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    Big Way

  2. Roginator

    Big Way

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    Exiting skyvan

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    Big way

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    Big way

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    Lies, damn lies, and statistics

    And how many are moderators ? ~~~~~ Never too "High" ~~~~~
  7. Roginator

    Pilot/Aircraft section

    The most questions and sugestions you address to the pilot on your DZ... If you need further information (more complicated answers) why not ask on diverdriver ?? Here the most people are skydivers, only a few pilots are skydivers too, so those will answer such questions anyway if you ask anywhere here in a related section I don't think another section will bring more pilots or better answers into ~~~~~ Never too "High" ~~~~~
  8. Roginator

    Manufacturer Contacts On

    Maybe you could also add Shorty PVInfo from And Mick Cottle riggermick the designer of the "Reflex" container , former "Fliteline Systems" ~~~~~ Never too "High" ~~~~~
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    Second gear entry in profile

    Good Idea !!! ~~~~~ Never too "High" ~~~~~
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    Dear HH

    Just throw it in the waste How about playing with yourself while you sit there and feel bored ~~~~~ Never too "High" ~~~~~
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    Accident in China

    Another Clicky ~~~~~ Never too "High" ~~~~~
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    Toys ??? U mean Tubes, Skyballs Rubberboats... or Skydildos Rubberdolls..... ~~~~~ Never too "High" ~~~~~