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  1. Wow... I could not agree more. I have taught a few (yes, less than 5) students through to A license by Deathcamping and IAD. I have seen AFF vid gone wrong, and flown in on a few AFFs. AFF, to me, seems like the worst idea in the world. Hey instructors! wanna have fun? lets take some idiot that watched MTV a bit too much, put a parachute on them, take a few hours explaining what they are supposed to do and then LITERALLY put them in the most stressful moment of their life and bet on if they can count to three or not.
  2. Are you seriously asking that question?
  3. Not the old dactyl, the new(ish) PG rescue. I really did not think the landing was that bad. -SPACE-
  4. I did ~5 wingsuit jumps on a borrowed GTI for my 50-55th skydives, then ordered a V1. I did ~150 skydives on it since 2005, and ~200 BASE jumps on it since 2007. I gave it to a flightless friend as he was on his was to Norway in 2011. I am suitless. If anyone has a V4 that would fit a 5' 8" 155 pound male, I'm buyin.
  5. It is a Rogallo wing. I have a Rogallo type paraglider rescue rogallo. They are considered (in both paragliding as well as skydiving) as less than reliable, therefor acro pilots also carry a round rescue parachute. (yes, two reserves to use in case of an acro PG emergency, the steerable rogallo if you have the altitude to deal with it, the round if you are low and in the shit). Pic is of me jumping the older rogallo rescue from a plane. The rescue is called the Beamer. This one built in 2008. I think it is 38m. The new one is white and weighs almost half as much as the yellow/red beamer.
  6. Very cool story. Makes me want to become an instructor.
  7. I did a few intentionals on a Javelin with soft loops for the cutaway and reserve handles. I liked it a lot. Easy to grab and easy to hang on to after the cutaway. -SPACE-
  8. A lot of the (very) forgiving speed flying canopies like the Gin Bobcat or Ozone Bullet lines are pretty resistant to stalls and can be flown in deep brakes relatively safely compared to the average paraglider. Also, the "feel" of the glider(s) seems to me to be a LOT more communicative compared to any skydiving canopy I have flown.
  9. The kill line bridal is not an especially complex piece of gear. My guess is you or a rigger could easily add a window and mark the kill line in the correct spot. Un-stitch the 2cm of stitching on the bridal where the window should go, cut the desired side of the window in half. Fold the two 1cm pieces back up and down the bridal, respectively, and sew them there. Then possibly add 10cm of binding tape to the opposite side as the window to maintain the strength of the bridal. Now you have a window.
  10. Here was what I wrote: A simple canopy progression license, required independent of skydiving licenses, but cannot progress to a higher loading until these are demonstrated. They can have the A/B/C/D scale as long as that does not get too confusing. (Canopy Pilot A,B,C, or D[unlimited]) A- up to 1/1 loading: demonstrate full stalls on risers and brakes, full control input porpoising, coordinated wingovers, spirals to recover to a heading, patterns to a spot landing. 100' square must be able to show good judgement in landing patterns and traffic. flight and patterns and landings on rears, etc. B- up to 1.5/1 loading: All the above (not rear landings) redone at 1.5/1 plus intro to accelerated landings, C-up to 2/1 loading: All the above at 2/1 loading plus advanced canopy course AND swooping course if wanted. (can't swoop without) D-2.5/1 to unlimited: All above at 2.5/1 loading plus advanced swooping course. Know there are a lot of problems with this progression as well as implementing it. Also, I do not agree with implementing a mandatory canopy progression. Besides, you will never be able to do it outside the USPA. Like you said, people will just go to another non-uspa dropzone. Encouraging the FAA to get involved in any way is the worst idea in skydiving. It would be like letting the rattle snake play in your pants while you take a jog. And they are not going to get involved for a reason that causes less than 31% of fatalities. Skydiving is dangerous, and they let us have fun anyway.
  11. I was more replying to the OP, not just your post. OF COURSE the manufactures use their competition-winning canopies as a flagship and claim to be the "best". What "action sports" company does not? A Ford car commercial does not show the base model Taurus drifting around corners and setting records on the track, they show the highest-end Mustang with all options and a professional driver driving like only a handful of drivers in the world can drive. They are not selling mostly $80,000 Convertibles, they are selling their BRAND.
  12. Why do the people pushing the limits of canopy design have to be evil and unsafe but the hot-shot you see at the pond is a saint? Someday I would like to meet this HP parachute manufacturing money tycoon you old guys are so convinced exists. I want to have a conversation with the evil distributors who push small parachutes on students like a heroin dealer giving a free sample to teenagers to get them hooked. It's like you look at skydiving as a partially enlightened whuffo who still thinks the perfect answer to safety is out there somewhere. For as long as it will exist, people will be retarded and turn too low. It is our job as instructors to help prevent that from happening. But it still is going to happen, more than you or anyone else wants. I am a strong believer in canopy courses and canopy flight safety education. I have been teaching paragliding and mostly speed flying for years now. My glider size recommendations for beginners and even advanced students are from an industry average very large. I believe canopy safety education is the most important thing in human flight, but I don't find vestigial perspectives based on decade-old notions of perfect safety very helpful.
  13. Sometimes, four blade props compared to 3 blade generally means lower tip speed. But there is a lot that goes into noise reduction on any kind of engines.
  14. You can't say that and then say this: It just doesn't make sense.
  15. I posted that originally and I was totally "offended". And it was not a jump plane. -SPACE-
  16. One of the top MHS complainers, Tom Zweck, has been seen exposing himself to aircraft as they overfly an area near his farm on the established downwind pattern leg for runway 11. I must admit I was offended to say the least.
  17. That Bitch Gibbs bought her house in 2006, and lives EIGHT MILES from the airport, I would bet money that she gets more noise from transient airplanes than the mile high and boulder planes. -SPACE-
  18. a photoshop artifact from an overfilled artificial lake used as the base layer. -SPACE-
  19. Both looked like they had 180s. It's not always easy to control opening headings. -SPACE-
  20. I had a psychotic girlfriend in 2005. SUPER sexy model type. 5'8", 105lbs, Bcup 32-22-33. Could hold her own in the sac. on our "3 month anniversary" she told me it is ok if I want to leave and hang out with my friends as she had work early the next day. I made a deposit and left. Did the usual array of bandit loads into Folsom field, then 200' high speed runs at the airport, got out low. great times. She dumped me. I accepted and raised her one. Came back the next night drunk and begging. I let her do her best work with her pants on, but of course she ended up leaving. Flying is more fun -SPACE-
  21. I made mine. be careful. There is more to XRW than risers. -SPACE-