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    THC & Dropzones

    I would suspect any DZO with any sense would restrict its use on the DZ. the pilot walking by and getting a snoot full of a weed cloud and a surprise piss test and they get their ticket pulled. Not worth the risk to the DZ and pilots and TI.
  2. catfishhunter

    First cut-away: how do I do better next time?

    You don’t understand opening at 3 grand because you don’t understand a lot with your b license..I don’t know you or what your real stats are but I probably have more exist at or below 3 grand them you do openings above 3 grand. And I don’t even have a ton of jumps. I’ll just give you one example and move on. Every single large formation jump I’ve would have kicked my ass off the loads if I was even thinking about opening at 3 grand let opening that high. Being in the base we didn’t even turn and burn until 3 and dumped at the legal altitude 2200, yeah, yeah that’s the ticket, we dumped at 2200 yeah... now should you with a B license being down in the basement? Nope there isn’t anything down there for you, YET... but don’t be scared. 3000 isn’t low nor is 2500... 900? Yeah that’s low but you might end up the centerfold of Parachutist:) you should spend some time in the formation skydiving room. Then go talk to your instructor and for DZO or the old guys dancing with each other before you cling on and move to the back of the “bus”
  3. catfishhunter

    Katana's dont kill people...

    Don’t give two shits about anything said except “MY safety” everything you say is now suspect. I’d have serious question about you being a TI or any type of instructor if you meant and truly believed it’s only about “YOUR” safety. Unless you jump on your own property out of your own plane with no one to ever watch or give two shits about your life or hell even picking up your bags of bones afterwards then no,mits not about “YOUR” safety. I get why you said it and I hope you didn’t mean it. This sport is not singular and deaths an serious injury are never just “my injury or death” everyone suffers and he an forbid you take someone else with you. Again I hope you, especially as a TI, know that an it was just a fuck off line to the poster speaking down to you, and I hope you get that I am speaking to you not down or up just to you.
  4. catfishhunter

    Malfunctions below your hard-deck?

    Ok fair enough. Wrong choice of words. We were talking about being under canopy not in freefall. I suppose a catastrophic failure at 1000' would have been better? :)
  5. catfishhunter

    Two canopy out.. to release or not release?

    Yeah that's terrible... LOL
  6. catfishhunter

    Malfunctions below your hard-deck?

    Ok correct me I am flying straight ahead and a giant hole opens up in my canopy. I am going forward and now down(faster), I am cutting away and pulling my reserve but my skyhook will have beat me. What is completely wrong with what I said? Its still my "plan" tell me how I am wrong i'll listen
  7. catfishhunter

    Two canopy out.. to release or not release?

    Hows retirement John? And the only thing that ever really scared me (besides the airplane) was a two out. I liked to hum them low so if I had a two-out my fat ass would be deep in the no no zone LOL. On our pops record attempt in Nevada I got to watch a two-out happen 50' below me I had my hand on my cutaway as my main was opening as I was watching his reserve come out and looking over my shoulder expecting my to come out too. Still either amazing or very worrisome all of us didn't have two outs since all of us where within +/- 50' of each other when we dumped, no time to track when your beeper is flatlining in your ear. Made the centerfold of parachutist though ;) The person with the two out landed nice and soft didn't mess with it but then we only had about 15-second canopy rides
  8. catfishhunter

    Malfunctions below your hard-deck?

    Lots of good stuff but it really comes down to making a decision BEFORE your in the shit, because making a plan while in the shit usually turns you into a pile of shit. The post was about a total on your main at 1000' correct? Then it became a canopy collision. Different scenarios and different minds sets. You have a total at a grand you should be ready and make a decision in a split second, chop and my skyhook has me open as I have forward and downward speed. a canopy collision at a grand is going to throw you in gods knows what direction, your brain is going to be going what the fuck was that when it figures out what happened your now below 700' or more. go silver and pray..
  9. catfishhunter

    Lowest bail-out altitude

    +/- 900' have to add i'm a big fat belly flyer so I have always been by the door or on the floor since I was most of the time outside. much below 900 your best bet is to stay in the plane unless it's on fire and you can get out. I'd rather bounce then burn..The truth is if you're a free flyer or a tandem or camera you aren't getting out of a plane going down at those altitudes. you pray..
  10. catfishhunter

    Logan Paul AFF Cutaway

    Because he has MILLIONS with a Capital M followers that LOVE him. My son who is almost 12 thinks he is hilarious, and his apology and videos on suicide are sincere and very welcomed by those that have been touched by suicide. I know this personally October seems like yesterday. So just because you don't like the kid for one dumbass ignorant mistake doesn't mean he doesn't have value as a human being. Besides that, he has MILLIONS of followers. A DZ would do well to sell him his AFF for $1 a jump because they are going to be swamped as if point break came out today
  11. catfishhunter

    Barrel roll to check for clear airspace?

    Thats always worked for me Of course being a big fat ass almost always in the base if my cypresss wasnt scared then neither was I
  12. catfishhunter

    Candidate for the USPA BOD

    Good Luck! One thing though you are a DZO so I'd remove this line "I am beholden to no one in the skydiving “industry”" as you most defiantly have "skin" in the game and are beholden to everyone being a DZO. Not saying that's a bad thing at all. Most people that are not self employed or retired have the time to dedicate to be a ND/RD. With that no matter what you ask people to believe it wouldn't be true (as to being beholden as you said) as your financial future WILL always be part of your decision making process because it is part of you and you should embrace that not shy away from it. I want someone that makes decisions because good, safe decisions are GOOD for a long sustainable future for everyone. :) My opinion for what its worth.
  13. catfishhunter

    Skydive Oregon

    PM SStewart (Scott Stewart) goes to the orgeon boogie very year so he knows all those guys
  14. catfishhunter

    jumping without insurance

    You need to check the insurance as it might not even matter. My insurance doesn't cover extreme sports and specifically excludes skydiving injuries. Why why everyone knows to cut my rig and jump suit off and toss me in the road. unlessmim dead the. It's all good as my life insurance covers me if I bounce
  15. catfishhunter

    Would you buy from...

    The employee should have kept ther mouth shut to the customer. I would have fired them as well. What was she/he thinking? As to the ethics of the company and the jumper? I wouldn't do buisness with either of them not because the knucklehead got fired but because they couldn't be trusted.
  16. catfishhunter

    Smallest Tandem passenger?

    I am sure the folks from South Africa have taken smaller people as there is no age limit as long as they can fit in the harness. At least that is what I understand. Lots of 5 year olds have made tandems there. I keep telling my sons mom I am going to take him there for his 5th birthday :)
  17. catfishhunter

    10 to 20 Hours tunnel time in 4 weeks?

    get ahold of Chris Irwin or call Eloy and talk to Sugar Ray (Ray Kubiak) best instructors your money can buy.
  18. Amazing. No Response. I bought my Vector because of the SkyHook and Mr. Booths reputation even against quite a few folks suggestions. Almost from the very begining when they built my rig they acted as if it was an inconvienace to THEM to fix my problems. Mark even said if I bitched enough he would have to re-build my rig because of their fuck up. Then the first jump the toggles hang up and luckly I wasn't some low time jumper who didn't panic and chop it. Mark again acted like this was an inconvieance to him to replace them. After all these issues i asked Mr. Booth and Mark what they where going to do to make this right as the terrible customer service I had been getting was a very poor reflection on their buisness and for somene that just spent several thousand dollars on their equipment I should NEVER had been treated that way. ya want to know wat they did? I'll tell that part of the story next but hopefully they take a Clue for L&Bs customer service and fucking fix this pissed off customer. I know of 3 folks that DIDN'T buy a vector because of the way i was treated and will continue to make sure no one I know buys one until they man up and apologies and fix their customer service.
  19. catfishhunter

    Horizontal on opening?

    Body Postion.
  20. catfishhunter

    5th Annual M.O.A.B. 2008 Wrap Up!

    I had a Great time and my son got to Log a Otter Jump. He now has a Caravan,182 and a King Air and he is only 2 I hope next year we can actually make an attempt at the state record. Good times Clint THANKS!
  21. catfishhunter

    Should I buy it

    Talk to your instructor and take the Rig to a Rigger to inspect it. You don't have to jump the Tri you should be able to put a bigger canopy in that container but your rigger will be able to answer that.
  22. catfishhunter

    Surplus Chinese Parachute: $80!

    Yout buy it and get it fixed and I'll Jump it........Won't land it but will jump it
  23. catfishhunter

    Skydive Mesquite?

    It Rocks and really picks up during the winter when all us Utah Jumpers Invade Mesquite to escape the Snow
  24. catfishhunter

    So Im shopping for a new RW suit...

    Whatever you decide make sure to post pics