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  1. here's what I think has most helped me from skydiving to base CRW -7 cell experience -Teaches you about what your canopy can and can't do -Teaches you to deal with unexpected circumstances Tandem (instructor) -Outstanding way to practice accuracy and soft landings. -Forces you to make braked turns and corrections below 300 ft (unusual for most skydivers today) -Forces you to deal with less than ideal circumstances (this idiot is trying to kill me) High performance canopy flight -Makes you think 5 steps ahead -Quickly provides you feedback on when you've done wrong Tracking dives -Allows you to enjoy the next tall object -Forces you to adjust your body to match fall rates and allows you to tweek that to maximize horizontal track or slow vertical fall Freeflying -Makes you work outside your normal comfort zone ie. I'm upside down and don't know where my friend is -Makes you recognize and react to things quicker 10,000ft canopy rides -Rarely used by most jumpers, but I've found it to be very benificial -Allows you to tie your canopy into a knot and figure out how its going to react -Teaches you what happens when you touch any combination of risers, brakes, harness turns, brakeline wraps, stalls, riser flares, etc, etc Just my thoughts for today. TJ