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  1. Quote

    Since you care.

    Only because you make every thread about your 'issue' :S.


    I'll let my sponsor buy them for me. :D

    Sponsor would be the Mrs., Scott. :D

    In this thread, I want to share my excitement about the new V-suit with other like minded individuals.

    Edited: To fix something that was not put in the most effective way.

  2. Quote

    ALL of the acros had back vents.....

    The issue was the silly leg vent that inflated the leg wing via the thigh area. If the leg was too tight it choked off the inlet completely. My leg wing never -ever inflated. I should of had a new suit made but by that time version 2 came out with proper vents. That is what I wanted, I was told no.

    I was told PF had a big problem in this regard if the measurements were off. Hence the very quick version 2 upgrade.

    Acro Suit was officially released on : 8-Aug-2005

    Acro2 announced : 6 Mar 2008

    Two years and a half years is hardly a very quick version upgrade.

    The clock didn't start when you received your Acro.

    BTW, When did you order/receive your Acro? When did you ask for the upgrade?

    I have it on good authority that this 'never -ever' problem you speak of in this thread never -ever made it to PF HQ.

    As I remember, you tested an Acro before ordering it and even posted a nice review. My point is that you were in a position to realize that there is a defect on your suit very soon after you jumped it. You say in your post that you asked after the Acro2 was released. It is perfectly reasonable for someone to refuse a new suit/free upgrade several months after you received your suit.

    I heard directly from you regarding your issue in late 2008 and you said, "I asked Robi to upgrade my Acro to an Acro2 and he asked me to just buy an Acro2...I am done buying suits from him..."

    It seems, you didn't even communicate your issue properly and now you are behaving in an unreasonable manner.

    I was emailing a friend of mine(dmkellett...I can ask him to come here and chime in) to catch up, its been a while and he was talking about his Phantom2. He had sizing issues that he got sorted... Here is the relevant part of the email...


    I ordered a Phantom 2 as a stop gap, it didnt fit.... not even close.... the arms were 10 cm at least too long, I jumped it and couldnt stretch the arm wing, the body was waaaaaaay to long, and the suit didnt fly at ALL.

    That being said, Robi sorted me out big style. I got a new Phantom 2 my exact size and V3 my exact size pretty quick after that for a big discount. I wanted to send the original one back but he made me a new one for less than the alterations and shipping would have cost.... so I cant really bitch.

    I have to say that Robi has been more than fair with me.

    I ordered a V1 in 2004 and made a measuring mistake. Shoulder to floor of 63 instead of 61. I made the same mistake on the V2 order(2006) as well and Robi made me another suit for free in spite of realizing that it was my mistake.

    I purchased another V2 in 2007 and that had a defect. Following that, me and Robi had our differences and I was on the black list. No V3 for me. Quite recently, Robi and I resolved our differences and he offered a big discount on my next order, but I refused the discount, I figure we are even.

    I think of it this way. Not having me as a customer has ZERO impact on PF's business. If Robi is willing to be fair and resolve the differences with me, then, there is no reasonable logic I can apply and make him the bad guy. Damn it!>:(

    If you can't work out your issues with a reasonable person like Robi, I am not sure who you can work with.

  3. Quote

    If I can make a Student CYPRES fire by doing a toggle or rear riser turn, then the rest is moot, as it is obviously a horrible idea. Is this possible with my setup?

    Yup, you said it.

    The reason AFAIK that the student cypress has that setting(29 mph ) is so that it fires even if a student is going through the firing altitude under a partial mal.

    This is the reason an expert cypress is used by almost all licensed skydivers. Now there is even a version for swoopers after Adrian's(RIP) accident.

    Adrian Nicholas was Patrick DG's jumping buddy and had a two out during a high speed landing with an expert cypress.

  4. Quote

    You only need the pocket if you want airlocks otherwise simpler vents work.

    Pocket and Scoop being the same thing, right? Doesn't the simple scoop design work the best regardless of air locking? IMO, Air locking of the front inlets is only needed if the suit is used for back flying also.


    As far as the Acro/Phantom series 1 vents go they were a problem with a lot of ill fittings causing bad or no inflation, ergo we end up with a very quick revision to version 2. Fit wasn't as criticle as a result.

    Only if they had the back flying inlets option. I am not sure fit mattered so much on the smaller Phantom and Acro suits.

    I own a Phantom 1(Blue/white/Black) with back flying inlets that I purchased from the used market. It fit better than my Orange one(no back fly inlets) with which I have had so much fun and got really good performance out of. The design of the back fly inlets (with no air locks) makes the suit's performance envelope lower. After 3 jumps, I simply sealed the back inlet on the arm wings with Duck tape(inside and outside). Immediately I was getting the same performance out of it as my Orange Phantom.

    Anyway, I am glad we are at a point in time when we discuss these issues for fun and they no longer cause issues on suits.

  5. All this discussion about who came up with what first really does not matter. The end result is that we have better suits today than a few years ago.

    It does make the discussion, interesting.

    When the V1 was released, the blueprint for all suits designed for glide was available. It is just that it took so long for manufacturers to give up the instinct to make their suits look different and concentrate on the desired functionality of the suit.


    I does not matter what the various prototypes have. Only the production version. The one you get with your order.

    I don't live in sunny California and I have a lot of 'free' time :$.


    The inlets are original Tony non fancy functional pockets that work, Period. PF has gone Tony on this.

    Maybe in that exact form and placement. If you must credit Tony, do so for making all suits in the market today have mattress inflation. That's definitely a good thing, IMO.

    Are inlets rocket science?

    Even on the phantom 1 leg inlets, the simple functional pockets you talk of can be seen. They are just at a different place and smaller because they are from a time when mattress inflation was not considered necessary. It was considered detrimental to the design goal of shaping the wing exactly, like your V2.

    I do not have access to this picture but I remember seeing a picture of a simple pocket inlet on the leg sleeve of a ghost(probably cpoxon's one) from years ago.

    Edited to add: The above paragraph does not matter, the SM1 was released before the Ghost.


    I know one of you Mutards will chime in with how you are getting into leading edge compressibility or achieving laminar flow ...

    What laminar!? Sorry to disappoint you :D.


    In either design I doubt there is much of a benefit to us. Don't tell me it is airfoil shaping. We are draping triangles off our limbs. The chords are getting bigger is all. At the speeds we fly a constant round radius profile is just fine. Its feel good engineering basically. Like putting carbon fibre everywhere.

    I think that there is a benefit in putting the time and effort in the manufacturing process that results in careful airfoil shaping. With the next V size closer to the X-bird, time and real world performance will tell if it is just feel good engineering.

  6. Quote

    For those with a keen eye.
    The Red Bull Airforce training video also shows a previous prototype with some new unique features.

    A little birdy tells me, we may see some footage of various V4x prototypes pop up online soon...

    The Vampire training video offers another look at the V prototypes. In this version, the wing root seems to have been extended all the way to the feet.


    Define Soon :D


  7. Nice! Do you think 100secs for 1000m is possible? The wingsuit competition site has 11.5m/sec as the slowest fall rate achieved(in the 1000m window) so far.


    He already has most of the major ninja tricks figured out. My first impression was "Holy crap. I have nothing to teach this guy about slow flight."

    IMO, slow flight is the easiest and most natural thing to figure out. It is also a good sign, we expect the newer generations to be much quicker than us at learning things. With the latest generation of wingsuits, flying for maximum distance should also be much easier than before. Progress :)

  8. Quote

    Plasmas also can suffer burn-in (where a static image burns itself into the screen).

    My friend purchased one of the Plasma TVs that was on the trade floor when the company he was working for closed shop.

    The CNBC peacock is visible even when the TV is turned off and visible even when other channels are on. $100 was not a bad deal for a 50" plasma in 2005 though.

  9. I think there is a misunderstanding here. I purchased that arm for something else and it is just a paper weight now.

    As you said, they did something and are excited about it. I just didn't want to say anything negative.

    As for the Yuri bashing. I am fine with that and would gladly join if he is blabbering on about 'Bent legs' or D/L or some shit like that. He was trying to come up with something to solve the ground speed problem of the GPS. That shows an understanding level that is beyond some rudimentary stuff like this.

    My opinion is leave the GPS on the ground and fly your body! 10 jumps getting out x miles(x greater than your range in given wind conditions) away from the DZ will do more for learning than a 50 with gadgets of this kind. Even then you are growing gadget dependent.

  10. Quote

    I just get this visual of the pilot with that gooseneck wrapped around his face or hung up under his chin after looking down and having the relative wind bend it.

    I have one of those heavy duty flex arms, I doubt that relative wind at WS speeds is going to bend it. It weighs 1.5lb though, so workout those neck muscles.

  11. Not an article on how to do it. Just good practices, like having a LOT of jumps, having the tandem away from other traffic at chosen fly-by spot, etc.

    Just for the people that seek such info pro-actively before carrying out the jump. Nothing can be done if it is decided just on the spur of the moment.

  12. I have a different opinion on some of your suggestions.

    I think the wingsuit discipline is a long way ahead of the point where we need to hold a "Discover wingsuiting" boogie. In 2004, even a big place like SDC had very few wingsuit pilots. Go there today and you'll probably find a few people flying a wingsuit on each load. I think that wingsuits are gaining in popularity and every big dropzone has a few demo wingsuits/tracking gear etc.


    On top of that there seems to be some rivaltry between some wingsuit manufacturers, between some wingsuit brand users and between people in different wingsuit disciplines. Nothing good can come out of that.

    Competition between manufacturers has resulted in a better product for the consumer.

  13. vitriol's post in the Flock U thread. We can continue the wider discussion here.


    In many places wingsuits are still perceived as something accessible to a select few. In most places wingsuits are the exception, not the norm.

    There's not many people wingsuiting, while the requirements to start/try are very reasonnable. I mean every DZ has people with 200 jumps who never tried or even considered to try a wingsuit.

    On top of that there seems to be some rivaltry between some wingsuit manufacturers, between some wingsuit brand users and between people in different wingsuit disciplines. Nothing good can come out of that.

    How about a "Discover Wingsuiting" event?

    There coud be cheap or even free first jump courses for people with the necessary experience.

    All wingsuit manufacturers could be present (skydive expo style) to show people what they offer.

    There coud be load organizers for all kind of different disciplines, so people with some experience can try different things. If those jumps are filmed people could watch the videos in the evening to see what those different disciplines are all about.

    And if you don't have 200 jumps and can't try, well some wingsuit manufacturers could bring some tracking suits to demo. Who doesn't like a tracking dive?

    Also, give a free jump ticket or two to every wingsuiter that brings a jumper for a first jump course!

  14. Even though the subject of this thread seems to cover the bigger question, the intention in posting this thread is (read the original post) to get feedback from the people that plan on going to Flock U events.

    In my perception of the people around here, Justin and the group of people that regularly fly with him come across as a positive and fun bunch, more interested in achieving a common goal and having fun than in soup brands :D.

    Let's leave this thread alone for people that are going to a FlockU event to have their say :)
    I'll start another thread with your post and my response for people interested in discussing the more general question.