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  1. Quotes from the Shadow page from PF site below.


    The Shadow armwing leading edge is straight, changing the flying position to give the pilot much more flexibility. The symmetrical wing profiles and tapered trailing edge also combine to enhance manoeuvrability.


    Symmetrical wing profiles ensure efficient lift generation with the suit flying in either orientation.

    Is that you in the Shadow picture on the website? Those wings look symmetric to me.

    ***At least in the flying Alejandro and I do together in Shadow/Phantom, the performance quite matches (seeing as skillwise and in terms of build, both of us are similar)

    There is a basic problem with that statement.

    Unless both of you are trying 100% for at least 30 secs to fly the farthest and end up being right next to each other, drawing a conclusion like that from flocking is not correct.

    I have never had more fun in BASE than (barring one jump) in my Phantom 1, So you are not changing my opinion or recommendation :P

  2. Jarno and Brendan,

    He said "No back flying, no flocking, just looking for a noticeable improvement over the Classic 2".

    Given that the Shadow is specifically built for backflying(Symmetric wing profiles), I would only recommend it over a Phantom if someone was especially spooked about the very tiny possibility of wing covering BOC on the Phantom.


    My vote is for the Phantom :)

  3. Quote

    Indeed. I was a little surprised on the first jump...s
    It screams.

    No Fair DSE. Where are the pics?

    In my experience the Phantom(1) was the most fun daily driver suit. If you say this is better than a Phantom 2...I am screwed! B|:D.

  4. Quote

    Are we allowed to do that? I thought the suits might explode if they are flying too close together.

    That seems to be the popular opinion. Maybe someone can prove it to be otherwise :D.

  5. Quote

    Is incredible. Only put 1 flight on it for the moment but looking forward to circle the thermals in it :-)

    Nice :)
    What Thermals? Underwear or a long wait? :ph34r:

  6. Quote


    Seems like the V4 is coming out this spring, whats in the stable for a new tony suit? Anyone got inside info for anything else cool coming out?

    We are now taking orders for two new suits, the X2 and the Apache X

    The Apache is the new Fusion but made to take your rig,
    the full on Fusion is coming soon,

    Introducing "Wing Forward"
    More speed, more glide.........

    Nice :):D.

    hjumper33: I will have a V4 at some point after the release. I am around 6'2" and 175lb(remember reading on here that you are in the same ball park). If I am in your neck of the woods or vice versa, it would be good to make a few flights(V4 and X2 in formation...maybe with a peace flag in between...some one has to do it. I bet a pic like that would see good use on these forums) :D:D.

  7. Quote

    I guess after seeing this stuff, the only thing keeping Tony from going bankrupt are the diehard yank fans :P

    Robi is a genius as always.

    Sangi: No one is going bankrupt because of that(or any) video :P.

    The video is nicely put together. Maybe a bit weighted towards the general population. I liked seeing the full flight path. As it is in the French TV clip(JNo/Robi).

  8. Quote

    Both companies produce a good suit. They fly differently though. I suggest you try before you buy. Nothing worse than buyers remorse after you jump a buddies suit and wish you bought the other brand. After trying both, you will know which suit you prefer.


  9. The issue seem to me would be getting a recording of the sound. I am not sure Micheal is storing that file. Why would he? It might be easy enough to run the data through the same program logic to generate the tones for any previous jump.


  10. Quote

    That second sentence, is that Pujabi speak for something?

    Punjabi, waaay off mate:P.

    It was admittedly a very inefficient way of putting it(so, I fixed it) but I was trying to say.

    Wanting to sleep with someone(Tits and Ass) is a quality redeeming enough to want to deal with them for a while. I don't want to sleep with you, so there isn't a reason in the whole wide world that would make me engage in a conversation with you as long as you continue with this negative and annoying attitude.


    Actually Jakee brought up inlets then you chimed in. I was talking production versus prototype. Short termer it digressed from there.

    I would not even have responded to your post were it not for every thread in the forum turning into I was screwed over by a company in a small market and they will die a death because of it :S.

    After two attempts from you to steer the conversation into a petty, who copied from who discussion. My post on inlets also pointed out that we are happily at a place in history where such issues are a thing of the past.

    Some people live their whole lives without solving simple problems because they are hooked on the misery! We can only steer clear of those characters .