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  1. OMG!!! This is unbelievable... I am so stunned. My dearest sympathies to her family, teammates, and friends. Pam
  2. You should have them come ot the 4-way meet on Saturday at XP for the Carolina Skydiving League. Technically it's for a skydiving league, which means they are technically "rookies" - less than 500 jumps or whatever the criteria is now in the CaSL. There are a few 3-person teams looking for rookie 4th!! They could clean house...
  3. We are obviously having a great turn out from Crosskeys. Even the Bald Guy is coming down! WOW! ________________________________________
  4. Also - the always popular Invasion Hoodies will be availalbe for purchase and will come with TWO RAFFLE TICKETS per purchase. Pricing on the Hoodies will be confirmed next week... Stay tuned for details!! ________________________________________
  5. But how about you yourself, Bill - You guys OK or evac'd? ________________________________________
  6. Rental gear is already being reserved at Square 3 for the Invasion!!
  7. I'm looking for riggers in the area near Memphis. I'd appreciate any references! Thanks ________________________________________
  8. IT IS HOT HOT HOT!! We had 12 teams in the 2-way meet and we had to have a jump-off to determine the champs: Congrats to Karl Schuch and CathyAnn Cadogan! They each won a free jump. There were 7 4-way teams in the after-hours creeper meet, and believe it or not, there were NO INJURIES! Free Koozies to the winners. On Friday there were ladies from 3 states participating in the NJ Women's record - Set at 13 on the first jump and broken with a 16-way on the second jump!! 2 for 2
  9. Otter for starters, second aircraft type pending... ________________________________________
  10. Where: Skydive Crosskeys When: August 3-5 Registration: $25 Celebrating the RW comeback at CK!! Registration includes Women's NJ State Record 2-way Meet Sombrero Accuracy Competition Organizers for all levels of Formation Skydiving Event T-shirt ...PLUS... HUGE party Saturday night!! Prize-filled Pinata, Tequila Jello Shooter Contest, After-hours Creeper Meet, BrainBuster Dirt Diving Competition, plus the Margaritaville Mixer will be blending all night long!! Come join the fun at Skydive Crosskeys, Amigos!!
  11. We have 2 World Record holders organizing the Women's Dives at Crosskeys for the Boogie!!! Come join us
  12. What a nice flying formation! WOW! Congratulations Brit Chicks
  13. What?! ________________________________________
  14. I'm pretty sure KWoo is right - 78. That' what I can remember in my 14 years there. There was a 100-way attempt (all women) in 1996 that did not yield any completions, but gained the DZ some really nice ladies' facilities
  15. And can we still request some for purchase? ________________________________________
  16. Mmmmm, yes. The Casa even has a couple of VERY special seats that women have been known to fight over. Explains the screams ever few minutes as well... I guess it's not loud enough to drown those out. ________________________________________
  17. Stay close enough to stay late! Ladies and wenches and pirating sea-farers and jesters will be feasting, the castle is being decorated and the season will kick off in grand style. The moat (erm, well, pool) even has water it already. Rest Inn is cleaner and a bit less "hourly" in it's clientelle than the Red Carpet. If you have a nice budget, then the Best Western is very close and it's new. Also, Deptford is not very far away if nothing pans out in W'town. Come into Square 3 and say "hey" to me!
  18. If you are road-tripping, Raeford is quite close to I-95, and yes, it reminds me of camp, too
  19. Visit CSS Anyone? thread in Places and Events forum and introduce yourself. ________________________________________
  20. It still hasn't sunk in. I saw them both at PIA. Danny was at the Blackjack table, so of course, I joined. Full of jokes, off-color humor, and ribbing most the ones he rubbed the wrong way. It was 5 years ago this weekend, at the South of the Border Boogie in Mexico, that I said to him "you are the biggest Asshole I've ever loved". He became fond of introducing himself that way thereafter. Bob and I had a great conversation just as he was on his way out of Reno on the Thursday. He was 2 days away from leaving for Palau; his daughter had just told him she and her husband were trying to start a family of their own and he was so excited about the prospect of being a Granddaddy; he had filled most of his work/jumping schedule through the beginning of the fall in the 4 days he spent at PIA. I saved his phone number so we could have dinner at the next big-way event and talk about his journeys. Such a big hole and no way to refill what these men left. My love to you both and your families, friends and the others whose lives you have touched. ________________________________________
  21. You got it, I love rubber!! First round of on me, then you buy the rest! No, the BB isn't coming - well, he's not joining me there, anyway... ________________________________________
  22. Franklin Co airport is the municipal airport in Franklin Co., and Northeast Raleigh airport that Melissa mentions is the little place off of US 64 east of Raleigh. "Noth Raleigh Airport" is the name of the CSS airstrip. There is known to be a maintenance facility there for Twin Otters. ________________________________________
  23. Yes, but then you lose most of the sour powdery part. Quite the loss that is! The end of the bag is the best - all that puckery goodness!! ________________________________________
  24. I do hope you mean 02/22/07 . And, Fortson, are you going to wear that white jumpsuit that makes me think of the Michelin man? I LOVE that one on you, you know . ________________________________________
  25. Sweet! Even some close-ups of Sector 9 high-fiving you wacky Brits! Thanks for the reminder of a fab time in the Land of Smiles! ________________________________________