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  1. I wish he would go back to telling those beautiful, engaging stories. He dropped completely off my "favourite authors" list when he started writing these dumb, politically skewed pastiches. Oh wait, on second thought, his work actually started sucking way before he joined the "political conspiracy" bandwagon. Me thinks we might have another case of a burnt-out author trying desperately to salvage his career. So sad. Ciao, Vale
  2. Ditto. All in all about 10 minutes of the whole movie are maybe salvageable. Incidentally, why did you ask specifically for the English version? I'm sure the Dutch version is no better, well maybe except for the funny Dutch accent. Ciao, Vale
  3. My guess is somewhere in Europe where they'll also get a good chance of picking up more passengers. Funny though that they should leave it unspecified, OTH if you don't have to change planes it might be anywhere in the world and you don't really need to know or indeed worry about it. Have a safe trip. Vale
  4. That might explain while under the heading "Stops" you'll find "1-stop". Refueling stops do extend the range quite a bit. Ciao, Vale
  5. John, which approach do you think would provide the highest level of security? - Trust every security guard (TSA or whatever ) to make the right call every time they're presented with a gun lookalike - Ban everything that even remotely looks like a gun from all planes After all, it's not like people are being prevented from taking their asthma inhalers on board, I'm sure the lady survived the trip even without her lucky charm. BTW, I too agree that calling the security guard an "Anti-Gun nut" for doing his job is just plain silly, to say the least. I mean, for all we know the guy might have an arsenal of Waco proportions stashed away somewhere and might spend all of his free time at the local range talking about "groupings" and "muzzle velocities" with his shooting buddies. For once he does his job as as instructed to do and that makes him an "Anti-Gun nut"TM? Come on John, pull the other one will you? Ciao, Vale
  6. Hey, I'm from Europe, so how can you expect me to actually know the difference? Ciao, Vale
  7. "The stainless steel gun costs £3,000 although the manufacturers also produce extravagant, made-to-order versions made out of 18-carat gold with customised diamond studs which sell for up to £30,000." It looks like it would be quite easy to pass one of those customized versions off as a "harmless charm that can't be used to hurt anyone". Looks like the TSA people are doing well for once by erring on the side of caution. Ciao, Vale
  8. 'course there is. Otherwise why would you need MAD (mutual assured destruction) or even NATO for that matter?. Vale
  9. Right, apart from the fact that the site is hosted in Canada. I guess that if this bill is passed into law all US social networking sites will just migrate en-masse to Canada, eh? Ciao, Vale
  10. Why would it be unenforceable? Website operators (whatever is meant by that) are the ones who would have to pay the fines and they are anything but anonymous. Ciao, Vale
  11. vpozzoli


    Yeah, but where's the money in that? Ciao, Vale
  12. I know, I am just as bad at spelling French as I am at speaking it (which is to say, I don't speak it at all). And if a wanted some tartufo, Alba is just about an hour's drive from home. Ciao, Vale
  13. TartIflette In Tartiflette we trust clicky I'm sure Tartuflette tastes just as good! As for the motto, I much prefer "In Tartiflette we thrust (our forks)". Vale
  14. hmmm - Tartuflette, mon amour!