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  1. Is there a place to check for all sb for rigs and reserves plus AAds
  2. Does anyone know what the problem is with getting the new Vigils, I have been waiting 3 months with no time frame in sight, may have to go to cypress.
  3. kuhns


    I'd like to hear some opinions on the pros and cons of the argus and the vigil. I know most of them on the cypres.
  4. kuhns

    mk 2000

    Does anyone know if the mk 2000 can still get certified and who does that? We had an address and phone # a few years ago but misplaced it do to nonuse. thanks blue skies rick
  5. Skydive in Ohio at Skydive Rick's. We offer Tandem Skydives, Static Line courses and everything the experianced skydiver would need.