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  1. snyder and hilliard made the first U.S. baton pass
  2. # 71 bobby letbetter, killed in action in vietnam 11/66
  3. nt8us

    Astra AAD

    back in the old days of the sentinel mk 2000, someone calibrated his sentinel in the airplane,then made his jump. resulting in a fatality when another jumper punched thru his opening reserve canopy
  4. if your referring to owen quinns twin towers jump, that was with a 26 ft navy conical NOT a lopo
  5. the # 8 's look exactly like the swivels that para flite use to supply on the old pp-. cloud, and baby para plane.(back in the old ROPES and RINGS days)they would ocassionally fail.
  6. kinda reminds me of steve snyders contraption from the early 60's
  7. backin the early sixties/late fifties, some guys would attach a 5 lb bag of flour to their leg with duct tape and just slash part of the bag(witha knife or something. im sure the other oldtimers will be able to give you more detail. as i recall tho it doesnt show up as well from the ground as smoke does. just before exit
  8. i was packing cheapos for 25 cents and p.c.s(para commanders) for 50 cents back in 1967.of course i was only 13 at the time
  9. i did not know that the strong pop top was approved for use with a 28' c9. its quite tuff to get a 24' flat in there.does strong make a bigger container for the c9??
  10. try bob celeya in tehachapi 760 608 1962 or email at bob@parachutepacking.com
  11. i have used woolite in the past (i e F111) canopies without a problem. hell i have even used it on drag chutes (deployed at 300mph) i cannot attest to what it would do if anything to a zero p canopy or its coating
  12. yes they are a sailplane club. but when they were dropped off i was told they would be back in 2 weeks for them.when no one showed up ,i called and was told they would come by for them "next weekend". when they didnt show up the second time , i called them again and was told the same thing.it has been an ongoing thing now for last several weeks.
  13. I have called them (actually several members of the club)4 times, been promised that they were coming "next weekend " for them twice now.
  14. i have 5 pilot emergency chutes that were dropped off over 7 weeks for repack. as of yet, i am still waiting for the customer to pick them up.( usually rigs don't sit here for more than a week. ) so i was wondering should i charge a storage fee to discourage this behavior?i am kinda tired of moving these around as my shop has limitd space.