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  1. While giggling away at my screen I have done no work whatsoever for the past week or so... I think people at the office are starting to think I'm losing it. If you really would like to see me lose my job keep those stories coming...
  2. Front - "It takes two to tandem." Back - solid colour on solid colour picture (i.e. white on blue) plane + tandem.
  3. dont start that pub shit... have exam tomorrow! ...alright then... maybe not! I'll think about it! OK, i'll be there
  4. ahumm, my ex-girlfriend you mean?? By the way she said all my skydiving friends are cunts... are you my friend??
  5. Hi there... Welcome to the forums. I live in Scotland and has you know the weather is not the nicest one... But I am going to empuria brava in January to do the AFF. There the weather will be better and I hope I can jump everyday I'll be there! I would very recomend that you try to go there because the flights are cheap (ryanair) and is a great DZ (so I've been told). Im also in constant contact with my instructor (from the UK) he is very supportive and we are flying over together. Check his website www.activeskydiving.co.uk
  6. Hi everyone! I am doing my AFF, very soon in Empuria Brava... Done 3 RAPS! I'm sure you had this questions lot's of times, but... Any special advices? Has anyone been there before and would be willing to share his/her experience! I am a bit worried about my exits...