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  1. the review on http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/konicaminoltaa2/ sounds not too bad.... a kind of SLR-like prosumer camera.... light weighted in comparison to canon rebel.... and a jack for cable remote control.... opinions are appreciated....
  2. does anyone work with liquid edition 5.5? got the demo version yesterday, really looks great, and the tutorial promises a lot! so, i know the pros, can you see any cons, in your point of view? thanks for input! _________________________________________ Life's NOT a journey!
  3. I feel my arms after doing many jumps also. but i think this comes from pulling the frontrisers and toggles too much. jump for a few days more, maybe your pain will disappear... that is what i noticed. _________________________________________ Life's NOT a journey!
  4. i'm jumping a nítro 108 for the last 200 jumps.... it dives well, but riser pressure gets really hard on longer dives.... in brakes amazing long glides.... maybe you have to change your packing habits (don't roll the nose too much).... and really nice to flare even with lower wingloads..... ENJOY IT.... the new hiper canopy BLADE has a lower profile and goes faster.... _________________________________________ Life's NOT a journey!
  5. sounds cool.... would it fit to a bonehead freefly helmet with no flat mounting area? sputnik _________________________________________ Life's NOT a journey!
  6. That means, you can go 1.661,4 miles to have the same risk. right? _________________________________________ Life's NOT a journey!
  7. damn.... have'nt realized that different plug yet.... got mine two weeks ago and haven't jumped.... does anybody know an adapter to buy? the position of the a/v spot is very bad, too.... now I have to dismount the camera before watching just a short vid..... but overall the pc105 is a great device!!! _________________________________________ Life's NOT a journey!
  8. hi everybody, bought a new camera (sony pc105 with 30mm diameter = 1,181 inch) and further want to use my good old lense with 37mm diameter (1,457 inch). what do you think, any quality loss with an adapter ring? other objections? should i buy a new lens? thank you for helping _________________________________________ Life's NOT a journey!
  9. looks familiar... had been in Trieben till yesterday.... very cold but very nice.... _________________________________________ Life's NOT a journey!
  10. I use a Newton Cross sight, it's much cheaper than the ring sight and is similar in usage. maybe you should buy a extension, too. whatever you decide, it will be better than without.... _________________________________________ Life's NOT a journey!
  11. sounds really cool!!! I'll try it! thank you very much, franco (and stefb?) do you jump pink? I'll show you the result. _________________________________________ Life's NOT a journey!
  12. ah ok! misunderstood the principle. thought the photo cell would directly transfer the color. like optical fiber. Under those circumstances I'll place a photo cell onto the power switch at the back of the cam. because there exists a red led. I think it's enough to know whether it's turned on. then if I didn't push the record button I would be too stupid to make videos. _________________________________________ Life's NOT a journey!
  13. That is the right cam. I didn't mean the big lcd display, I meant the small viewfinder at the back of the cam. I thought I could drill a little hole between the display and the lens and place the photo cell over the record symbol. _________________________________________ Life's NOT a journey!
  14. great idea too! dankeschön..... _________________________________________ Life's NOT a journey!
  15. I searched again und read the manual for hours.... no led!!! but your idea sounds good. could the photo cell work with the viewfinder, too? if I placed it over the record sign exactly? or would the power be too low? f _________________________________________ Life's NOT a journey!