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  1. As I was walking into the lobby of my apartment complex, it hit me, 5 weeks ago I had ordered my Mirage G4!! Has it arrived? I was'nt expecting it to be there, and since I am injured was not really bothered about it being hypothetically late. I asked the security guy at the reception. "If it is there it is a big package" I said. Sure enough, there it was!!! 5 weeks to the day with Christmas and the New Year holidays, I was expecting a delay. It's Gorgeous!!! Will post pics later. Thanks JP!!
  2. Check out this page.
  3. Geek Just printed it, my G4 is due in a couple of weeks.
  4. I went directly to that version from 1.17. My Neptune freaked out, doubled a couple of my exit altitudes (ff time and average speed remains normal) and shifted around the dates of my jumps without any obvious pattern. I had to change the date on every jump I uploaded, with an exception of five that Paralog won't take because they're from the future. I suspect this was because the "new" battery I used when upgrading apparently wasn't so new after all. None of my jumps were made this year so I did'nt have that issue. The system date was like way off. The alti-2 site does mention the date issue. Correct your system date on the neptune ASAP.
  5. I updated my neptune to 2.0.14 and got the Paralog update from Klaus, I was able to download and save.
  6. I have noticed that most order forms have a comments section. Maybe that is a good place to put all these things. However it is a better idea to have an explicit question. That way people don't forget.
  7. There is an error in this. The shape of the area in which the canopy will land if wind speed is less than canopy speed will still be a circle. However the center of the circle is shifted by w*(h/d) units in the direction of the wind. In high winds however the shape is an ellipse and the center of the ellipse is shifted the same w* (h/d) units in the direction of the wind. This ofcourse does'nt mean much in the real world.
  8. I was not saying anything derrogatory about the software. Was disappointed I could'nt play with Paralog(I had spent all of 20 mins on it...including installation) when I made the above post. I would not have posted that if I was smart enough to realize it might be interpreted in a bad way.
  9. I just got my license today. I am having the same problems you are having. Can't save.
  10. You can also send it back to Alti-2 for the upgrade. The upload and data downloads are via an InfraRed port so no wires but the process is similar. It is very easy if you have alaptop with an IR port. Most times its not an issue but sometimes you might need help with the initial setup, then its a breeze. There seem to be enough software/ tech saavy people in this sport, so it should not be too difficult to get someone to help you out.
  11. I wanted to buy a Suunto. I did'nt because the faq said don't use it. I did'nt want to spend over 300 bucks to experiment. If some people are using it cool, I might buy one and wear it while jumping with an audible and another backup alti.
  12. Just incase someone was looking to buy one. These watches are built for sking, mountain/rock climbing and golf. The following is from the sunpath homepage, link below. Go to the Sunpath The following is from the SUUNTO USA website. Scroll down to the General FAQ section.
  13. Maybe I'm mistaking on this, but regardless, I sure as hell won't wait over 5 months for a rig - If you thought a 5 month wait was too long you should'nt have ordered it in the first place. The dude asking the question should have thought about it before placing the order. Yeah yeah I know the whole instant gratification thing, but I learnt (in part due to injury) that its better to wait for what you want, especially when it comes to skydiving gear. Also seems like the winter months have made the jumper quite jumpy
  14. Wings actually offers a rush delivery option 3 weeks + shipping time for a about 150 dollars extra.
  15. Yes!! I updated my neptune with 2.0.8 as well. I also downloaded Paralog and paid the registration, have to wait until tomorrow to download the information. It downloaded the first jump so I know it works
  16. Ordered 5 mins ago. Sabre2 190. Top Skin, outside ribs and stabilizers silver. Slider and inside ribs Black.
  17. Let us go into the world of variables. Canopy starting height = h ft Forward speed of canopy = c ft/s Descent rate of canopy = d ft/s wind speed = w ft/s the area of the ellipse in which the canopy can land is Pi * [(h/d) * c] * {[ (c + w) * (h/d) plus or minus (c - w)* (h/d)]/2} that is Pi* (h/d) * c*c is the same as no wind conditions when the canopy speed exceeds the wind speed. Always!! i.e The wind has no effect on the area in which the canopy can land even though the shape of the area is now an ellipse!! The previous calculation was messed up because of the rounding. I recalculated without rounding and the result is the same. if the wind speed exceeds the canopy speed The formula becomes Pi * (h/d) * c * w and yes this ellipse is bigger in area than the circle. It is obvious afterall!!
  18. When we tip the cone the circle becomes an ellipse. The area of an ellipse is The area is actually slightly less .... From the above calculations by Derek, a = 10560 + 1172.8/2 (running distance + holding distance(this is in the canopy's direction when faced into the wind, this number would have to be subtracted when the canopy goes back in the wind or the speed of the canopy is less than the wind speed)/2 = 5866.4 b = distance flown when crabbing 90 degrees to windline. This is same as the radius of the circle in the previous case of no wind. 5867.2 Now this makes the area of the ellipse after converting to Sq. miles Area = 3.14 * (5867.2 * 5866.4 ) divided by 5280 * 5280 = 3.88Sq. Miles. I am saying that this is less because the area of the circle is 3.14 * 5867.2 * 5867.2 before conversion to sq. miles. Interesting !!!! I gave it more thought because it seems impossible. The tip the cone anology makes it seem that the long radius of the ellipse would lengthen when the cone was tipped. However on further thought, it seems like this is a little more complex than making a blanket statement that covers all cases. 750 FPM downward speed might not be realistic for a canopy that only has a forward speed of 25 mph. A change in that to reflect a more floaty canopy would show a considerably different result.
  19. I have not played around with the Neptune since my injury but I believe that the time can be set. Also Go to Alti-2 website, they mention a bug in the year part of their code. And a suggested corrective measure until 2.0 is released.
  20. They say the 2.0 software will allow downloads of the log data. Paralog is claiming that their software will work with the Neptune before alti-2 is ready to launch 2.0. This is a good thing for us Neptune Owners. How much does the Paralog Software cost?
  21. Actually, the Voodoo from Rigging Innovations has always included everything standard. One thing that nees to be said is that SS is an option on the Voodoo.