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  1. Everyone at VT is in my prayers.
  2. I find it funny about this post since you and alot of others (they know who they are) Jairo for one had plenty to say about me and my dz! I have the proof in writing. A lawsuit is the perfect solution! Now you know how it feels. I do feel bad for you!
  3. Yes, the number of people were lower but, still a great time as always. It's a shame that people have to bash so many things in this sport. Skydiving is FUN! The WFFC is great! I got to see old friends and made a bunch of new ones. I also did some awesome jumps. Even with the load organizers :o) They were always there and willing to hook you up. Next year I plan on going again and I hope all the fun (not the complainers) people show back up and enjoy it as much as I always have! The WFFC ROCKS! The jet was excellent! Lets all quit bashing, complaining and, remember how lucky we are to be doing something we love. If you have to be so negative maybe this sport is not for you :o)
  4. You have a choice to say no I do not want to go on this load! You need to be responsible for yourself! To many people expect everyone else to take care of them. We are Adults!!!!!
  5. I had a blast on our Wing jump :o) It was great to meet the whole gang!!! Will have to do some more jumps soon:o)
  6. We have been catching alot of shit lately. It amazes me how people believe all the Bull before the truth. It actually is funny. These people that are saying this are just so unhappy in there own lives I suppose. I enjoy the the new stories every week. Just to see what they can come up with next.
  7. ***a wonderful boogie and hopefully it will grow into had in mind when he started this many years ago. Blue Skies, Art PS Congrads to Jean for making her 100th skydive on Monday! As I had stated before, and others implied differently, this was a DZ event originally. Jairo also implied that it was a "Williston tandem boogie" when in fact the people in charge of the FG at the time are the ones that insited on tandem discounts for a profit for them and are the ones who pushed to promote it. I admit the dz also was happy to do the tandems as well as all of the Instructors that made money from it (needless to say much more than the DZ). Jairo how much did you make? It still amazes me how people will twist the truth for thier benifit out of personal gratification for God knows what reasons. I am just tired of people attacking a business that has done nothing but help these people get where they are today! I normally try to rise above these childish remarks but sometime you have to stand up for yourself or else all everyone hears are the lies!
  8. I have read some of the comments on this post and realized that I needed to reply: The collegiate boogie originated at Skydive Williston to help college students and their clubs get to know one another and to introduce and encourage others to get into the sport. It was set up to be a fun event and hopes that wherever it is held that it continues to promote comroderey, fun jumping between college students, all jumpers and to introduce new skydivers to the sport that we all love so much! Skydive Williston has an excellent safety record and has never had an incident due to unsafe gear. It amazes me that there has never been a gear safety issue until recently when a few individuals that are no longer here seem to have a personal gain to discredit this drop zone. Skydive Williston is a strong advocate of safety. Business are bought and sold everyday and in no way reflects the day-to-day operations. At Skydive Williston we maintain our commitment to safety, fun and excellence in this growing sport. Skydive Williston wishes for future success of the collegiate boogie! Blue Skies, Chrissy
  9. The web address is
  10. Have a B-17 bomber to jump in March. The price is $400.00 Each. Just wondering if there is any interest at all for it?
  11. Thanks, just let me know if anyone is interested.
  12. We need a few more good packers for the Boogie! If anyone is interested give us a call at 352-528-2994!
  13. This is open to everyone! Cost of jumps is $18.
  14. Looking forward to seeing all of you! It will be a blast!