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    About time to show power at World BASE Race next year?

    I am going to change the new rule to be "Wingsuit need a proven arm release system". To only restrict it to be cut away cables is not right for the future developing of equipment who wants to compete at the race.

    Nice one Paul :)
    Then we'll get to see what happens when the other guy is aware that he is in a race! Yuri is not in full flight in the video segment at the end. Yes, an X-bird will outglide the V3(for person's of same build) but no where near in the manner that it is shown in the video. With the same person flying, the X-Bird will arrive at the opening point of the V3 later and higher. The video at 2:36 shows this difference in flight characteristics.

    @Matt: Seems like you only pick parts of what you see around you to fit your beliefs. I emailed you regarding your flights last week(12-Aug-2010), this clearly shows that you are flying just the same as everyone else in the world has been flying for years(2.5x). Not 2.7 for the entire flight including start and landing as the comments of the video claim. The data from those flights clearly shows the flying characteristics of the suit. It is slow(78mph average forward speed for the Eiger flight in thin air and less than 60mph average forward speed over 40 secs for the High Nose jump). I will post the contents of the email below.

    Continuing on the speed issue, the landing at Grindelwald is ~950m and ~810m at LB. When you go to WBR, most of, if not the entire flight will be below 950m(is this correct Paul?). The winning average forward speeds from this year are almost 90mph in just under 19 secs.

    If you realized that you are the same as everyone else and need all the help you can get(in terms of proper suit for the flying regime) you may have a chance at the WBR.

    If you take the X-Bird design as it is today and win WBR 2011, I'll give you a $1000. If you lose, you give me a $1000, deal?

    Good luck

  2. Good stuff!

    One question.

    The flight through that canyon at 4:39 and again at 5:35, is the second one faster(almost 5 secs quicker) because the camera guy held back and swooped it? He does catch up to the other guy. Or is it an editing effect?

  3. A similar challenge (Real life L /D Challenge) was posted last year and in 3 months it was beaten. Hopefully, so will this one.

    Here is another one, it seems to be for manufacturers other than PF(as people in V3s are already doing this). Tony you reading this?

    Go to WBR next year and beat this years best performance or from any exit point, 750m horizontal distance in 19 secs from a standing start. Another condition is that it must not burn more than 550m of altitude in doing so.


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    I get it though, a dig at the opposition, eh!***

    Not really...its what you'll hear me say to anyone who uses a big comfort blanket/matrass for flying, where even the smallest of wingsuits would suffice to get the performance levels at which they fly..

    Regardless if its Stealth2, Xbird or otherwise...

    Ok, if we put that aside.

    If someone jumps a Big suit in a distance competition and loses to someone of similar physical dimensions flying a suit like a P2, that's a different story. It proves that they need to learn to fly for distance.

    In BASE, having range is always good. It could mean the difference between life and death. I'd be a bit reluctant to criticize someone for choosing to be safer. They may simply have one suit for the trip.

    To the OP.

    ***The P2 loves to fly forward. Drop your arms back a little, flatten your body and point your toes. Let you head drop ... at first you'll think you're going down faster, but what actually happens is that the suit picks up a LOT of forward speed and develops more lift to compensate. You notice that your freefall time is about the same, but the distance covered is MUCH greater!

    When you have done all that and are cruising, try twisting the wrists skyward slowly and smile. Then post your experience.

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    A small testament to the Phantom2.

    Mike Steen Jumping Sputnik, Swiss

    A lot of recent jumps show people flying this line in insanely huge carpets.
    Look at the mighty things this tiny speed and distance monster is capable of in the hands of a good wingsuit pilot!

    It is a beautiful video and no doubt mega fun.

    Just because people chose to jump it in a 'big carpet' does not mean that the line requires a 'big carpet' to be jumped in :P.

    I get it though, a dig at the opposition, eh! :D

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    Wise interpretation. Congrats!

    I'm a physiotherapist. I've interested myself in the anatomical component of the wingsuit. A bad body position in the best wingsuit flies badly. A good body position makes a big part of the performance. Now take a wingsuit which helps a bad flyer having the proper position. What could be the result?...

    Hmm, Is this reply to one of my posts from years ago?

    I thought we had an agreement on the issue :)


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    If you had a Phantom 1 with back flying inlets, the performance of the suit is about 30% less than a phantom 1 without the back flying inlets.

    Backfly inlets do offer some resistance due to added drag on, though that difference is closer to 1% than 30 on any wingsuit model/make or brand.

    A bit of duck tape brought the performance of my current phantom 1(with back fly inlets) to the old orange/black phantom 1 levels.

    And yes about 30%.


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    why on earth is it that wingsuiters have to slam every atchevment thats done wingsuiting,
    FYO, the windy day was the friday, I did my runs on the saterday when the winds were low at altitude to none on the ground, performance is the trick, get it right and kick it, or sit in your bedroom and bitch.

    Yea seriously Yuri, WTF is wrong with you? We've never seen any hard data from you... If you're so amazingly awesome, put your money where your mouth is, otherwise get off of your high horse and STFU!


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    All the suits have the new foam booties. and mini ribs on the trailing edge to reduce drag. The leading edges are cleaned up, and the inlets are moved.



    Do you have a picture of the new arm wing inlet details that you can post?

    Ok, he beat me to it.


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    Omar Nerys and I started freeflying our wingsuits i believe around the end of 2004, begining of 05 i think...

    Didn't you have 5 wingsuit jumps when I met you at Z-Flock 1.0 in March 2005?


    I thought I remembered scotty from the flock n dock 05 and that video you posted Matt that was on the bird-man website. The high speed exit one.

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    Yuri, it is possible to check, how is the glide ratio here?

    need to be removed to the other hall:P

    Never seen the word removed used like Nice :D.