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  1. What is going on with the recent tandem fatality rate. It seems as though we went through 99-2003 without a fatality. And since then we have experienced many fatalities. ???????
  2. Hey guys this is Justin. Having worked there, on and off for the passed couple of years. I know the political BS that has been going on, and have a lot of friends that are affected by this situation. Therefore I will do my part in sending a letter. You have my word. I hope this works out for you guys, I can't imagine comming home, just to see my home not being there. J
  3. How many of you out there wear hook knives? I know that they dig into your chest and stuff, but if you don't have one, say when you accidentally have a drogue around the student senerio, It would be really nice to have one. Yeah! I have not been in that situation, but known a few that have. Don't think that I will jump tandem w/out one. Does any one agree?
  4. I recently had a toggle drop on opening. The spin was like no other I had experienced. It about knocked me out. I was seeing double, if not tripple. I have since started packing it w/out the brakes stowed just to eliviate that kind of situation. I was wondering why people still stow their brakes. Especially the guy, I can't remember the name off the top of my head, who went in on the 22sq. ft. It dropped a toggle and off to the races.
  5. I agree with everything, exept the loose belly bands. I leave those loose as well, I think it is a useless strap. The student will never fall throught the front, with a properly situated chest strap. Also, if you have them too tight it inhibits them from arching easily.
  6. First of all, being a TI, you are responsible for your passenger, but you are in that skydive as well, and I'm making sure that I take good care of myself as well. Secondly, not to demean this in anyway, we are only responsible for 1 person, as opposed to an airline pilot, who is reponsible for 200 plus people. Not to mention the cost of the plane. Alot more is at stake.
  7. No, I currently have a class 2 medical, and my DZO wants us to get a class 1. I have done some studies on the details of the class 1, and I fall into the parrameters of them, but it's just the fact of taking it too far. Most DZ's I've worked at, if they drug tested the TI's, they would have no staff.
  8. Is there anyone out there that has a class 1 medical to do tandems? What do you think about a DZO making TI's get a class 1 medical?
  9. I'm new to handy cam, and editing my own vid. I have been downloading mudic for the vids off limewire. Are there any songs that ya'll would recomend for: Intro, plane ride, free fall, canopy decent? By the way I deal with Japanese customers, any help is much appreciated.
  10. Also you can spread the risers. Putting extra pressure on the canopy to spin out. You don't know the exact parachute you were jumping?
  11. Kirk, It's justin From SDO. I didn't mean to sound incompetent, But I'm over in Guam, and we fly a navajo. It has a shitty door. and flies like a cesna. Anyway, I have tried various exits from this plane, and none works better than a gainer. I got in my first sidespin exiting this airplane, it aint no otter, or caravan exit. You just huck yourself out. So being in a weird situiation, you just have to improvise. Thats all I'm saying. Relax and things usually turn out good.[:)
  12. Being a TI, I beleive that there is much to learn. One of those; being on your side in a spin. The biggest lie is that you should "arch" out the situation. Relax, and it should eventually belly out, if not for a second or two. Being out of control is learning. if you are constantly feeling in control, get out of control, feel what it's like to be completely out of control. Then relax, you have more time than you think. Don't take it into the dirt, but relax.
  13. "loose'" I guess is a Loose term, but I would say the slack on an average person for me, being about 10-12". I personally have not had a problem with the pax sliding away from me. I have been in a sidespin, with a passenger that was tight as shit, but the guy was 6'3" 130. No problem getting it on my back and the flipping on it's belly. Tight or not, they can get away from you. Normally I don't cinch them down too much. I want to know how many people feel that is too much. And Why? stories?
  14. I'm not quite sure that I believe that loose lats inhibit a side spin senario. I am a firm believer that safty comes first on a tandem jump. But I had an S&TA tell me once that "on a T-2 keep the lats loose, so the student can fly their body". At first I didn't like the idea, but did quite a few of them, and got quite comfortable with the lats loose. I don't make that a habit by any means, but occasionally can't get the lats tight, when my student is sitting, and huck them out regardless. Am I missing something?