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  1. I'd just like to know how many of you guys were jumping before you had children,and what changes did you make with regards to insurance and cover for injuries after you had some kids? was anyone under any pressure from partners to stop I ask this as i am about to have a baby later this year
  2. Ok here's what happened my instructor had opened the door and gave me the thumbs up,i took one look outside and did not recognise the usual view ,the local beach was just a bit too near for my liking. however seeing as my instructor,one of the best so i am told,gave me the all clear i just jumped. i couldn't even see the dz in freefall. landed in a field full of thistles thankfully missing them and got picked up later after having a hard laugh.Was planning to go down to dz real soon but have just been told my girl is expecting,have to sort out my priorities
  3. I did my aff last summer (2003) but due to other commitments i have not jumped since october. I managed to get onto my consoles and have done 3 of them but for the last 5 months i have not jumped at all,ok i'll admit that i got scared after landing pretty hard almost six miles off from tthe dropzone,but i want to get back into it and i am unsure of where i will have to start again Doing the whole aff course will be a financial drain but i feel empty without skydiving,any instructors reading this that will be able to let me know my position greatly appreciated p.s i am in the uk