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  1. just curious how it makes good business sense to lease out a plane that you own, then lease out a plane that costs more to operate?
  2. Ahhh..sweetie..do I ever cease to amaze you? never, and it's quite fun!
  3. Does Dave know about this? well, of course.... "just" means very recently -- as in last night and I certainly knew about that!
  4. weid14

    Dz.com wedding

    thanks! as soon as we can figure out the camera we'll post pics
  5. weid14

    Dz.com wedding

    Well, I know who it is!!!!
  6. well, I was standing in the boarding area at CK's and Krause announced this was a dude's graduation jump and he had done them all that day. So it is possible, likely, no, possible, I suppose, but a longer progression is better IMO because the more you are around skydiving the more you learn just by watching.
  7. I think if you get the right people, an 18 is not out of the question, a 20.... that would be very difficult, if not impossible -- how much tunnel time in those 400 jumps?. That would not include guys like Bobo, Collins and Dave VG throwing a team together, either. I think that Ron's team actually had a shot at that mark, and they are pretty much unsponsored weekenders.
  8. Try following the rules (especially the "no personal attacks" one), and then you won't get banned. By the way, nice kiss-up post. Funny how a picture of Eddie Haskell talking to the Beav's mom popped into my head. It wasnt a kiss up anything, he's solved a lot of issues for me that were causing me to want to quit permanently. So when I say Id take his advice on something, it means Id stake my life on it. Sorry you think it is a kiss up post, if it is, it is because I want to keep taking advice from him being he is pretty much the only one I can trust to give the right information. here's as objective unbiased suggestion... if you ask people with sincerity and truely want to learn, you'd be surprised how many people will help you.
  9. Well, if that was the intention, then it was implemented in the strangest way! no, not really, the whole Player coach thing started happening with Dr Joel... then it started getting bigger with some world class skydivers out of work, so to speak, and has started growing from there. The original intent of the classes is exactly as Ron had described it, and I did send an email of support about a rule change (that didn't happen). Of course I still think you should be able to come back and defend your title..
  10. I'd like to know who's driving to get from trenton to CK's in 30 minutes and the Ranch in 90...
  11. You'll find the donations top right hand corner of this forum Best Wishes for your every happiness! I'd actually like to meet up in person and do those jumps together!
  12. I would not recommend a shoulder dip, you should use your arms, not your shoulder in the upper body part of the turn (knee dopping out and down is the lower body part)
  13. But of course...there is very little that escapes my attention...most of the time I stand in the fire....and say nothing. This time however, I felt it important to remind all of those that have found love matches here on DZ. You are required to pay pimping fees to Sangrio I'll gladly buy him jumps....
  14. Love is in the air....congratualtions Dave...who IS the lucky girl? hmnmmmm, me thinks some one has IM'd a PPG
  15. do a search "Search Posts" and look for Mr Bill, many threads about how to do one....