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  1. No man tells another man how to live. ParacleteXP
  2. Medellin is 4900 MSL. You should expect a faster landing speed and a more ground hungry canopy. Like jumping in CO. ParacleteXP
  3. Paraclete XP is hosting the Indoor Skydiving Championships February 5th-6th, 2011. Disciplines include: 4-way FS and VFS 2-way FS and VFS 2-way Best Routine Freefly 1-way Best Trick 8-way Open Free tunnel meet for the first 10 teams registered Over $20,000.00 in Cash and Prizes More info at ParacleteXP
  4. Paraclete XP SkyVenture is holding the Indoor Skydiving Championships Feb 5th & 6th, 2011 Over $20,000.00USD in cash and Prizes Disciplines and Classes: 4-way FS Open and Intermediate 4-way VFS Open and Advanced 2-way VFS/Freeflying Open and Advanced 1-way Open Best Trick 8-way Open: Free tunnel meet for the first 10 teams registered Prize Money for 4-way FS and 4-way VFS Open 1st Place $4000.00USD 2nd Place $2000.00USD 3rd Place $1000.00USD Prize Money for 2-way VFS/Freeflying Open 1st Place $2000.00USD 2nd Place $1000.00USD 3rd Place $500.00USD Prize Money for 1-way Best Trick 1st Place $1000.00USD 2nd Place $500.00USD 3rd Place $100.00USD 4-way FS, VFS, 2-way VFS Advanced, and 8-way Open 1st Place Tunnel Time and Medals 2nd Place Sponsor prizes and Medals 3rd Place Sponsor prizes and Medals Registration information at : ParacleteXP
  5. ParacleteXP
  6. France won 4-way, 4-way Female, 8-way, and VFS at the WPC in Russia. ParacleteXP
  7. AS 42 to a 40 Rd 9 ParacleteXP
  8. Honestly, haven't had time to check it out. Too busy JUMPING. ParacleteXP
  9. Brit Chicks 8-way team will be training next week at Raeford parachute Center. We will be flying the Otter M-F. There will be slots available if anyone is interested in coming out to jump. ParacleteXP
  10. Its 56 feet tall. If you dont know what you're talking about dont post. I would love to have you come here and see for yourself. ParacleteXP
  11. Simple. Open parachute in tunnel, rapid deceleration, high speed impact with the top of the tunnel. ParacleteXP
  12. 24000+ 5 4 spinning 1 damaged ParacleteXP
  13. No. I don't have piles of old Parachutists around to flip through, I'm too busy SKYDIVING. ParacleteXP
  14. You should have ended your reply after your first sentence. Enough said. As far as Mr Blow Job, I have no idea what you're talking about. Typical vague cryptic answer that has nothing to do with this guy breaking protocol. Please spend some time getting your knees in the breeze. ParacleteXP
  15. They publish fatality reports and I assure you that they dont endorse that activity ParacleteXP
  16. I dont think hang loads are a good idea. That went out in the 80's. I think if you are videoing at the Nationals you should stick with protocol, the DZO doesn't want you climbing on the top of his aircraft for any reason. ParacleteXP
  17. Vertical stabilizer not horizontal. ParacleteXP
  18. Unless he snags his reserve ripcord while belly crawling on top of the Otter and goes through the vertical stabilizer. ParacleteXP
  19. Paraclete XP 16.5' Diameter, 56' Tall, 185 MPH ParacleteXP
  20. Also the more time to recover ParacleteXP
  21. A company that cares about its customers first and $ second. Great service. Great products. ParacleteXP
  22. I sent an email to Members Services at USPA HQ. If you don't get a result email me at [email protected] and I will get it sorted. ParacleteXP