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  1. What do you guys think? Theres a couple of final small revisions to be made but this is pretty much it . BTW my book is also on sale for a couple of days so check it out!
  2. +1. the only thing i'd have to add is if you want something more "fun" and responsive, you could go with a slightly smaller canopy to get the wing loading down around 1:1. but only if you feel comfortable with that with your experience level. you may be able to rent from your local DZ and try the different canopy sizes and see how differently wingloading specs can fly. that way you'd have a great idea of what exactly you want before you bite the bullet on a new main.
  3. downplane is a CRW term, unless of course you've got your main and reserve out at the same time, in which case you can pretty much kiss your ass goodbye if you cant clear the main, but to answer your question, no i wouldnt worry about it. just wait until you fly an aggressive canopy with a high wingloading. then you'll see it shoot down, to the sides, and just basically go ape shit until it (hopefully) clears up. lol.
  4. DO NOT BUY A SKYDIVING RIG WITH A CREDIT CARD!! I did this when i started skydiving many moons ago, and ended up with over 9k in credit card debt. however, i defaulted on the card as there was no way i could make the payments, and then paid 2k to clear the balance 4 years later, and my credit score is now back up to where it was pre-purchase. so I guess on second thought, if you're cool with having a credit score in the sub 400s for a few years and settling for a fraction of the amount that you spent, and waiting a few more years for your credit to recover, then it works out. LOL.
  5. so are there any freefliers there too? i mean, i like crw alot but i'd be kind of iffy with 4 ways. i've been out of the sport for about a year, i'm sure i'll get the hang of it quickly again but still. i mostly did 2 ways just goofing around doing stacks and stuff like that. i'm not a pro crw'er by any means. lol.
  6. yeah billy vance told me that you would probably take me under your wings.. that sucks that they are closing though. looks like i'd be out of luck if that happened, there's no way i could afford driving all the way to skydive san marcos on a regular basis. skydive temple on the other hand is only like 15 mins away. i'll probably try to come out this weekend some time just to say hi if the weather is decent.
  7. Seeing as i'll be here in Temple for the time being, i figured i've taken a long enough hiatus from jumping. its been a little over a year now, but feels like yesterday that i hung it all up. i'm planning on going out to sdt to get recertified and start jumping again. any freefliers out there? i was doing mainly sitflying before, and dabbled a little in head down but am nowhere near proficient in that. also have done some CRW with biplanes, downplanes and things of that nature. anywhoo, i'm sure some people will still remember me, which is fine. i'm just hoping this time to avoid most of the drama. so, Skydive temple people, dont be shy, speak up!
  8. billy.. yeah i actually replied in the other thread about the dwr 2005 thing, i'll be going. i'm jumping again these days. somewhere. wooooooo.
  9. hi jenn! its been a while. yeah i was just curious as to what he'd been up to.. we had some good times hangin out and jumpin at the dz
  10. i dont know his last name, but he used to jump at skydive houston, a base/crw jumper.. very cool wacky guy.. last i heard he was working in Kansas. just wondered what happened to that guy.
  11. well thats what i did.. i moved. the rigger that i trust is a person i hang out with all the time, or used to when i lived in houston, anyway. and play nice tim. i'm sure/i know you've done your share of stupid things. i know it was stupid and irresponsible, but i mean.. i dont feel the need to do it again. i just wanted to see what it was like, and now that i know, its all good. *shrugs* its not like i'm gonna turn into one of the old timers at sdh that pulls reserve every pack job. (or at least back in the day) in any case, i got into sportbikes and the adrenaline rush from that is quite a bit more then skydiving, and also dont have to deal with a bunch of bleeding hearts. But, since some of the greatest times of my life were skydiving, i will always want to return to it. i know the odds are i'll probably never fit in at a DZ again but hey i guess thats what i get for being a crazy "knucklehead"
  12. actually i know quite a few crew dogs that do intentionals.. they're just smarter then me and didnt talk about it. but its all good.. i learned my lesson. They do? Any crew dogs out there what to confirm this.? Sparky I'm not aware of any crwdogs that do intentional chops before a repack or any other time. We use our reserves too often as it is. Getting through a full reserve cycle is a good thing. Bob
  13. actually i didnt get kicked off.. i ran out of money (credit cards) but yeah.. the other reason i left was because i got tired of people telling all kinds of crazy stories and making me out to be this complete nutcase, and never letting me actually explain myself. Butt what i did learn is that if you're going to be crazy, make sure you're not endangering anyone else, and for gods sake, dont tell ANYONE. YOU CANT TRUST ANYONE AT THE DZ. i found this out firsthand. but yes i did do an intentional cutaway, same situation as you, but i was also about to sell the rig, i trusted the rigger who packed my reserve. i knew that i was going to be exiting the sport for a while anyway. i'm getting back into it in a month or so. --coming to a dz near you! Don
  14. and yes, i did do an intentional at about 2,000 feet, and the rest of the story that wasnt mentioned was that i sat down with the Safety advisor, Kyle, and we had a long talk about it. I told him my reasons for doing it, which i dont feel like going into AGAIN, as nobody listens anyway, and he told me why everybody was concerned, and we came to an understanding, he understood why i did it, and i understood why he was concerned. As far as i am concerned, that was it. I expressed my concern that people were probably going to get mad that i wasnt grounded longer, and he said to not worry about them, that he was the only one who could do anything about it, which he proved last weekend. I will no longer be frequenting this dropzone, as much as i like the dropzone boss, and some of the people who go there. I will say that there arent alot of egos at the dz like at other dz's that i have gone to, but the stories tend to get grossly overblown. but anyway, i do something slightly stupid or dumb, as newbies with jump numbers like mine can only be expected to do as part of the learning process, people change the story to make it REALLY stupid and life threatening, then i spend a week or two explaining to everyone on the fucking planet what actually happened, and i'm tired of this cycle. Skydiving is a bad ass sport, but i wont deal with this anymore. I sold my rig with the intent to downsize, but now instead i am just going to get back into offroading, because at least the people are a WHOLE lot nicer, and the stories may get blown out of proportion, but not in a dangerous sense. Right now, i could tell the entire planet lots of really wonderful stories about the safety of a couple people at the dropzone, and some of the accidents that have happened there, but unlike some of these fucking turds, i had a little bit of respect for them, which is GONE now. so, that having been said, its been nice knowing some of you. this is my LAST post on, and as tarek ( knows, when i say something, unlike the vast majority of people i know, i do it. So, hey, have a ball ripping me to pieces, i know the people at my dz love to do it. good bye. edited for personal attack.
  15. ^^^^ what he said. i mean, if the person has criticism and presents it in a mature educated way, i have absolutely no problems with sitting down and talking with the person about it. *shrugs*
  16. guys, if you want to tell somebody that maybe a decision that they made was very stupid and dangerous or something, dont just sit there and laugh at them and call them a dumbass repeatedly, as somebody did to me this weekend. I will refrain from naming names as i USED to respect the guy. So guys, please think of more mature and intelligent ways to get a point across, because skydivers that act like this only serve to alienate themselves from fledging jumpers. I'm sure this thread will get flamed like a match next to a open gas tank, but meh. I quite frankly do not give a fuck anymore.
  17. *Shrugs* alright tarek. i'm tired of even thinking about any of this stuff now. You win. i'm done with all this bullshit. Forget i even asked about it.
  18. lol, i figured i would get flamed, first of all, let me just say that i do not intentionally take a jump low. the lowest i've ever pulled main was at like 1,500, and that was about 70 jumps ago and a HUGE mistake, lost awareness on track dive, etc. ever since then i doubt i have ever pulled any lower then 2,000, and i usually pull by 3,500 or 3,000. *shrugs* it kinda got blown out of proportion there, i guess i worded it wrong. However, did i think it was fun? yeah! would i do it on purpose, nope. i know what can go wrong with a main/reserve. I spend hours and hours and hours online reading all kinds of skydiving crap and i spend almost EVERY single weekend at the dropzone just talking to people and picking up new things. so its not like i'm just some stupid ass newbie skydiver that wanders in every now and then and makes a jump and almost kills himself. And besides, arent skydiving and base two completely different sports? I for one really enjoy ground rush, and that is one of the main reasons why i want to base. I dont even care about being "cool" or whatever, fuck all that. In fact, if somebody told me that they'd teach me as long as i never said a word about base'ing to anybody, i'd agree to it in a heartbeat. Sure, it makes for cool stories, but cool stories isnt what my life is about. blake and tarek are guys from my dz, i think its kind of bullshit that they go off spewing that i'm dangerous and whatnot, but if you ask them about a jump that we do together, i'm safe as hell. thats my fear in skydiving, is hurting someone else. and besides, if we want to start talking about who has actually gotten hurt on a jump, i think tarek may be just a WEE bit ahead of me there. sorry for the long typing rant, but i wanted to clear a couple things up. yes, i'm crazy, but i'm not insane. insane would be me going off and trying base by myself without any help. *shrugs*
  19. actually, i just sold my skydiving rig yesterday, i was just saying that if i dont find a course closer to me, then going out to TF will be what i do. *shrugs* wasnt trying to whine, i know base jumping is very expensive. but base is definitely what i want, i dont want to keep pushing the limits at the dz and getting kicked out because of low pulls and cutaways, i'd rather just base and get that same thrill while still being safe to a certain degree (trained, right equipment, knowledge, etc.)
  20. skydiving is an unneccessary risk... there's no real long term benefit to jumping out of planes. some people just choose to add a little more risk to the ride. *shrugs* i'm not saying its something thats wrong or right, i've seen people do things much more dangerous then doing a controlled cutaway.
  21. meh... i dunno. but if i had a birdman suit, i'd try to aim for water... i know you can slow down alot in one of those, i've seen people in those powerboat things hit the water at 100s of miles per hour and survive.. its possible.