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  1. wan2doit

    whatever he thought the US was capable of just multiply that many times to get near the truth that few will ever know before it's obsolete.

    So, I am not overly worried about Russia's newest claim -

    I can't tell if that comment is a nod to the tin foil hat people or a patriotic battle cry.

  2. wolfriverjoe

    One of the "better" ones is how they claim it's all a "NASA conspiracy" :P

    Lets pretend this isn't Dimension C137 and they are correct. If it is a NASA conspiracy, I'm fine with living out my life in this epic fantasy of rockets and exploration.

  3. Phil1111

    They all communicate via encrypted e-mail to exchange argument to support their positions. Otherwise they may get trapped into an admission. They all know its a joke on the rest of us.

    They are not that advanced. And there is a portion of them merely trolling, but its hard to keep up that farce. My guess is 75% of people joining the 'flat earth' groups only do so for the LULz and to laugh at idiocracy(I did), and that 95-99.9% of the media-creating promoters of it believe they are preaching scripture.

    It's a thrill in 'debate', an illusion of 'knowing' something others don't, fabricating their victimization and projecting it on others while feeling vengeful toward a fabricated boogieman is what gets these people high. They are truly fascinating and an excellent case study in crowd psychology. This is true for everything from the vaxxers, hoaxers, truthers to flat earthers and any conspiracy theory touting idiot privileged enough to have one.

    It's REALLY easy to win a debate with idiots.

    Walk away.

  4. Had a chat with some friends who run a dive charter from HNL. They got the warning while out on the water. Hearing about the reactions from locals vs whuffos was interesting

    I think a vast majority of people don't understand what a nuke is.

    If it had NOT been an idiot mistake and there was a NK 50kt(generous) party favor inbound, it's not going to vaporize the islands and all humanity for a hundred miles. It's a death sentence for people within certain ranges, but if you're on the opposite side of the island you will be fine. Just don't get the warning and excitedly go LOOK for, with your fragile bubbles of fluid and nerves, the wrath-filled energy of a tiny star. It will be the last thing your eyes see.

  5. wolfriverjoe

    If I was there and received this warning, I doubt I would take it seriously.

    I can't say I would take it seriously either, if there is an atmosphere of reminders of the government starting to test warning systems (like there is in Hawaii I gather).


  6. yoink

    whoops. :D:D:|

    Fuck receiving that as a wake-up text!

    I'm very curious. Is that a common thing in Hawaii? because some people that I know that live there either have absolutely zero trust in such a warning system(now obviously far less useful than it was 24hrs ago), or a complete misunderstanding of what "incoming ballistic missile, take shelter, this is not a drill" means.

    This is not Pokemon Go. You get that warning, don't go take a selfie.

    Get. THE FUCK. underground.


    There is a lot you can do to hide from an incoming nuke. And since it's traveling through space at mach 10, there is no time to question the authenticity of such a system. But now there is a reason to question it. Great.

  7. ryoder

    ******6 new episodes were just released on Netflix streaming.

    Episode 1 "USS Callister" contains, (as part of the plot), the best parody ever of the original "Star Trek" series.

    YES!!!! :)
    "Yes" you saw it, or "Yes" you want to see it?

    YES!!! as in I am excited more episodes were released. You have informed me. Will report when I see them.

    The series reminded me of the low-budget horror compilation 'Southbound' in a way. Recommended film if the dark twilight-zone format pleases you.

  8. From Jennifer Appel's facebook::


    I want to thank everyone for their support. Our journey was a fantastic experience until we met the fishing vessel. Think about it - if we were "RESCUED" by the fishing vessel, why did we need to be RESCUED from them by the US NAVY???
    The media has spent alot of time adding spin to a story that needed none. Many of the facts are omitted and many obfuscations surround the tale.
    Hard to believe, but we have not signed a book or movie deal as the ordeal in itself is still continuing... the last portion being: truth in media, fact checking
    We were never "LOST" - we knew where we were - but because the 4' antenna was missing - we were "Lost" to the rest of the world.
    I know there is confusion about the initial storm. We were offshore more than 100 miles before the first raindrop hit us. Now, confirmation from the NWS is coming out in support of a piece of the claim on May 3, 2017. I also have supporting data from the raw satellite feed showing an actual storm. My mast is 57' tall - call it 60' for the purposes of discussion. (That is 6 stories tall.) The spreaders are about 35' off the deck. I experienced waves on May 5th starting about 5 am of which 2/3 of them reached more than 1/2 way up to the spreaders. The remaining 1/3 were either higher or lower. You do the math.
    We circled Christmas Island, tried to fix the rigging damage and were denied entry. Went to the Cooks and got in a ten knot west current that without full sails we could not safely navigate so we decided to turn back towards Hawaii.
    We got into a white squall. That sent us to the Devil's Triangle where we met blue water sharks - which behave quite differently than near shore sharks. I did write a story about them and will put that out with pictures soon. The video I took from under the boat before abandoning her shows many chunks of pretty blue paint missing. It didn't flake off - these were things that hit us.
    We left that area and went back to Hawaii - getting as far north as 8 degrees North and 156 degrees West - under Maui but the rigging would not hold.
    We went West with the waves and current, using kiteboarding kites (Thank you Bernie), to help steer us to a TINY 7.4km island owned by the US Military called Wake Island. We talked with them and asked for help, but it did not come.
    We then decided to go North and catch the bottom of one of the typhoons producing a WNW swell so we could go over the top of the French Frigate Shoals and back to Hawaii - that is what produces the famous North Shore Surfing and October was a banger month - we got it before you guys did!
    That is when we met the fishing vessel - they were running from the storm. There were about 20+ Fillipino, Indonesian and Tawainese individuals on the boat. None spoke English. These people kill beautiful things in an incredibly harsh manner for a living - so you can have fish.
    They showed me W26 typhoon hitting Japan. We agreed to go to the nearest island to make repairs (Minami) so they offered help. When they learned there were no men aboard, their eyes filled with the sights of fresh meat and dessert.
    I know of no safe towing experience where a 100 ton steel boat crashes into a 25 ton fiberglass boat on purpose. I have video of the boat from the day before and the day after meeting the fishing vessel. The damage done in less than 24 hours was incredible. What can knock off a 3/8" steel bow anchor roller out in the ocean??? It was more incredible that we were still floating after being treated like a marlin.
    The EPIRB issue is moot. I sent out a PR statement from Okinawa - which I will put up with the other documentation but the press didn't use it because it did not fit THEIR NARRATIVE of our story.
    The USS Ashland experience was amazing. My first glimpse of safety being M-16 rifles pointed at me and then those people became some of our best friends. Go back and listen to CO Steve Wasson tell how the Navy was given coordinates 60 miles away from where they actually found us...
    XO German will make a fantastic CO, again, on his next ship. Many mahalos to Seaman Aves of Ewa Beach and Chief Don of Kalihi - it was great having O'ahu, Hawaii to help us feel our way around the ship and make us feel aloha comfortable. I have many more to thank but that will come with their chapter.
    We also want to thank the US Consulate, without whose help, we could not have made it in a land where I don't speak the language.
    The Quarantine officer, MR. YAMAGUCHI, is the most professional and caring human a person in our situation could have encountered. He came in on a holiday and two of his days off to let me be with the dogs. I am grateful.
    We are in NYC in Times Square and it is very different than being under the carpet of stars with water lapping at the hull.
    I will start putting out video and stories at a blogspot (to be named) after I can get some sleep.
    We won't be able to return to Hawaii until the Hawaiian dogs can get two sets of rabies shots to fulfill the Hawaii Quarantine requirement.
    I am still hopeful I will get SEA NYMPH back - she has made it through 3 tsunamis since we left her and to the best of my knowledge - my home is still floationg.
    I modified the hull over a two year peiod of time and paid for experts to do the mast, antenna, radio hookups and rigging.
    Jen, Tasha, Val and Zeus

  9. yoink

    ***I've been on some multi-week sailing trips, never as far out as they were but I have some points to make that I think are well informed.

    I'm baffled by the 'just give up' attitude they displayed.

    They're on a functional sail boat. Bobbing around for 5 weeks because a spreader got damaged makes no sense to me. I can think of half a dozen ways to get under SOME sail without even trying.

    Open ocean sailing needs skill, preparation and determination. These girls were way out of their league.

    And I disagree with you about the EPIRB. Total loss of steerage and power is a no shit emergency. I'd trigger it. Drift into a big storm or a shipping lane and it's game over...

    Agree that they were in over their head.
    Agreed that open ocean sailing requires honed skill and a mental steadiness that they did not appear to have.
    Also agreed that the 'give up' attitude that they conveyed after 'rescue' was concerning.

    I did not look too far into what 'stranded' their boat, but I'll revisit the statement that they were in over their head.

    Sailing is not rocket science. Assuming your sailboat can maintain buoyancy without constant manual bailing any reasonable sailor should be able to make their boat move in the general direction they want it to go.
    Even with a mast broken in half I am confident I or any skilled operator could make 1/2 VMG to anywhere in the Pacific given FIVE MONTHS.

    I'm not defending the women in the sense that I would EVER want either of them on a boat with me, I'm defending their reasoning in not pushing the EPIRB. All i'm saying is that they are really, really, REALLY bad at sailing or figuring shit out.

    Granted, none of us were there. The only relay of the damage to their boat and their experience must me seen through the filter of emotional 'victims' in shock from their failed voyage. If you look at what vessels have been able to navigate across open oceans safely, I cannot see any reason why their sailboat drifted for months in ambiguous directions. Hell, I can sail a canoe upwind with a space blanket and some properly placed paddles as keel and rudder. Give me or any competent sail driver a keeled hull, functioning tiller and only minimal rigging and you will have a steerable, sailable vessel in less than a days work. Granted without a full sail you will be slow and inefficient, but thats the nature of sailing. Also keep in mind that being in the open ocean like that you have literally NOTHING to do but keep food and water stores available and ALL DAY AND NIGHT LONG TO RIG THE BOAT TO SAIL WHERE YOU WANT IT TO GO. I've done 300 mile open ocean sailing legs with a known inoperable engine and a destroyed main sail. You just figure it out and go.

    Had the boaters pushed their button, I doubt any news would come from it. they would have been rescued and maybe towed. End of story. But I do respect their resilience by NOT pressing it for the reasons they gave.

  10. PhreeZone

    Did you see the spikes over in Europe over the last 6 weeks or so of Ruthenium-106 being detected?

    I did see that. Fun stuff! What I gathered was no substantial danger to environment, they were merely able to detect these trace contaminates.

  11. I've been on some multi-week sailing trips, never as far out as they were but I have some points to make that I think are well informed.

    1-They did have a emergency sat beacon. They decided, consciously, not to use it in their circumstance because they were not in immediate danger. They had food stores and a functioning desalinator. I respect their decision, their reasons for it and would have done the same under the same conditions. You're not going to hit you SPOT device for a sprained ankle. If they were within a week of running out of food I'm sure they would have used it.

    2-They're exaggerating in the heat of the moment. If there was not a premeditated plan for a book deal or just a morning show appearance I still give them a pass. No other human contact for months can make a person do stupid things.

  12. Took my dosimeter (radiation measurement tool, pretty much a computerized geiger counter) on an airline flight with me to highlight the ionizing radiation received while on an airline flight. I have yet to bring a dosimeter up on a skydive, but my assumption is that the dose rate at 18,000' would be under 1uSv/hr.

    N America standard background at surface: .05-.15 uSv/hr
    At 30,000' measured inside B737: 3.05-3.55 uSv/hr
    Walking around the exterior of reactor 4 Chernobyl, Ukraine: 2.5uSv/hr

    Just thought people might be curious about that.

  13. mr2mk1g

    Hard to tell but it looks more like an accidental discharge to me - if he genuinely thought he was threatened to the point where lethal force was necessary and therefore took the conscious talk to shoot, he wouldn't have stopped to have a chat about it after just the one shot and no appreciable change in the suspect's stance.

    But yeah... stage a bank robbery for a movie at a bank and not at least tell the cops before hand? :S I'd want one there on staff FFS and the area sealed off. I guess they were on a budget but it doesn't cost much to at least give the locals a headsup.

    Not a common thought these days but I feel bad for that cop, it did look like an accidental discharge and that looked like a real armed robbery!

    As for the actor and producer, WTF bro? Even if the prop weapon is not obviously a toy(orange barrel cap, etc) it's even more WTF. Filming stuff like that with a "real", pro, amateur or other film production would employ a supervising weapons manager if there is a chargeable weapon even if no blank ammunition is on set. AND there would be a closed area, law enforcement awareness, etc.

    Curious as to what was actually being filmed. It was a real bank? Did anyone in the bank know and approve it? W. T. F.! Everyone involved on the 'filming' side deserves a solid backhand slap across the face. I hope it hurts.

  14. quade

    ***Jebadiah Kerman would be a huge improvement...

    Clearly a badass, but smiles a bit too much in the face of imminent and certain doom for me. Why not Val?


    The D heavy is an amazing machine! And accidental KSP screen grabs to represent actual launch vehicles is just a testament to how awesome KSP is.

  15. Friend's father's rock shop in La Veta, Colorado.

    He snagged a few dozen 70 million year old fossil bone and soft tissue fragments from a dig in Utah.

    Significant radioactive output (for surface rock) @ ~70,000 CPM, ~3.7mSv/hr.

    Also fluorescent, showing uranyl inclusions and an unidentified deep-fluorecent red. (deep meaning input of 256nm, output ~700nm)

  16. Croc

    Atheism is a belief, no more or less than religious faith.

    Theists claiming that atheists 'believe' that there is no god is easier for theists to cope with compared to them(theists) -understanding- that atheists came to a rational, unbiased conclusion that there is no evidence of any deity existing. It's a red herring tactic.

  17. winsor

    ***>I want to know how you explain time zones if the earth is flat.

    The Sun slowly moves over the plate of the Earth. At one point it's over the East Coast - 3 hours later it's over the West Coast.

    That's it, I'm throwing out my sextant. What a scam.

    A popular model from flat earth believers provides a theoretical system where a sextant provides accurate latitudinal navigation. I would hang on to it.