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  1. about as annoying as people who post too much on skydiving sites about inane crapQuote
  2. some of us are cool, some of us aren't, skydiving has nothing to do with that...its a laugh thats all, and we're all daft - not that I'm bothered, I'm just bored
  3. You truly are a chick - I thought it was just me worrying about where my next meal was coming from square or otherwise. Macca - Baz says your a wanker and to bring your pizza down at the weekend and we'll give you a little friendly advice regarding consumption tactics. But for now I think you should really get some sleep you gayboy.
  4. WTF! What are you lot on? Macca deal with the pizza situation for gods sake. We got all sorts of problems going on wiv the planet without dealing with your lack of square plates or shopping skills. Fuck me I thought we were bored looking at the clouds all day, every day. No seriously dude hope you sort out your culinary problems, you need beefing up, oh and I just bought a lovely round pizza from Tesco...
  5. What sort of pub is it? Cheap? Free would be good obviously... Oh btw, it says 'no children'! Tempted. Maybe I cunningly disguise myself as a seagull and rob a few Japanese tourists...
  6. Hmmm - not me. More skint then ever before. Is there no bottom to this pit of poverty, surely it defies the laws of physics Oh well at least I get to move to Brighton - so I'm a bit closer!
  7. It's an insult to humanity that you are not available to the world's women...
  8. What!?????!!!!???? Let me introduce you to Dan everyone who if it was up to him would invent a world with base-jumping pretend dogs (accuracy champs of course!) Anyway even and thats a big even, if you were right, dont knock it cos Tillyworld is on fire right now!
  9. Try being a skydive chick trying to get a whuffo bloke. Nightmare! Well nothing worse then being a wimp I guess!
  10. Phew! Exactly! So its not up because we do not own guns as deterrents to other gun-toting crims. So what exactly is the point of us owning them - self defence? is that not going to antagonise these criminals further - gang culture springs to mind.
  11. 2 degrees - thats positively boiling!!!
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong - but is it not measured proportionately?