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  1. I said it from the beginning of the elections. The liberals need to take a long, hard, deep look at themselves in the mirror. No one buys into their policies, beliefs and political agendas anymore. Why? Because they don't do what's right. They tell you what they think you want to hear. They try to be everyone's politician. Take Bush. Want to know why I respect the man? Because he's an ordinary man who does what he feels is right. He doesn't lie and flip-flop to try and win every vote from both parties. He does the right thing...wether it's popular or not. Going into Iraq was not remotely close to being popular. But he did it anyways. Why? Because it was the right thing to do. Kerry and the lefties lost because no one knew where they stood. Instead of telling us their plans they danced aroud every topic and fed us the standard line...tried to be everyone's politician instead of just being themselves and do the right thing. Forty-two
  2. I find nothing wrong in reporting news. The only mistake I feel he made was thinking it was funny. Forty-two
  3. I'm sure you're right. I just find it tasteless that he considers that funny. He stated at the beginning, "This week's funny story....." and then goes on to tell about a youth pastor sexually exploiting a child. I find nothing funny about that. Forty-two
  4. I hear ya bro. I started a thread that was based on an article from USA Today that described the eerie similiarities between J.M. Barrie (author of Peter Pan) and Michael Jackson. There was one line in there that said J.M. Barrie was dogged by rumors of inappropriate relations with his young male playmates...which is true. I immediately received a nasty, rude email from a greenie threatening to ban me if I ever posted that pedophilia filth again. After seeing the article Billvon pasted it does seem there are definitly double standards. Saying someone was dogged by rumors of inappropriate relations with his young male playmates is an extremely tasteful and appropriate way of describing the news. Forty-two
  5. Doesn't appear that way from his post. I hope I am wrong. Forty-two
  6. Him and his brother, the drummer, founded it. They then went on to form Damage Plan. Forty-two
  7. Agreed. He was extremely brave. He went into the situation with no backup and killed the shooter while he had a hostage. The hostage lived. True hero. Forty-two
  8. It's not that people care. It's because people like to stir the pot and cause controversy at every corner. Forty-two
  9. I completely agree. Some of these threads are created strictly to stir the pot. Nothing more. I think we should get rid of the electric chair and replace it with the electric couch...you can fit more at once. Forty-two
  10. The KKK didn't walk into a liquor store. Apples to apples. Not an apple to a raddish. Apples to apples. Forty-two
  11. You were wrong. Period. No use in trying to explain it. The problem encountered is what else have you been wrong about? Makes all of your posts in the future shaky at best and needs to be held with a grain of salt. It's very similiar to saying Kerry will win the election guaranteed. Forty-two
  12. Negative. If Kerry would have somehow miraculously won I would have lined up and stood behind my new leader, supported him and followed him to hell and back. Crying/whining/bitching/moaning/complaining just isn't something I've ever taken a liking to. Not the sort of person I am. Besides, we have plenty of others on SC who more than make sure we get plenty of those qualities and traits. Forty-two
  13. Of course they do. They can say whatever they want. Doesn't take away from the fact they're a bunch of whining twats. Forty-two
  14. Too many losers on that site to sift through. Can't they just herd all the losers/whiners/complainers and take one gigantic group shot from a blimp? Forty-two
  15. Afterall, Canada is the 51st state. Forty-two
  16. From reading a lot of Quade's posts I have to agree with this. Trying to say people shouldn't have the same 1st amendment rights as others based on their beliefs is a perfect example of this. Freedom includes everyone in this country, Quade...wether you like them or not. Forty-two
  17. Of course there's a plan. The US doesn't commit troops without an exit strategy. Just because they haven't came out and said verbatim what it is doesn't mean there isn't one. Forty-two
  18. Would rather see the Neutron Dance. Forty-two
  19. Lots of people that commit murder wear tennis shoes. Maybe we should ban those too. Forty-two