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    Adrenaline vs. Freedom

    I think I miss everything about it when I can't jump. But the one on your list that I have missed most when I've been unable to jump for any extended period of time is the camaraderie on the plane. There's just something about that knowing look in a friends eyes and the secret skydivers handshake before we all step out into the wild blue yonder. Will it be another successful jump or will it be the last interaction I'll ever have with that person? Usually it is the former but it has been the latter before. That last moment before we all do what we do knowing the risks and the rewards is one of the few truly honest human interactions I have in life. That or it's the beer. Actually, it's probably the beer...
  2. Reginald

    2-point 107-way

    Whoo Hoo! Good job gang!
  3. Reginald

    How many jumps do you need...

    It’s totally at the discretion of the TM; if they let you at all. Most that I know want a solid 500 jumps. But I've known a few to go lower.
  4. Reginald

    Sunpaths customer service?

    There is a magic number you can call where they can tell you! Try it (910) 875-9002
  5. Hmm, so what you're saying is that me and 7 of my friends had the honor of being the last to do it until you guys pulled it off last year.
  6. Reginald

    Arizona DZ Q's

    Call both DZ's and talk to them about what you are actually geting with each package and also what additional training you will need to get an A license. Just a quick scan of the web sites shows that you are NOT "basically getting the same thing". The number of jumps is different, the AZ program includes wind tunnel time, etc.
  7. Reginald

    4th of July

  8. I like Shiner! Sounds like a good weekend! Blues, R
  9. Reginald

    Dallas powerline landing

    He is fine. It is thought that he wasn’t actually shocked, simply that the power lines “buzzed” when he hit them and the local witnesses presumed he had been shocked. He was taken to a hospital as a precautionary measure and released upon arrival.
  10. Reginald

    Cypres 2 Ground Fire.

    Maybe the thread should read, "Cypres 2 fails self test and skydivers jump anyway and have misfire"...
  11. Reginald

    My First AFF

    As an instructor I'll give you one piece of advice. Listen and learn from your instructors in person, not from strangers on the internet! Instructors are busy with multiple students so hang around and talk to them after hours if you want more info than you got in your debrief. That said, nice job!
  12. Reginald

    Manufacturer Support of Fundraising Efforts

    So, it sounds like you didn't have good communication set up with the person at the company that committed to the event. Do you think part of the fault rests with you for poorly organizing with and communicating with the company's rep? If so is your question even valid?
  13. Reginald

    good rig??

    It's not a question of if it's a good rig, it's a question of is it a good rig for you. Is the WL approperiate for your skill level, how is the fit of the harness, etc.?
  14. Reginald

    I met a old timer...

    18 jumps durring WWII is a lot!
  15. Reginald

    Jumping with shades.

    I won't jump with someone wearing shades. I cant see their eyes which is the primary form a communication in freefall. i do rw but I know free flyers have a different opinion.
  16. Reginald

    1 month to Prepare for AFF-I rating, Help

    Do practice jumps with some local instructors. Have them teach you how to stop spins and do rollovers. they aren't hard but a little practice before a course doesn't hurt. Also, have them discuss and practice with you the 'bottom end' of the skydive. Finally, make sure you have a canopy you are comfortable pulling at 2,000 with. 'cause this is where you are going to pull for a week.
  17. Reginald

    Balloon Jumps

    what altitude did you get?
  18. Reginald

    Proper hip position in basic arch

    Maybe you are asking the wrong question here. I’ll relate what one experienced skydiver told me when I had about 50 jumps. “Nice AFF arch, now stop it!” With your descriptions it is hard to tell but maybe the proper question is why are you having to arch so much? Is your jumpsuit appropriate? Is this just in the tunnel or in the air too? What do the people you are jumping with weigh and what types of jumpsuits are they wearing? Should they be wearing weights when they jump with you? What are you doing with your arms and legs. Looking at your profile it looks like you are 210+ out the door. That puts you on the heavy end for a skydiver. I’m surprised you are having to arch at all. I’d think you would spend most of a routine dive pretty flat. Give us a little more info.
  19. You will get a lot of answers but the optimal suit will let you fall in neutral with your team mates, with them at neutral speed.
  20. "rules" is not the issue. It's about the waiver. If you are under 18 you will have trouble finding anywhere that will let you jump. 18 is the age you can sing a binding contract, in most cases, and thus the age for you to be able to sign a binding waiver. Call anywhere you are planning on jumping and ask the DZ they might let you jump but it is up to the DZ itself.
  21. Reginald

    Does your DZ have a scale?

    Of course we have a scale and EVERYONE gets weighed.
  22. Reginald

    Heads up display???

    Done and I beleive used on the last world record.
  23. Reginald

    Rear Riser Pressure

    You answered your own question. Yes the larger the canopy the higher the riser pressure, all other things being equal.
  24. Reginald

    V310 and sabre2 170??

    So I take it you are trying to stuff a main in a container the manufacturer says is too small so you can do two downsizes of canopies in the future instead of one and still use the same container?
  25. Reginald

    high jumps

    Here is a great source for learning