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  1. Slavery prostitution is more prevalent than ever now.Just so much more refined and accepted by an immoral look the other way society !
  2. looks just like the Sprint 4G coverage area LOL
  3. you gotta start somewhere. Only 14 miles from SSM hope the pilots stay in contact with each other. who knows might get like the north shore of Oahu!
  4. Learned that Dennis passed away on 1/31/2014 from a post on Facebook from his brother Phil, former DZO of Skydive SanMarcos. Dennis was a big help to me when I first started jumping.Still remember his hard landing when he broke his femur and back. Phil's comment when he came up to his brother "welcome to the club" RIP old friend.
  5. we just had one tandem packers guy who threw punch got canned. Take your shit off the drop zone!
  6. Damn Todd, way too young! Enjoyed all the good times with you away from jumping. the dove hunt at SSM where i have a pic on the wall of my office with all of us and Super Dave with the condom over his head.The ski trip to Colorado 20 below zero.Your doing tandems at SSM and asking me for advice. You always treated me well when I visited Sky Dive Houston. Rest in Peace my friend. BSBD DR. D
  7. reminds me of a time long ago where a packer went up to the dzo and said we the packers have decided that we will pack for $6 instead Of $5. The DZO response " like hell you will you can pack your shit up and pack in Salado" Sorry Wendy.
  8. Patrick Allen Flynn passed away November 26th after a 2 year battle with brain cancer. Allen,as he preferred to be called, was my AFF instructor and later my AFF I/E along with Glen Bangs and Lee Fairbank. You will be missed by many that learned and jumped with you here at SkyDive San Marcos. RIP my friend,
  9. When teaching ground school I always use this tragedy as one of the reasons we don't jump through clouds!
  10. RIP Bill, still remember the day that you called me after sending in my paperwork for my SCR to congratulate me. I thought it was a nice touch to the award. Dave Heinrich SCR-14241
  11. Hard to believe Ed was such a warrior in Viet Nam after reading his Silver Star Citation. It was a honor to have known and jumped with you Ed. Gonna miss your smile!Guess you and Dan Potts are planning a nice RW jump RIP my friend.
  12. Gives new meaning to Accuracy Landings!!!
  13. It surprised me on the # old time jumpers that didnt have AADs at SSM. And staff most who probably had their AAds expire!. Take where the knee jerk jump came from a speed star! all different levels of experince! I would have no hesitation to jumpimg with a John Rich a Carol Lee a Weldon people who were jumping before AADs were on the market. I picked up a tandem rig after after it had been jumped> AAD not turned on ? the tandem instructour his response? I was doing tandems before there was Drouges, AADs
  14. to Aggie Dave Sarah put in order for staff only 4 were available!