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  1. no fucking way...words can not express what i feel at this moment...i was stupified when i read the thread it is amazing how knowing 3.5 languages and i still can't find any words to shout out my emotions i have had many friends go in but this is the last person in the world i would have thought...and it never gets easy i am not a religious person but all i can say is that he can now fly free and that he carved a notch in my soul...i feel lucky to be able to call him my friend and more axe learn to fly in 3d
  2. i saw mystere and it was awesome now i want to see the other shows learn to fly in 3d
  3. which cirque du soleil???? learn to fly in 3d
  4. geanky

    Are you cool?

    TEST edited for color learn to fly in 3d
  5. I can't understand it...should it be 370HSSV-0773H that makes more sense learn to fly in 3d
  6. geanky

    airline pics

    LMAO learn to fly in 3d
  7. welcome to the family...both and skydiving learn to fly in 3d
  8. your self does not count....just kidding..... learn to fly in 3d
  9. yeah i kind of feel like a slut myself after looking at the numbers learn to fly in 3d
  10. i once tried to suck the nipples out of the girl i knew but after a week a gave up.... learn to fly in 3d
  11. who did the video...osama???? learn to fly in 3d
  12. totally agree.... WOW!!!!! learn to fly in 3d
  13. see if they can also post a picture of the finished finger trap to see oh it looks like learn to fly in 3d
  14. geanky

    Smile : )

    i thought anyone could also pee soup...i guess it is just me learn to fly in 3d
  15. sweet...will it work if printed learn to fly in 3d
  16. bump i would really like to see more comments on this topic learn to fly in 3d
  17. tape her mouth so she can't say NO after saying YES learn to fly in 3d
  18. great idea...i think most experienced flyers would be more than happy to jump with you every once in a while but they too want to be pushing the envelope on their abilities...if you can get some one in your experience range you can build your skills together just remember to plan one or at most two skills per dive until you get really good at a couple and can start laying down some nice and sweet sequences also if you can throw in a few coach jumps every once in a while learn to fly in 3d
  19. inspiring...sounds like the path i hope to take learn to fly in 3d
  20. it is supposed to be very good and funny...but a little painful on the eyes and mind for the guys learn to fly in 3d
  21. Would like to hear opinions on the varios rigger's courses offered out there. If you are a graduate of one please post your experiences with the course and how you felt when you finished. Thx. learn to fly in 3d
  22. you are not understanding me i am not saying that if the navy leaves the military / government should keep pouring money into the PRican economy...this makes no sense what so ever...doesn't matter what country / situation we are talking about all i am saying is that the decision that was established by the referendum was more political than anything else and by the way it is VIEQUES....not Viques learn to fly in 3d
  23. no it's that if one option is backed by party A and the other by party B (no matter how grammatically correct / clear they are)...the mayority of people will back their political party of choice instead of making the "best" choice most people are fanatics when it comes to politics...that is in the case of PR learn to fly in 3d
  24. yes but please look at the political backings of each option...not everything is crystal clear to the outside eye I know this for a fact because i lived with PR politics for 23 yrs of my life and still live it from a distance because all my relatives are there learn to fly in 3d