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  1. Bridge Day: n : a wild gathering involving BASE jumping, excessive drinking and promiscuity [syn: orgy, debauch, saturnalia, riot, bacchanal, bacchanalia, drunken revelry -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pre Pay for the 2005 Bridge Day Boogie DVD and SAVE $$$! Even if you have already seen last years mayhem-filled DVD boxed set then you STILL only have an idea what you're in for in 2005. This years production is sure to be even better! Triax Productions, the creators of "Continuum" and "Continuum II: Tales From the Edge" will be adding to its lineup of great shots, interviews, close-ups and aerial follow cams, all professionally edited on to one DVD! The 2005 DVD will have some serious production value and should not be missed. Triax Productions would like to offer this one time offer of $10 in savings off the Bridge Day 2005 DVD if you buy today. That¹s 20% in savings good for any trip to the local mall if you pre-purchase your Bridge Day 2005 DVD! The 2005 DVD Boogie video will be about an hour long and encompass the entire event. You don't have to do a fancy aerial to make it onto the DVD, but you can almost guarantee that if you hook into a tree or pound into the accuracy pad you'll be seen in there somewhere! Just remember that Triax will be there with cameras rolling beginning at Donk's Thursday night Film Festival and running through the hangover departure on Sunday morning, so don't say you weren't warned!! Don¹t let this offer pass you up. DVDs will be ready to ship and in your hot little hands by Christmas 2005. That is the fastest delivery date known thus far for any Bridge Day production (even beating ourselves from last year). Remember though, this pre-purchase deal is only available through August 31st, 2005 so act soon!
  2. I have searched the archives and still cannot seem to find a website link to any info. Basically I need the following abilities/info: Search by location Owner info to contact for lease options etc. I thought there was this info out there? Not sure 100% though. Kenyon Salo
  3. Triax Productions will be offering a presale discount on the Bridge Day DVD this year. Save $10 on your DVD if you order early. Thats 20% off. After you have registered go to for more information. Or if you are really giddy go now. Kenyon
  4. See it on the DVD's produced by Triax. The Red Bull Airforce Jumps from 6 different angles. Plus all the other crazy stuff. BD DVD's available now at
  5. see you there tomorrow. It is going to be some bash. Everyone bring dollar bills. Kenyon
  6. While Triax is helping promote the event. It is important for everyone to understand that this event is about having all BASE jumpers, skydivers, etc get together and have a good time in the middle of the winter. And what better way then to warm up next to some hot women partially clothed. Triax welcomes all videos produced past or present, edited or raw, funny or crazy, fun or boring. With 5 TVs, doors opening at 7pm and closing at 2am then that means a total of 35 hours of viewing pleasure for everyone. I can guarentee that we will not want to show Triax only stuff for that amount of time. I would love to see RADIX, from what I have heard it kicks ass. I also ask anyone to PM me if they would like to mail us some stuff to play. This event is about people getting together, hangin out, having fun. I look forward to seeing many of you since its been a long cold winter already. Please remember to save up your one dollar bills. Kenyon
  7. Douggs, wanna trade? guarenteed slow motion, but just the right amount. kenyon
  8. Triax is currently done with the standard edit and we are about to go to press. We are working on the BD boogie video. We would love if there is some people out there that want to donate their headcam footage or crazy other BD footage. We can work something out with possible DVDs, swag, etc. Contact chris pope at For those that have not ordered their videos yet, we are getting down to the wire. Place your orders today. They are going to be epic. Kenyon Triax Productions video page CONTINUUM I & II: BRIDGE DAY VIDEOS!!!![/red
  9. go here.
  10. I watched this video again and the thing that really makes it scary is the girl screaming in the background. She is sure that things are going to be as bad as they can get. Congrats on pulling everything out. Kenyon
  11. Thanks Chris: I had not seen that one yet. It gives me the shivers and joy to see something so crazy end up on the bright side of day. Glad everyone is all right. I cannot wait to see the final product. With me doing all business and you captain editor I never get to see the juicy stuff. See ya in Moab. Kenyon
  12. For any packing questions or guidlines please refer to the opening sequence of C2 where Chris Pope demonstrates a 2 minute pack job. Kenyon
  13. Free C2 DVD for the person that comes up with the name of the artist and the name of the song. Kenyon
  14. I have personally witnessed what the man in his basement has done. This video is a whole new level. It gives me chills watching it. Never before has BASE jumping been caught in such a way that it makes you want to get naked, rig on and jump off your bed into a pile of blankets. Chris, myself, and Damian have all put in some serious hours to pull this off. Chris himself did not sleep at all for the last week. The final product is one that I am proud to present and I am really excited for the whole community to see the next level in BASE videos. I would like to personally thank Chris and Damian for making what was once a video series that started as a hobby and helping turn it into a professional, awesome, kick ass video series with more to come. Thanks to everyone who helped contribute and pushed us along the way. Enjoy the product, because everyone will watch this at least 50 times. Kenyon PS: see you at the premiers