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  1. Reginald

    D handle

    If the rig has not been manufactured yet they can change it out on your order now, probably at no cost. have you talked to the dealer that sold you the rig about it? If you do it after you get your rig you have to buy a extra handle at extra cost. Changing it out is easy for any rigger to do though.
  2. Reginald

    Perris Fury?

    So you spend a little time in LA and all you can think about is stirring the pot between Elsinore and Perris! LOL!
  3. Reginald

    Finally going for real this time :)

    People backing out of skydiving! Yep, that's the norm. As for your ear, if you are doing a tandem jump, which is most likely, you don't need to worry about any safty issues, as the tandem instrictor will be in charge. No one on here will be able to tell you if it will be an issue or not. My GUESS is it won't be. In either case you will be in capable hands.
  4. Reginald

    Body position

    I also enjoy watching Airspeed caliber skydivers in the tunnel. The perfect form and absolute stillness amaze me. The head high body position is simply a good mantis. Isn’t that how everyone flys?
  5. Reginald

    Addiction Prolly...

    Welcome to skydiving. It's mroe addictive than crack and more expensive than golf.
  6. LOL! That's why I wear a full face helmet! Well students and 4-way!
  7. Reginald

    Does anyone do this!

    Since you don't have your profile filled out I will assume you are in the US.
  8. Did you ask him where he deploys or where he opens. I've never heard of tandems deploying below 4,500 which could get them open in the 3300 foot range (1,000 m). Hell a tandem Cypres would get scared on a regular basis with a deployment at 3,300 feet.
  9. Reginald

    Downwind Landing vs. Low Turn

    Yes a downwind landing IS safer than a low turn! I personally am shocked at how many people are afraid to do a downwind landing! It should be a basic skill everyone has on his or her canopy. Because someday circumstances will conspire to put a person in a situation where they have to decide to do a low turn to face the wind or land downwind. Low turns are dangerous, and flat turns are nice but sometimes the best option is a simple downwind landing. If a person is afraid to land downwind then I personally think they do not have the skills to be flying that particular canopy. I hope your friend heals well.
  10. Reginald


    I really am not a fan of adjustable MLW for anyone other than a student using a student rig.
  11. Work does suck! Let's skydive!
  12. Reginald

    Bill booth ,Question about Skyhook

    Um, why don't you try calling the comapny and asking. You might bet a beter response 1 386 736 7589
  13. Reginald

    Arizona tunnel trip report

    Good thing I've got time on my hands today. What a post! It's great to hear you thought the tunnel time was a benifit. I think the self confidence you got is probably addition to the air skills. It's great you passed L5 this weekend. Congrats!
  14. Reginald

    USPA @ SDU (Great Relationship)

    I’ve got to say that I have a lot of respect for how Jay and Rob have worked together recently. I’ve been the beneficiary of both Rob’s SDU coaching classes and Jay’s AFFI course, with Rob acting as an examiner. Both of these guys know how to teach! I don’t have enough time tonight to expound on their virtues but their efforts to advance the art and science of instructing serve us all well.
  15. I get end cell closures on most jumps. Dont worry about it. You can clear them by using your rear risers if you don't want to unstow your brakes right away. Be careful though and unstow your brakes above your hard deck!
  16. Reginald

    Argus AAD Info

    I liked the note in the add, something to the effect of "Since 1993" Yeah, I know the story but still. Personally, I think competition is good in the AAD market. However, I going with tried and true technology.
  17. Reginald

    How loud is an audible?

    It will not be a problem. Just make sure you have the side of the audible with the sound coming out of it facing in to your ear. This is usually the flip side from the display. You have no idea how many new jumpers put it in backward and then complain about how soft the alarms are.
  18. this has the info you're looking for plus some
  19. Reginald

    Cypres Firing Method/Sequence

    I’ve heard the countdown theory too. I personally can find no evidence to support it (I've done a LOT of research on how a cypres works) and it does not make sense to me anyway. The “computer” is doing the calculations fast enough there is no need for a “countdown”. What purpose does a countdown serve? None that makes any sense to me. I personally believe it is a skydiver myth…
  20. You will find that many jumpers are in their mid thirties plus and settled into good careers. It’s an expensive sport and personally, I could have never afforded it in any way, shape or form until after I was out of school. I’m sure there are plenty of enterprising people that can give you some advice like, “move into a trailer and pack for jump money”. Best of luck to you.
  21. Reginald

    Aff and aad?

    In the US students are required to use AAD's.
  22. Reginald

    Back/Muscle problems

    Yes, same problem. After lots of time with Dr's and Chiropractors I was simply told to do some weight lifting specific to those muscles, which after a few months alleviated the problem.
  23. Well I would not call "The Sun" actual 'news'. Here are a few other hard hiting headlines of ‘news’ from the Sun. “BUSTY housemate Lesley gets the hump over Max's rap about her flashing her boobs” “SCHOOLGIRL knifes her friend during fight over a ball at barbecue” “GANG attack 60-year-old after she refuses to give them a cigarette”
  24. Reginald

    Packing the canopy

    If you are looking at a USPA A License card then you are missing it. I forget the exact language but it specifies packing and jumping a main.
  25. Reginald

    stopping a turn

    Ah, the spinner Meaker. It’s a right of passage for all beginning 4 way teams. I should show you video of some of my spinning Meakers! I thought I was going to black out from the G’s. First things first: How to prevent it from spinning in the first place. And any of the big time 4 way guys feel free to add to or correct anything I’m saying. The Point is frequently the cause of the spin. If they launch out hard they initiate a spin. They should just step up and place themselves about a foot outside the airplane. It is a gentle exit. The IC should be hip checking through the bottom edge of the floor. I’m IC on my team and just this weekend realized how much I could contribute to or prevent a spin on a Meaker exit by proper exit technique. If the IC dives out head first (a no-no in general) they can initiate a spin. The tail should be dropping straight down and should be below the rest of the formation, not pealing off the side. The OC should be launching his hips up to be perpendicular to the plane. Notice this is a “clockwise” rotation. If everyone does his or her job on exit you should not have more than a 45-degree rotation. Okay, now let’s say that for some totally unforeseen reason not everyone executes his or her exit perfectly and there is some rotation that needs to be stopped. EVERYONE is responsible for stopping rotation. The IC and OC can drop a left leg and I mean bury that leg! This is because they are essentially spinning sideways and just need to counter that motion. The point and tail can “sit up” and spill more air from their front and put their legs on their asses, as they are basically spinning head forward so for them it is a back slide motion to stop the spin. They can also use a leg. I don’t fly point or tail so if anyone with more experience has some better advice I’d be interested in hearing it too. Meakers are a great exit, stable and easy to transition to most other formations. They do get a little spinny. Once you learn to control that you’ve got yourself a fine exit. I personally have found a “B” exit to be almost as structurally stable but with a little less tendency to spin. It is what I take out frequently as an easy basic exit. Best of luck to you! 4-way rocks!