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  1. Scott,

    Congrats on winning the US Performance cup.

    I used the wintec briefly in 2007 and have the FlySight. now. I used a GPS older than wintec GPS for most of my logging when it was necessary.

    The Flysight does the same job and makes it worry free for me. If I follow the instructions(turn on 15 mins at start of day, a few mins before boarding the airplane and before exit) the flysight works flawlessly.

    I only use the FlySight as a passive GPS(no earphones) and still think it is worth it compared to the older units.


  2. Thanks for the tips Butters and Jarno. I just need to put in the jumps. Our DZ has at lot of super solid back flyers and learning this skill allows for lots more types of jumps.

    Butters, you should see Peter's perspective of the video before calling it 'flat spin'. He is traveling and on vacation so it may be a while before he gets to video editing.

    Yeah..user error for sure :D. However, recovery in the V3 was waaaay easier.

    Anyway, thought it was good entertainment. Maybe also good for showing what happens when no attempts are made to fix it.

    is the second one.

  3. Quote

    just wondering if a voice reading out direction every 5-10 sec would be one way to handle direction - leaving beeps for distance/vertical speed? Perhaps directions read out could be either relative to North, or relative to jump run?

    You have to wait for flysight 4S. :P

  4. Quote

    At some point your recovery gets so fluid and automatic that flat spins or anything like them just don't happen to you because you recover in half a twist.

    That is so true. The first video is from earlier in the season. The time lost in the first video is because of trying to bALL UP TO FIX THE SPIN. The time lost in the second video was pretty much because I was cursing at myself for screwing up after we discussed what not to do on the ground instead of fixing the issue.

    Slow recovery trying to 'ball up' 30 secs.

    Quicker Recovery ..9 secs.

  5. Quote


    Fantastic!! :D

    Macca, it flies like a dream. In flocks as well as on puffy surfing jumps. I will be in the P2 competition class at Lake Elsinore competition.

    Spot, Looking forward to meeting you.

  6. Quote

    Looks great :) Post some in flight pics when you get a chance.

    Got no pics of me in the air as usually no one at our dz apart from me flies a camera with a wing suit. I am headed to Lake Elsinore soon so maybe then.

  7. I got a surprise past weekend when I reached home on friday and saw a Fedex door tag. Called Fedex and they said its a package from Slovenia. Wow! It was my new P2. I picked it up on my way to the Ballunar flock on Saturday.

    Thanks Robi and Macca and all of PF.

    The suit has bigger sturdier zips and a new pattern compared to the other P2s I have seen. There is foam from knee to toe. It makes for a very clean look. I have no good views of it in flight yet.