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  1. I actualy dont know manufacturers. but the 2 rotor is off EBAY, just search "RC Helicopter" there is a lot of them. and the 4 rotor is called the UFO and its everywhere. both are almost annoyingly easy to fly. -SPACE-
  2. Older hospital heli pics, over bed and such And some more helis now.... -SPACE-
  3. oh, she sure was a girl. (evil laugh)
  4. I was never a big fan of strippers, but this time it was greatly appreciated. she was young and hot and skinny, my Fav. Thank you guys, Abbie, etc. it helped me get through this week a lot. To bad the NAZI balding shiteating nurse woman caught it. but doesnt matter to me! The pic is posted in the "" forum. be well kids. Track Fast.
  5. Thanks guys. That was cool. That makes this place that much better
  6. kidwicked, The 3 weeks i spent in intensive care there was anywhere between 30 and 50 of my freinds waiting to just see me even while i was in a drug induced coma. a lot of them skydivers and base jumpers. actualy, i dont think i am obsessed with myself, i might be if i went around writing stuff like that. Im sorry man, i hope you stay well. but shit, im pretty sure im not self obsessed enough to go write "get over yourself, you are so self obsessed". If that all was a joke, im sorry for the comeback. my crash was a paraglider crash kidwicked, but my BASE jumping is always in my head. I mean all this even if your crash is not a BASE crash. CH.
  7. well, they gave me my release date. they say may 12th. These people took my soul. I did not give it. I will be bed ridden until june and will learn progressivly again, in this order, how to Walk,Drive,Sail,run,fly my plane,skydive,wingsuit,BASE jump,and of course, Paraglide. I lost a lot of money on this. My deductable was 10 large USD, ($10,000) and the final bill for the insurance will hover around 450,000USD. In the crash i lost a 1200$ harness from being cut off me, 500$ of cold weather flying clothes, a 120$ helmet, 280$ HanWag boots (they helped but didnt help,and they got cut off me as well) I will not be able to work from feb 6th to the end of summer. So, in total, this is costing me around $30,000 USD. Anybody who contributed to my paypal donation is greatly needed and apreciated. I thank Pope a million times for setting it up. If anyone else wants to contribute, i believe it is still setup at Thanks to everyone, but i still am missing my soul. Another month in here, ugg. Keep flying my freinds, for me if anything.
  8. hey deadman, who the hell are you huh? you think you can ski, but you cant. I outdid you all day at copper in colorado, you know it as well. you tried to catch up but all you did was hit a snowboarder. as i hear your still dealing with the lawsuit! Go jump into an abyss, even bring your parachute if you like. you will be fine. i promise. ;-) by the way, when you comeing to see me again? Ch
  9. I dont really have access to high strength electricity, a knife, scissors, or hammer. but the electricity thing is a good idea though. but im not really still tring to escape, im fully awake now, and am doing the trig and helis on my own, so they wouldnt believe i was delerious. (part of my main detest for still being here) i also never forgot how to cook, do laundry, and go to movies so again im mad at being here. Thanks for the help my friend, you make me laugh. its been a long tim e since i have laughed. be well bro
  10. tom, bro, i know your wife and send my apologies to her. I dont really enjoy mental rehab therapists but it would never stop me from being freinds. seriously, tell her. be well
  11. I tried to escape a lot. main problem, They have a "code alert" alarm placed on mine and every other patients wrist (due to the "mental" hospital im prisonor of) and the alarm transmitter goes off if i get within 2 meters of any exit door or any elevator. in percussion the door or elevator locks, bright lights flash all over the nurse station, the door and patient is identified by a board in nurse station, and i am punished by being threatened by being kept under doctors orders ("kept prisoner" i and my freinds and family prefer) The alarm bracelet also goes off if it is removed, and patient is located. There is also a seperate one mounted to my wheelchair. Problem II:The patient/floor staff ratio is currently 27/19 in the day, and 27/11 at night. Problem III: If i WAS to escape, i could never go home, nor could i exist at all as i used to. Reasons: A- My External fixator that i dont want to remove on my own, i could, i have seen it done, but the pain was enought that there was local painkiller, and the patient was unconsious. so i would like to have it done by a doctor. B-I am a Commercial/multiengine/instrument/turbine pilot. and my doctors sighnoff on my injuries are the only thing that will ever let my fly a plane legaly in the US or affiliated aviation system ever again. C-Uppon escape, i would lose eligability for all therapy, including the only one i care about: PHYSICAL THERAPY. Its the only one that matters. My activities before the injury involved BASE jumping(and any jumper who knows about planning and executing a city BASE jump can testify to its difficulty), Paragliding, piloting kingairs,PITTS,Citabrias,etc [thankfully, i have already met with some feds, and they assured me that i can retreive my liscense and medical when i get out], Designing and building fairly complex rope freefall (ropejump) sysltems of large distance, Shooting and Editing (whitebalancing, etc) my medium length films, as well as tactical trading on EBAY and the stock market.-------My activities that im asked to perform in psych therapy involve learning how to do laundry, cook meals, plan a movie theater outing, and build 4 peice model airplanes and fly them, as well as use microsoft fight simulator because "it relates to my past" D-main problem: If i was to SUCCESSFULY escape, with my fully conscious and aware state, my insurance will not pay for the medical bill (my theory for the alarms and staff ;-) ) My previous attempts to escape were while i was still "wakeing up" and i didnt know shit, barely who i was. they included trying to get on the elevaator and trying to crawl downstairs to my freinds truck. (my freind still thinks i can and should try to escape, they have attended some rehab sessions as my company they and find them not only a joke, but know that i can do better with my normal "brain excercises" that are fittingly difficult for me, and know i WILL continue everything i used to do in my life when i recover. I already am helping Alex and Nick design our next freefall system, i am halfway through editing my next film on flying, rope and BASE jumping, and indoor RC heli flying.) As for this hospital, Im not the only one that says it is bullshit, my family and freinds find it worthless after me wakeing up from the delusion of head trauma. If anybody wants to know all the floating theories, i can later explain, but i was just given an ambien 5min ago and will start feeling it soon. as for the people who were being sarcastic while earlier defending the rehab therapists, I would, and very much mean to say FUCK YOU, but while i know that my physical therapists and some psych therapists who are dealing with severe brain injuries are good, i know that my brain injury does not justify the need to cook, do laundry, and build 4peice models to "rahabilitate" my brain. so fuck them, i know your both therapists and forgive my maddness. I know that i can still do year 5 college trig and fly RC helicopters indoors (and hospitals) so fuck you for saying or think i need this. forgive the slight french and attack, but i feel very strongly about this. I believe this is the first time i have been aggresive on blueskies all, and remember, dont crash. even with a helmet, i had one. the attached picture is forever... cheers.
  12. Hmmm... Even with a minor head injury, and a Shit-ton of Drugs and narcotics, and um... well, 2 of 4 months in the Goddamn hospital; 1117, Best score after 7 tries. As A pilot, i learn from all mistakes.
  13. Nice Post. I get a lot of time on my comp with 4 months in the Hospital. Thanks. .. -SPACE-
  14. rauk... dude.. i will paraglide again, but i need a less scary wing. -SPACE-
  15. my hospital is craig rehab in Englewood, Co. The Nurses seem fairly rare, so good luck to both of us. I do have about 4 girlfriends around Boulder/denver, and they come visit (1 by 1) on random nights... its not that bad. funny how much an external fixator and surgury scars turn on girls... some pics included... Me flying my Gin paraglider the day before the collapse, and some shots of my leg... those pins and screws go clean THROUGH my entire leg bones, there is five of them, thats ten holes in my skin. Ugg. be well kids, I will be BASE jumping again before i know the dif. well, maybe more time than that... my stupid head.
  16. by "Nazi Shit" i mean being locked in my chair/bed/room and haveing radio alarms on me. The rehab shit is good. The mentality of the docs is kinda backwards because they judge me for not knowing what animals are in the goddamn zoo. I hate zoos, Shit, I hate a lot of things. ...sigh... -SPACE-
  17. Umm... considering my head injury and MANY attemps at escape(before i was 100% aware), Im locked in my chair/bed/room and i have Radio alarms on my chair/wrist so i cant go near doors. but my brain is 99% better now. only, i suck at remembering shit from complicated 20 item lists that i am expected to write down word for word 200 secods after it is read to me. To bad the FUCKING rehab doctors dont underastand the NOBODY can do that, and i sure as hell could not have before the crash. but thanks for the kind words... Ill probably get off the Nazi shit in a few weeks.
  18. Im stuck in the Hospital for 3 months, (Horrible Paraglider Crash [2 destroyed ankles, VERY hurt frontal lobe brain injury{100%'ish' collapse 30 seconds after launch]) and my sister wrote me this, after coming and visiting me a lot, before and after i woke up. I think it works quite well. thanks Annie, really. Brother, i cannot imagine what you are going through right now. Well, i can imagine it, but that probably doesn't come close to what you're experiencing. All I can tell you is that you are by far the strongest person I have ever known and you will fly again. And jump, and sail, and live. Because you're you, you're Matt. You're my brother. You can't imagine how terrible it was seeing you, day after day, asleep, tubes everywhere, eating through your nose and breathing through one shoved down your trachea. I kept trying to wake up, cliched as that is. I still wake up sometimes thinking I should go visit you in Boulder and tell you about the ridiculous dream I had...but then i remeber that it wasn't a dream, that you're still there, lying in a hospital. It's surreal. it's stupid. I don't think you can even understand how scary it was. I'm just overwhelmingly happy that you're even around to be depressed and angry. But I'm also...broken. because you have to go through all this shit, and you're the last person alive who should. i keep thinking, fuck, i don't use my fucking legs. Can't we just trade? I'll take all the broken bones. I'd take the head injury. Just to see you being you. You just get better. Don't take any shit from anyone, and get better again. Meow Annie I am expected to 100% again... someday. But I hate the Hospital. I dont give a fuck if it is the best human care Hsptl in the World. -SPACE-
  19. 18. I will be 18 forever. Granted, im in the Hospital until June, from a FUCKING paraglider crash, but whatever. its ok. ill survive but sometimes i wish... nevermind
  20. He flies well now. be good brother. i almost found you. but i will... someday
  21. JESUS. I wont BASE for months... but i might get one then. no strike after 130BASE jumps. mainly cliffs.
  22. I am Still Alive... thanks for the kindness. im stuck in the HS until late MAY... and that sucks. and i need a new paraglider, and a harness needs to be sewn. Savvy? be well kids. Thanks Until Then Dream Immortal Keep The memories. "yeah... All the different berries..." -SPACE-
  23. watch out for those repeaters. i am afraid of them. they make scarry noises. pull
  24. So... 3 months later, i finish it. Its similar to the MOAB Chronicles, but it has a bunch of background. A LOT of new rope aerials, Russels jump, some good low stowed freefalls, a hint of Aerobatic Flying, I tried to get everybodies jump in it, so it is 17 minutes long. a huge file, but worth it. I owe a lot of people Footy and pictures and Music, I have not forgotten about you... I will put this in full quality on DVD and throw it in with whatever im sending you... Hope you enjoy! Read the Disclaimers Design/Rigging: Matt Hecker, Alex Gilmer, Nic Garcia, Matt Appel. READ BEFORE WATCHING:::::::::: The Designers/Riggers/Operators of this system have over 5 years experience in Rope Freefall systems, All have been trained in several different areas of Rope engineering, Rescue rigging, Stage rigging, Freefall Technique, and other things VITAL to Surviving this. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, in any way try to reproduce this type of stunt. There have been MANY fatalities in these types of jumps, many of them people that were/are our heroes and knew much more about this stuff than we do. The systems you see have many different Energy Absorbing attributes that are not visible in the film. As a courtesy to the well-being of mankind, SINE Innovations will not divulge specifics about Rope jumping Systems, techniques, Anchors, or equipment. What one can gather from this film is a scratch on the surface of what it takes to do this with any kind of safety. We have Had accidents, Bad accidents. and we are Extremely Conservative. This is -NOT- a substitute for BASE jumping, and should be taken in an even more serious nature. The BASE jumpers/Climbers that were aloud to jump this system Are aware of these risks. DO NOT try this ANYWHERE. i hope this works: If not, search for moab. the flick is called "The FRASCA Story SINE innovations"
  25. [reply It's not just for fun that TI's have been using that technique for 15+ years, and millions of landings. thats what i said... TIs are not as apt to use risers so they use this stall/surge or a toggle hook... right? I think i got it, but im not a TI, nor will i ever be.