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  1. What im trying to do is save a bunch of TV show on my laptop for while im at work. Streamimg is free but downloading for what i have seen isnt. Just wondering if there is an availible free sight. Theres just some things i cant bring myself to pay for
  2. Pretty much anything. Maybe something like Fringe or NCIS. Im able to stream but not able to directly download. I work offshore with really slow internet and no tv and just need some differant material to watch
  3. Who knows of a totally free sight for downloading tv? Everything i come across wants a dang credit card number..
  4. Well the famale ass. I am deffenetly addicted to...
  5. Thats my new word of the day. Assoholic
  6. Titty Baby. There everywhere
  7. mattsplat

    yin yang

    How come there is more Yang then yin? I thought it was supposed to be even...
  8. mattsplat

    Face Book

    If someone one Face Book is not really who they say they are. How could you trace it to there real identity. Any help will would be great. Thanks
  9. Still looking for your Poon Fish Timber. Not giving up on you.lolQuote
  10. Have fun. Im stuck out in the Gulf. Have a Bushwacker for me.
  11. Have you ever noticed. Its almost always the same people posting.
  12. Does'nt PETA stand for, People Eating Tasty Animals
  13. I was just posing a question. If he is not abile to it because of his size. Then his fat ass goes on a diet.There is no need to become arrigant with the responses. Unless you have nothing better to do with your useless time. For all the other usefull responses Thank you