks pretty funny. Also heard the Bad News Bears are going to be a movie. Billy Bob Thornton will be the coach. Forty-two
  14. Wow. King Kong will rock. If it's half as good as Lord of the Rings then it should be awesome. Forty-two
  15. http://www.cnn.com/2005/SHOWBIZ/Movies/01/05/film.year.reut/index.html Some good ones coming. I am anxious to see, "War of the Worlds". Looks kick-ass. Forty-two
  16. Simpsons rock! Forty-two
  17. LOL. Yes they do. Hope next year is better. Forty-two
  18. Heh, negative. We won't get into my team Forty-two
  19. Well it's official. 49ers fired Ericson. Forty-two
  20. Coming from the BCS. You're #2. No co-national champion. Period. The end. Forty-two
  21. I've heard rumors from a source that says Dennis Ericson is about to get canned. The same source says Pete Carroll is a possible candidate and has spoken with management today. Not sure how serious he is about it but interesting. Would be a little shocked if he left college. Forty-two
  22. Is this the thread where we can talk about Bigfoot and Loch Ness monster sightings? Forty-two
  23. Auburn is right where they should be...#2. Auburn is thankful they didn't have to face off against USC. How can Auburn compete against a team that hung 50+ on the #2 team in the country when they can barely beat the #9 team? I'll answer that for you. They can't. Note to all Auburn fans.....take your 13-0, #2 ranked selves and go home. Be happy you're where you are and that you weren't the ones getting bitch-slapped all over the Orange Bowl. At least now you can cling to your, "we would have beat USC" babble. You had your chance to show the nation you were worthy of being co-national champs. You choked. You barely beat a #9 team. Meanwhile USC walks in and dominates the #2 team in the nation. Too bad you don't have the talent to pull off something of that nature. Auburn is right where they should be. #2. Forty-two
  24. Tell me about it. I know that I was in the ultimate dilema. It took every ounce of courage in my body to decide between the College National Championhip and the World Junior Hockey Championship. I can only pray that I made the right choice. Forty-two
  25. There you go! That's much better than winning that pesky Stanley Cup. Good job! Hooyah! Forty-two