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    Do you recognize this guy?

    I dunno...it's some asshole. 359

    Skydive Madison (Wis.) ca. 1997

    Was it a rough looking old 207 with orange and white paint, and bearing N number N92807? BASE359
  3. From a stock C182 under those conditions? Poor. BASE359
  4. I wouldn't expect a non pilot to know this Billy, and it is often a media error calling it that, but "tarmac" is a paving material, not a location on an airport. BASE359

    Boogie Mechanics

    When I was DZO of the Calhan drop zone, I gave Skratch his own quiet classroom with TV/VCR, dry board and graphics. As soon as a student was cleared to jumps solo's, I made sure Skratch was the very next stop on their skydiving agenda. I don't recall ever having a student that Skratch couldn't relate to on some level, and help them make big breakthroughs. Thanks Skratch, for all you give to the rookies. BASE359

    What cockpit is this? #3

    Beaver. BASE359

    More World Meet 81

    Regarding Pic 4...You don't see many 5 cell canopies anymore. But, I still have my Strato Star from1976. BASE369
  8. Remind me to kick you in the crotch the next time I see you, for making me watch that video and acknowledge my age. Merry Christmas to you as well, St, Nick. BASE359
  9. Pic 2, in the center with glasses, white tee and shorts, is Bill Wenger, D3774. He's now serving a stint as Skydiving Coach for the US Air Force Academy. BASE359
  10. JSBIRD

    Who and where? #2

    I'll take a WAG. 1968 Berlin airshow. BASE359
  11. JSBIRD

    Jumping at Casa Grande

    Oh jezz....Here we go again. Don't we already have a thread for this ghost hunt? BASE359
  12. I used to make a joke and call it USelessPA. Seems I picked a good time to NOT renew my membership. BASE359
  13. JSBIRD

    Ft Hood Sport Parachute Club

    I remember a crazy nurse from Ft Hood, named Laura Hood who was jumping around that time. BASE359
  14. JSBIRD

    Beeches over Perris

    If I recall correctly, M Anderson Jenkins was such a good freefall photographer, his nickname was "Godflicker". Did he die in a drowning incident? Seems we lose some really good ones that way. 359
  15. JSBIRD

    Recent Para-Sled Jump

    I did my first square Cross Country under a Sled in 1975. Exited a Cessna 180, 7 miles from the DZ, and landed in the pit. My first Sled jump as well! 359