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  1. Very interresting all these postings here. How can we help manufactures and users to get more safety in skydiving? Sometimes it is difficult to teach basics about safety to people because they won't hear that. It is not so funny to talk about incidents. It is more fun to watch nice swooping videos and bigways etc. Noboby want's to see malefunctions. We need to bring edjucation to all the skydivers. Canopy control seminars is one step. Also maintenace and rigging. Start with reading the Manual. We are all thinking about taking care for our friends. So if we see something unusual on the Dropzone by packing, jumping, briefing etc. we should not take a coffe and go away. We should ask if we can help or take care that somebody can give good advice.
  2. Yes, like a Tailgate on a Base canopy
  3. Please add Performance Variable to the list. www.myskyshop.com With regards Shorty
  4. I did not read all the postings. But I am wondering about some post I saw here. Why does everybody think about changing rigs in that way he would like to avoid a problem what maybe exist or not? Nobody is thinking about training the jumper to avoid canopy collisions or malfunktion by worse packjobs. It is always the manufacture, he should solve the problem or mistake the jumper did. Al the rigs on the market are ok. If you read the manual and listen to your instructors or ask for help by a rigger. By the way, we had problems with poptop reservecontainers also in the past. Jumper pulled of the Pilotchute by exiting the aircraft. And on the other hand you can tuck a line under a reserve flap, yes. But what is more possible? What is with the rest of your equipment, Helmet, arms, legs, alti etc there you can also tuck a line.
  5. I did some pictures aswell. Sorry, I could not post all.
  6. Thank you for the info Shorty
  7. Hm, I want to know how the people feel with the canopy.
  8. PVinfo


    How can I get customers feedback easyier
  9. PVinfo


    Hi, can somebody give me some feedback about the new DEMON from PV
  10. Hi, can somebody give me feedback about the new DEMON from PV
  11. Dear Brian! Very good! Keep that feeling of the first solo for ever and wait for the fun will come with the next years in skydiving. Shorty