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  1. joman

    fake tits

    Dude That is so wrong JOMAN
  2. joman

    look for Edward M

    Looking for edward martinez could you pm me or e-mail me JOMAN JOMAN
  3. 420= smoke a fat one, twist on up. Fire up the water pipe for you that still can't figure it out smoke a joint at lest up north anyway JOMAN
  4. Hey pm me lets do the s or the e we can meet there some weekend soon JOMAN
  5. give me a call however the weather looks like sh##. 716-560-5995 JOMAN
  6. hey magot pm me western ny JOMAN JOMAN
  7. Hey dude The two I was on we had to climb on the outside around the little hut. Then we climbed down through the center of the crane to the end. There was no metal mesh grate to walk or crawl on. Lots of grease though have fun. JOMAN
  8. hey dude as far as I know pt is still open. pm me and i will make some calls and get back to you. it might just be old info JOMAN
  9. Dude You also have to look at if you want to do that object more then once. We us to day blaze this spot all the time did it for a year or so. Now there is video Surveilance and we can no longer do it in the day just something to consider. JOMAN
  10. joman


    as it was once said to me just cauz it worked does not make it right or mean it will work again good luck on your next mill. JOMAN
  11. yo b-rad how you doing man i lost your number give me a shout [email protected] Joman JOMAN