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  1. the nagging pain of camera drag on your skull may distract from the moment a little, don't dream too long . . . the sun's almost up
  2. v good response, things that are done in the name of art....! don't dream too long . . . the sun's almost up
  3. dropzone is my registered email address for use with facebook. i have forgottem my facebook password and requested a new one to be sent to my dropzone email many times. None of these have been received...... Is this a common issue that dropzone users have come across ? don't dream too long . . . the sun's almost up
  4. I have followed directions above,facebook have sent me validations that I have not received,could this please be amended so I can receive them otherwise I cannot use my facebook account,regards
  5. another vote for people who dress their dogs, damn fools, pity the dog. . . don't dream too long . . . the sun's almost up
  6. heathen you . . . don't dream too long . . . the sun's almost up
  7. what a load of cac - don't let anyone let you believe it's a crisis , awakening more like , don't dream too long . . . the sun's almost up
  8. rustic dz only minutes up the north coast from durban,away from the throbbing masses,close to the beach and la mercy estuary. staff professional and friendly and a pleasure to learn AFF (besisdes being scared stiff). will return to jump again when finances allow,that said - learning in SA is cheap by world standards. microlite flips on site an added bonus !!
  9. thanks to everyone for their words of encouragement. cloud cover and gusting winds have kept jumping at a slow pace but am slowly progressing through the aff programme - repeating level 4 tomorrow,still haven't quite been able to 'chill ' and relax into it ! wonderful dz - instructors fantastic and very friendly community. cloud surfing under canopy - oh joy !!!!!! blue skies
  10. i will shortly be starting an AFF course, any last minute invaluable words of wisdom ?