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  1. Nope, but it is seriously entertaining! You can see where the daughters genes came from. Entertainment? that is one of three purposes of the internet. The other two are google maps and porn.
  2. Calvin19


    I have a couple of them, I used them in rope rigging for a while. They are not very strong and with any appreciable load they are very hard to release. I recommend. snap shackles or 3-rings.
  3. Yeah, I have always been told that variety in diet is far better than always having the same intake. I would love to only have to eat this one thing again, but it's not looking that way. I'm going to have to go back to cooking.
  4. I don't know much about nutrition, but my trusted RN did not seem to think it was a problem. She may be wrong, of course. That was my normal go-to. fruits, greens, yogurt, whey protein, etc. May be true. The reading I have done on it seems to be more opinion than science and I would like more science. My desired end result is pretty much the advertised use of Soylent.
  5. I'm curious too. A friend of mine owns a balloon company and uses living social to sell a lot of his rides. I know it has a really bad name (deservingly so) in the skydiving world, so I would like to hear more.
  6. It's my personal preference. I don't like cooking, but I like eating healthy. If I had a personal assistant that could cook me something healthy for every meal I would do that, but that would be a lot more expensive than this stuff. And I don't have many (or any at all) dishes and silverware to clean. This is day 5. went out to lunch with my dad yesterday and ate regular food. Salad and sandwich.
  7. Yep. 100% agree. Energy in=Energy out, any inequality there means you lose or gain weight.
  8. What color is it? mh . tan/brown. Looks and tastes like pancake batter.
  9. I don't think there is very much soy in it. My mom looked at it and said the soy content is negligible. You're right though, too much soy as a constant main source of protein is bad. But the nutritionist in my life (My mom, a registered nurse) thinks it is not an issue for the small amount in this stuff.
  10. I did not do much research before I bought it. Now I'm reading a lot of articles written by people who have lived or are living exclusively on Soylent. Not all reviews are positive, but none that I found are saying it's a 'bad' idea to only consume Soylent. Like I said, I don't plan on ONLY eating this stuff, it just means I don't have to spend time/money on buying a million ingredients and cooking them. The biggest surprise is I have not been hungry, for anything. no cravings for a burger or juice or anything. I have to remember to eat(drink) it. It's been very positive so far. -I don't have to think about food-. Getting rid of sleep is next.
  11. I have no doubt. But if I am buying all the ingredients (there are a lot) and mixing it, prep, etc, I might as well just eat regular food. With this stuff it's just empty the bag into the pitcher, add some water, shake. That's a day's worth of food/energy as well as vitamins,etc. It costs
  12. I never enjoyed food the way it seems most people enjoy food. I don't care about nice, expensive food from restaurants. I want to eat healthy, but I really don't enjoy cooking and preparing a healthy meal. Last week I ordered a 7 day supply of Soylent. I'm 48 hours into a mostly Soylent diet. This is NOT a "cleanse"(Don't get me started on how stupid those are), this is a food replacement regiment. The goal is not to ONLY eat this stuff, it's just a complete nutritional way to get energy and nutrition. It tastes like pancake batter with a tiny hint of peanut butter. It's not something that I see myself craving, but after 5000 kcal and 2 days with it being 90% of my energy intake I find it pretty satisfying. It takes ~5 min to prepare a day's worth.
  13. "Once you've had a lover robot, you will never want a real man again" "Gigolo Joe, what do ya know?"
  14. These are your people bro. Think on that a while. -SPACE-
  15. Along the same lines. But I'm posting this because, well, check out the pin necklace on the lady narrating. I know we all love police and everyone thinks it's a bad idea to hold them accountable, that issue is solved. I'm concerned about why the speaker is wearing a pin necklace. -SPACE-
  16. Are you saying that you're amazed people believe in batshit crazy conspiracy theories, or you're amazed that people DON'T believe in your 'chemtrails' -SPACE-
  17. I have the poster. :-) Giant surprise. Whoa! what's that supposed to mean?
  18. Not if she does her job properly. The only issue I would have with someone using that is I am fairly certain that it just measures any levels of sound, instead of being able to isolate the otter. It's quite possible that a bird or lawn mower or freeway would register a loud enough signal on the meter without being the otter that's flying overhead. I don't know squat about audio stuff (yeah, I'm a radio guy and admit that) but I would think a bit of common sense would need to be employed. I also don't think sounds "stack". In other words, if there's a lawn mower nearby giving let's say a 60db reading and then a plane flies over at 100db, I think the device would simply read the same 100db that it would read if the lawn mower wasn't present. Either way, the way to do it would be to take several readings to get a typical average and also consider other sound factors in the testing. Sound is a wave, two different frequencies (separate noises) do not stack as in 50db+80db=130db, but it can resonate in a particular way that certain waves within two individual 'noises' can 'stack' to increase the power of the noise. Things like a gas engine in a lawnmower or motorcycle could be close to the same frequency as a spinning aircraft propeller and actually register a higher reading. I don't think that would happen in this case, but it could.
  19. I'm -amazed- he was released on bond. After they did a little investigation, they agree he did not mean to harm anyone. Intent violation and evasion of detection in the most protected airspace in the world save maybe Groom Lake I thought merited more than standard TRF charges.