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    Unless you have that actual suit, its a safe bet you dont have that.

    Yeah I do it was released last summer. I think I wrote x-bird on the order form... or something like that.

    You stirring the pot? :D

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    BS. You can have a not-so-specialized piggyback skydiving rig with a freepacked BASE main and cut corners. It's not as clean aerodynamically as a low profile BASE rig, and its more of a pain in the ass to pack, but is quite doable. Definitely won't be needing 3K of clean air for a pull.

    Really? Did I say free packed BASE canopy as a main in my post? I would like to open my skydiving main in the vicinity of 3K on wingsuit flights:D:D.

    PS: you can keep your BS.

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    Not much happening in skydiving world.........yet.

    May simply be the issue of too many practical problems.

    If I fly close to a mountain, I need to have a BASE container on my back.

    Surely, you agree that having a skydiving rig means opening at at least 3000' above solid ground. Depending on the mountain topography, this might mean peeling away from the mountain about 1000-2000' above the 3000'. How many mountains are there that have walls at the correct angle for proximity flying for thousands of feet over 5000'?

  4. Enjoyed reading that :)
    Losing weight will immediately show in the forward speed department. I was 87kg one BASE season and 72kg the next .


    Jeff Nebelkopf is slightly taller, about as lean as I am proportionally, and about 30 lbs heavier. So although his fallrate limits will be a few mph higher, he is also exactly that much faster forward and would most likely outrun me by a quarter mile or so in a long range head to head run.

    If he is heavier(almost same height and same suit), he will be in front of you the whole time, you may out glide him but you will on most occasions not be ahead of him in a race.

  5. Absolutely irrelevant!

    And so is the whole conversation of Monowing vs Triwing which was an offshoot of me suggesting that a Blade, Pro-fly or Ghost are roughly the same size and shape.

    If we come to that, what someone(even if they are your buddy) feels they know about someone Else's flying skills is also completely irrelevant to the topic as well.

    Thanks for noticing!

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    I am genuinely curious.

    What are these mono-wing specific maneuvers and corresponding techniques that only work with a mono-wing?

    You have no idea of the not so subtle difference. Its not that one suit can or can't do a manuever like the other. Its how you use your body to initiate and follow through to perform every motion in the suit. You can totally feel it. Like dancing some moves require the hips to start others the shoulders and arms.

    But of course some people just bomb out of the sky to a somewhat predetermined deployment area and then land somewhere...... without ever learning how to really fly.:ph34r:And then post here about it over and over.

    Reminds me of a Loic anecdote.

    It was at Deland in 2004. He was there and someone had organized a wingsuit gathering. Two planes full of them, Loic was organizing one of the planes and as he was talking to the group before before boarding someone told him he had no idea what he was doing.

    He didn't like it, that was clearly visible, but he just brushed it off and went about his business.

    If someone can tell Loic he does not know how to fly, who am I? :D

  7. I only asked because I interpreted the below sentence in your post as...there are things you can only do with one suit or the other.


    Some flying styles work in both models, but definitely not all!

    But if that is not what you intended, I am cool with what you said below:)

    I didn't say it is impossible - I said it is very different! Smile

    If you fly close together and just move your hips the effect is different from that in Triwings.

    Watch Robi flying very agile his Vampire or Loic his Expert: you can see both is possible.

    But the flying technique to perform that is different...

    And as Frits wrote: we are heavily influenced by the skill camps from Loic and Zun Cool


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    Even the driver of an Aston Martin Vantage Zagato (Bi Turbo) will just see the impressiv boat tail ass of my Porsche tuned 67 Sting Ray Big Block
    compression rate: 14:1
    7.8 litre + NOS

    You can't expect to drive Kristin Scott Thomas in that Stingray, can you? :P

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    Tony Uragallo will absolutely make you any of his suits out of ANY fabric he has in his huge loft. ALL of his original suits were ZP or F-111, or other "regular" jumpsuit fabric.

    What about Transparent? I heard rumors of a collection going on for one of those wingsuits:ph34r:.

  10. Quote

    You can get a corvette off the lot that will eat the Astons lunch several times over. The supercar for the un pretencious and spelling challenged. Same thing with wingsuits........ you'll see eventually.

    You're not dealing with an Aston and your Vette will only eat lunch as long as it makes up for inefficiency with increased displacement. What happens when the competition has the same'll see eventually :D.

  11. The pics look very neat and compact. I remember verticals being offset forward(this is from a while ago). These look really vertical, it must be much tougher.

    I would have said 'Great Job!' but you guys must be having too much fun for it to be called a 'Job' :D

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    FWIW, the V3 isn't unlike the Velo from PD. More parts, more precision required equate to greater build time.
    And the Velo is built on a different manufacturing line than many of the PD products.
    I'm sure that if buyers were willing to pay a higher price, the V3 could be delivered much faster.

    I ordered a V3 two days ago knowing fully well what the wait time is. I have no problems with wait time or paying extra. I have been around the sport for enough time to understand "it gets here when it does".

    I was trying to say, compete by releasing a product that is in demand, not by suggesting that the wait time is a flaw.

  13. Quote

    Ultimately, a friendly competition between the major manufacturers should produce a better product.

    Neither Tony suits nor another manufacturer offers a comparable product to the V3. If they did and produced it in considerably quicker time than PF, that is what we all want as wingsuit consumers. That is true competition!! Then, PF either has to speed up in response to the market conditions or lose business to the competition.

    Spoiled for choice! That is consumer heaven!!:)
    Manufacturers exist to provide what the market demands.

    For example, a few years ago, PF was only selling one kind of suit in different sizes(Prodigy, Phantom, Vampire). The product line imposed a flying style on its buyers. This is how Robi prefers to fly. However, over time the market showed that there was a bigger segment that likes to fly a different style. PF was forced to adapt and provide the market with what it wants.

    Tony suits(or another manufacturer) themselves have made major changes to their products. Their entire line looks different to what it was originally. However, their current product line imposes a flying style on the buyers. If they take this on board and respond with a product the market considers an alternative to the V3, they will enjoy a market share.

  14. Quote

    V3 aside, thats the same leadtime for PF, and I think FYB offers even quicker lead times due to their stock/sizes.

    There isn't a similar product to the V3 in the market. If there was, a comparision of lead times would be valid.

  15. Quote


    I think price, lead times and quality of build should all influence your decision when purchasing a wingsuit.

    Sure, if one is buying a similar product. Blade is similar to a Pro-fly/Ghost.

    My intention was simply to point that the comparision was like apples and oranges.

    I can't comment on build quality of Ghost/Blade from first hand experience. The only suit I have owned of those three is the Pro-fly. It is built very well.

  16. Quote

    Interesting to watch the water drops on the wing after the flight through the waterfall.

    Isn't it the same as the threads in wind video(what was the name of that Austrian company?) we saw earlier? Just in waay better HD!!

  17. Quote

    Hi Matt,

    If someone has not already told you(regarding "I do not understand why the tracklog jumps up at the start when it should be falling down"), if you are using a GPS unit that has a pressure based altimeter, reading will jump about when the orientation of the unit changes in the airflow around it. If it has a GPS based altimer, I don't know what to say.

    Here is my take on your video of this flight and the comment that says that the flight is 2.7 average glide.

    I would be very interested in looking at the tracklog, mostly to identify the exit point(if you just email me the coordinates of the mushroom that is just as good). I was able to reconstruct the flight on google earth(pics attached).

    I read a lot about this flight when I was still interested in jumping, it was built up to be the holy grail. Most information posted about the mushroom in wingsuit and BASE forums is that it is at ~3200m above sea level(let me know if I am wrong) and means that there is 2300m of usable altitude to make this flight if one reaches the ground at Grindelwald. Google earth shows the landing at 958m above sea level. Based on google earth, I am reading it as the distance is 5.4 km to the river in the camp ground. Your flight was roughly 5.1km. Assuming the 3200m is correct, this makes the average glide for the flight 2.3x and about 2.5x L/D(assuming constant from start until pull time, the tiredness after 2 mins is not taken into account).

    The average speed is 78mph on this flight and the LB flight(Is it the redline that you flew?) is an average speed of 63 mph(1095m distance flight time of 39 secs) The L/D of this one is above 2.8x depending on how soon you get into full flight. If tony starts making faster flying wingsuits, I'll see you at a cliff somewhere.


    The data about the Eiger mushroom to Grindelwald that has been posted has always been 3200m exit and about ~2300m usable altitude, if you can earn it. Please point out if that is wrong. There is no way that I can draw a line from the opening point back to the mountain edge in such a way that the distance is 5.4km and in the 3200m altitude range.

    The last picture has been cropped so it does not show the exact location of the exit point, both lines(made with the Google earth ruler) start at the same point.

    Matts high nose jump.

    V3 of same jump, posted to show the landing area is the same. So, blue line as opposed to red line. The House next to the wierdly shaped mound and the white cylindrical object. Can be seen at the far side of the landing area at 1:08 onwards. This is in Matt's video at 1:01

    The flight ended in the same landing area as the one from this V3 video. This is why the text regarding the redline above has been struck out.

    The blue line is 930m. That makes the the L/D 2.58, 930m flight, 560m altitude, 100m for start, 100m for landing.

    Average forward speed for this flight is 930m in 39 secs or 53.34 mph.