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  1. Any advice on data transfer? FW400 on the HC52 and only a FW 800 on the MBP. Is there a converter or another means of transfering data? I have to be missing something. Mucho Gracias!
  2. Did you read my post a few up? It was to go to BB and play with both....see what he likes/dislikes about both....and then ask some questions and go from there.....
  3. So how have you two helped the OP in his quest for a basic computer by engaging in the age old debate of PC vs Apple....?? Take that crap offline or to PM's...your cluttering the thread! HAHAHAHA!! Just's just funny to listen/read/hear this over and over again....
  4. All this jibberish aside....perhaps your best move is to go to Best Buy (which sells both PC and Apple's) and play around with them some. When a sales person tres to help yuo, decline...just play around with the features you anticipate you will use. Once you begin to have a base of knowledge from that test session, you'll come to see what you like/dislike of each. Generate questions from there and then ask the sales clones for their opinions.
  5. What has a qualified rigger advised you to do? Perhaps another opinion is order. If they concur with your assessment, then cool...if they disagree then you have some food for thought.
  6. Anyone know if the attempts were successful? Saturday was a wash from the storm but I'm sure they were jumping around it. Someone update us!
  7. Look @ Brian Germain's "Slocks" design on his site
  8. $460 to me, means something. If I can save that money and put it towards jumps (which are increasing in price as we speak), why the hell wouldn't I be frugal and a smart shopper? I think you are perfectly inline with your approach. If distributer A says "I cannot match that price" well, harm done...take yuor business to the one who already said they would. It's your money like someone above mentioned....
  9. Dun dun dun.....and the carrott is dangled....what is so much better for a basic "high" interest savings account?
  10. Spatula


    Kuwait is not that bad at all. The sky will be here when you get back. Your saving money, probably making a bit more with the additional pays. Are you there for a year, or just a 3-6 month deployment? Either way, it's not that long. Watch skydiving movies, read, pictures, will be over before you know it and you will be back in the air in no time. Hell I really enjoyed Kuwait the 4 times I was there...worked out like a madman, got a killer tan....shagged a couple chicks...damn it was like a vacation. :) Do your thing, and thanks for having your boots in the sand for us! Oh where are you? Doha, Salem, Jaber?
  11. I work on a PC, play at home (and work-school) on a MAC. It's really just preference. I wanted to switch b/c I wanted a smaller footprint at home plus to try something new. You said yourself you PC lasted about 4 years, that's average for any computer. Why not go to a MAC store play with a MAC and see if you like it. If you do, get one. It's not a permenant decision. If you don't like it, get a PC and keep on trucking. I never understood why people need to be convinced of something. Go try it, test drive it, check it out, etc...if you like it, get it...if not...don't. Simple. Good luck with your choice.
  12. Seeing as though I'm a Bills fan...I hope T.Brady twists his ankle, and sprains his throwing wrist!!!!! Granted I'm still a bit sore from the BASHING they gave us Sunday night. But I think they have a very good chance at accomplishing the regualr season undefeated. Post season you never know. It's a whole new time and teams can suprise you.
  13. Just my opinion but, why are you not resolving this via email and phone calls versus over a thread on Report the problem and resolution when you have one. But you just airing dirty laundry at this point.
  14. Well, how long did they tell you it could take to fix? Have you contacted your dealer to inquire, or perhaps speak with the good folks @ Mirage? Start there, and you will probably find your answer.