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  1. well, really, there is 200 million people in the us that think we are sketchy, dangerous people. there is we 5,000 BASE jumpers, and whatever young kids that say they want to base jump. all the mothers and fathers, even if they wanted to base jump at one time, now have kids. but, Since when was BASE jumping in the same feild as child porn?
  2. how is that not a good thing? and man nick, i just read your whole post instead of just the article. you really hate us. dude, this is what happens to amazing new sports. all of them. i like you and respect you dude, but, shite.
  3. its just buildings. slider down, usualy low. so what? and, really, its just new york. the biggest shithole in the 48, short of commerce city colorado. i mean, poor magot. it was probably his fault! kidding. but still. its just buildings. class D sucks. thats really bad, im no law man, but that shit is an ass fisting for sure.
  4. I dont have a picture of the release, we mostly did this at night on a runway at my airport, mostly. but, i keep a journal of all my rope huck ideas nd designs and systems completed and shite, so i have this, you can see whats going on. like i said, it works with only 3 loops, but in high speed towing of HUGE canopies it could hurt your teeth, it never ripped out of my mouth or the boys, but it def did pull on our jaws. NO FRONT TEETH>
  5. expert? nah... just the dumb kid who has done it lot and learned from it. there are a lot fo things with parafoils i do that i probably shouldnt. i know you know what i mean.
  6. and be sure the mouth loop is in your molars, not your front teeth. i want pictures if you mess that up. we have gotten HUGE tensions on the fixed length lines, due to wind sheer. we switched from three ring to four ring for that reason. i want to put my load cell on that, to see what force it is.
  7. neither did we for the first few hours. but in the last few years,,, its never failed. just be sure if you do it that the easy-slide tube covered loop on the pilot end of the tow rope is big.long enough so that the apex of the big loop on the 4-'ring' will not get caught on the knot. if it can, it will. and be sure that the loops on the rig have no twists in them, that includes the tow rope. it will twist the release rig and make it fail, or, not fail. whatever.
  8. so we have one tool among us. great.
  9. I searched for it, but couldnt find it.
  10. ok, these two kids are my paraglider freinds, and i traded them my OLD base dagger 222 for an extra paraglider so they could tow it on a lake behind a boat, they took video. they KINDA did it like i told them, i gave them the drop release that i built, and it worked really well, there is even a lockout midway through the film, where my freind SHOULD have released, but he was low over water so no worries. their line is really short for my taste, and there are a few close calls. the long lines are good for a lot of things, one being the fact that when you release from a tow, you drop and surge, a lot. edity to add- dont worry, i only gave them the harness and canopy, no bridal/pc.
  11. 'heckered' HEY. Actualy, I am pretty sure that i have more experience with BASE canopy towing than most of the people posting in this thread, i just now noticed that this thread was about it. SO- Green man, your release system is totaly solid. for a release system. but Personaly, i would NEVER-EVER NEVER NEVER hook into a tow system without a drop release (will explain in a minute) or a weak link. preferably a drop release if i was BASE canopy towing, well, any non paraglider towing. you were doing something that has killed at least one person i know of. so, I do this thing a bunch. well, have done it a bunch. its been awhile. I use FIXED lines, because i dont have the money for a payout setup, and payout should be used. I have towed anything from a saber 150 to a tandem 400 to a 1993 paraglider. for fixed length towing, you MUST use a VERY long line. the shortest i would do it with is 200meters. 60heavy rope is, well, one of the sketchier things i have heard today. and thats saying something. ok, next point. for parachute high speed towing (paraglider towing is SLOW airspeed) even a BASE canopy at .7 loading is fast. communication is vital between tow operator, and pilot. (hand signals WITH visibility at all times during tow works[NOT at night on a pavement 5000' runway with light posts on either side ]) get radios, if not one in the pilots helmet, a SMART person with pilot at launch point has it. finaly, and most important, the RELEASE. risers are easy to get, work reallty well, but in a lockout, one would take more than appropriet time to get at it, like a smart guy wrote earlier, a downplane with a truck so, use a 2, 3, or 4 'ring' cord release system. basicaly it is a combination of a 3ring riser idea, and a paraglider tow release. take 4 lengths of cord, (the best is about 6mm kermantle cord, or 1500lb spectra) the longest one 10', next 6', next 3', next 2'. attatch either end of each line to either side three ring on harness. now, you might see what im getting at. pull the apex of the longest loop through the tow LOOP (this MUST be a 5' circumfrence flexible tubeing-covered rope at the pilot end of the tow line. to make that, thread the tow rope through 5+ feet of 1" flexible tubing, tie a knot to make that a loop of hardend rope. so, as i said, pull the apex of the longest loop through the newly made tow rope loop, and pull it back toward the pilot, pull the apex of the 2nd longest loop through the loop of the 1st longest, then pull the apex of the 3rd longest loop through that, and so on to the smalles, the last apex should go in you teeth, mollars. i used a bit of duct tapeto make a bite place on this. now, to tow, at any point you can just relax your jaw, and your free. you dont have to find a handle. I have used this a lot, and i still think that fixed line lowing parachutes is the most dangerous thing i have gotten good at. watch out. not playing.
  12. Calvin19


    (and this next in reply to the whole thread, not just you mccordia)- I like skydiving, in my first 2 years i would be at the dz every weekend a month, an spent all my money. now, dont have that much money because 20,000 is enough student loans. but i havent been since MOAB. I like being at 18,000' with nothing around me. i love reltive motion, but there is somethine about floating in near-space all by my onesy.
  13. after working on a shoot with stunt junkies, I totaly agree. i kinda wish i had earplugs then.
  14. what if yout on a big tower and its windy like it was that one time? when we floated the bitch and Mac got jealous and bitched at us? how do you pull you canopy to line stretch to check it then?
  15. Why im a retard: -I though this was a serious post without even reading it cause it was from you, -I thought it was a serious post even halfway through reading it.
  16. Thank you very much, I actualy have decided to try another zeeplasti, and more physical therapy. I like your avatar, what are you flying in that and where?
  17. we were argueing on oprah about stowing big PCs, what you did not understand is i said that if you stretch out a spandex on a BOC, a BASE jumper would notice. Faber argued that a lot of retard newbies might go stowing their 48s and stretch out spandex without noticing and have premature on a terminal with a small pc. faber words that shite kinda weird, i agree.
  18. VERY well put. good avice
  19. *sniffle. i feel so much better. im sorry faber, im sorry!,,,,waaahhha!!!
  20. im all healed up, pretty much. i got an injection of something, cortezone i think in my ankle, and i have NO pain walking. no limp either. its great. my head, well, i always was crazy and lacking.
  21. i dont disagree on any particular point. i deleted mine, dont make me look like a retard
  22. like you said, its religion. ill change when it causes a premature on a terminal. but i think that you can see how much the spandex has stetched when you pack, i think that if it will happen, ill catch it long before it becomes a problem. i wore out the spandex on my warlock, and when i got that rig, my mentor told me to stuff 2 beer cans in it to stretch it out! i thought it was weird for the same reason! and like i said, i dont reccomend it. as soon as i see the spandex stretch more then i like, ill replace it, and stop packing the 46 in there. I have put the 42s i build in there, and those are even bigger than morpheus's 46.
  23. both our rigs are gargoyles. i have a warloc as well, but i have never put the 46 in there. the PCs are morpheus, and i think the cordura handle/cap makes a big difference when going stowed, i have jumped 46s without the cap, only the ZP (it was not vented) and i did not like it. I have not noticed any stretching of the spandex, i have only jumped that rig about 60 times. pretty much half with 44/46 stowed, and other half from 1600' or out of airplane. (36"pc) i might eventualy see the spandex stretching, but im not worried, ill just replace it myself. i dont thin its a great idea to use 46 stowed all the time, but if the only bad thing is rig 'damage', im going to keep dooing it, i have not noticed anything yet. edit-with the 46s, we jump 180-350, above that, we use 40/42, the normal i think. i dont like long slider down delays. usualy not more than 2.