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  1. If someone has at least 100 jumps, there shouldn't be any problem listening to tunes on the way down. Music isn't a distraction. There really won't be any changes in what has always happened on previous jumps..nothing you really would need to be ready to react to or pay that little extra attention to...it's all pretty routine. And you still have three other senses to rely on (smell, sight, touch) SMELL fear as you SEE and FEEL impact with something or someone. Landings..heck..nothing ever changes compared to prior jumps. There really aren't a whole lot of things during the skydiving activity that can go wrong nowadays (unlike the years of past)..most have an AAD anyway.. Much more important to add distraction to a safe sport due to the importance of the riff, choreography and crescendo of that tune. Rock on Beethoven! We will meet you soon.
  2. The definitive answer.... "99.999 percent of people who get killed related to planes die when the plane CRASHES..I prefer to simply eliminate that possibility after I get on an airplane.."
  3. Based on the "across the board" split poll results, fairly safe to say it "really depends"...probably related to all of the following...canopy design, packing, body position, humidity, temp, etc... As an example, triathlons seemed to always open on-heading no matter how it was packed, body position etc..obviously a VERY different canopy planform design. Overall, "general on heading direction" would be the best description of a sabre2.
  4. KEY WORD..muscle memory... Even if you exit solo from a C182 with no other jumpers, waving off before pulling will help develop "muscle memory"....After muscle memory is developed, you will do it without even thinking. Similar to knowing what to do regarding emergency procedures (cutaway, pull...) If you do it enough with practice, you develop the "unconscious" muscle memory of that activity and do it without even thinking (hopefully).
  5. Six bucks for a pack job sound about right?
  6. Just curious if the requests to see/inspect your logbook when you go to new dz's is a Canadian "thing" (Canada per your profile)...I know here in the good old USA dz's will request your licence card and repack card but I have never had any place actually request to "see" by log book. Just curious..
  7. 99.9% of all airplane fatalities are from crashing...I prefer to just get out...
  8. Cost for tie dye probably varies greatly by mfr. Can't remember the specifics but the tie dye cost from Infinity was minimal..Thanks again Kelly. Regarding bleeding or fading of colors...none..again this may vary by mfr.
  9. Tie Dye Infinity and Beyond............. Thanks Kelly...great job!!
  10. Just got off the phone with Quality Inn to change from the "package deal" initially forced upon me to just the 2 nights (after reading Jasons post regarding speaking to the manager..thanks Jason). Reservations person STILL insisted that the package deal was still the only choice unless I wanted to be placed on a waiting list...uuggghhh. After references to Jasons phone call to the manager and a few choice comments, she finally changed my reservation to just the 2 nights for $300....fifty bucks is fifty bucks...be persistent...
  11. 8:05 AM Holiday Inn is sold out (I am #10 on waiting list)
  12. FOR SALE BY OWNERS MOTHER: Stiletto 120...only jumped 10 times (first 9 jumps were fine). NOTE> May require some cleaning.
  13. Congrats on receiving another work of art from Kelly...(to our neighbors up north I add... eh?...)
  14. QuoteI think some of you guys are giving this WAY too much thought and effort! My head hurts... I think I'll go lay down now! Very true...but nothing better to do on a rainy Saturday so might as well reply since I heard that exact phrase.... Took my gear to Hawaii one vacation and went to Dillingham airfield to jump. Manifest began to explain all the tandem info... I explained I had my own gear etc... The response was a very surprised "OH, your an up-jumper huh?". (licensed vs. tandem, AFF...their primary core customers on vacation) P.S. what a view!