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  1. Thoughts and prayers to more brothers lost in another helo tragedy in Iraq. Last week a Chinook, yesterday a Blackhawk. Forty-two
  2. This was out of a USAF MC-130P back in July of '97 near Cambodia. Why? Loooooong story. Forty-two
  3. Ok, now we're talking about something I can answer for you 100% accurately. Back in 1991, SEAL Team 6 practiced high speed exits to see what exit speeds were possible. Their findings were anything over 220 is extremely dangerous. As far as what would be the fastest speeds? I personally have jumped at 280 mph. I know a teammate that jumped at 320. These speeds would be the absolute max exit speed I feel you could do. I can attest that it is extremely painful. At 400+ you would break bones, rip equipment, etc... As far as height, my max jump was 38,000 feet. Forty-two
  4. I kind of looked around and didn't see anything worhwhile on the net. I am sure your paper will contain more than just statistics. If that is the case feel free to drop me an email. I will put some time aside and answer any questions you may have. Good luck. Forty-two
  5. Well thank you ladies and gentlemen for your input and PMs. Will stick with the Strong Z-Po for a bit longer since it is supposedly similiar to what I have used. Peace Forty-two
  6. Hello, Ripper. Nice to meet you. Where were you stationed? What was your MOS? Forty-two
  7. Appreciate your feedback. I fully understand the differences in military versus recreational gear. My main question is there a size limit on chutes at DZs and are rigs such as the PARIS and the MC-4 allowed? To answer an earlier poster inquiring why I would want a larger canopy, it's a comfort thing. I realize the reason canopies are larger in the military is a weight issue, but I have been using rigs of this nature for about 6 years and am extremely comfortable with them. Maybe it's just the Strong Z-Po. Has anyone else used these? My friend said it would be similiar to what I am used to but it's very different. Maybe I am just too picky and need to drink more. Forty-two
  8. I am in the market for a complete rig. I have spent the majority of my time skydiving in the military, so the equipment we used is a tad different from what is used recreationally. What would be best for someone like me? I have been using a good buddy of mines Strong Z-Po. It's all right, but something is lacking. It's a lot smaller than I am used to. I believe it is 210 square feet. I could get my hands on a PARIS or even an MC-4 but haven't even checked to see if it is allowed at DZs. Is it? If not, what canopy and and container would you reccomend? I am looking for something at least 320-350 square feet. A lot of what I have seen for sale on the internet is not what I am looking for. Please help this frustrated ex squid. Forty-two
  9. How much do you weigh? Forty-two
  10. I am from the Tampa Bay area. Forty-two
  11. Funny, I used to live in Deltona and Sanford for about 2 years growing up before I became a squid. Haven't been back in years. I have heard Deltona is now pretty big compared to the days of barren, wooden, desolate areas that I remembered. Nice meeting you. Yes, would be nice to meet the MOF (Mistress of Forums).
  12. New to the forums. Wanted to say hello and nice to meet you all. I learned to skydive in the Navy. Been addicted ever since. I got out in '99 and continue to jump every waking moment. I currently do consulting for various SWAT/Tactical units around the state of Florida. When I'm not doing that I take to the skies for some fun. Glad to be here and look forward to meeting everyone. Peace Forty-two