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  1. Thats my home DZ. I trained there and currently jump there. I love that place. =============================== Don't Die
  2. Im moving from Ohio and was on the websitre for SDSWF and noticed you guys had the turbine Westwind down there that was from Cleveland Parachute Center where I currently jump. How far outside of Ft. Myers is the DZ? Just tell me some info about the DZ. (do you guys jump everyday? is it a busy DZ?) Thanks =============================== Don't Die
  3. Im seeing a lot of shows like "Real TV," "Outdoor Outakes," etc. showing a lot of swooping accidents especially smackin into the swoop pond. Is this hurting our sport you think? =============================== Don't Die
  4. We decided to skip Atlanta and come down to Skydive Space Center in Titusville. WOW, what a view with the launchpad and the building where they store the shuttle are within 8 miles. The people are friendly, the atmosphere is great and we got 4 lifts up today. I love this place compared to Ohio. If anyone is in this area, get you ass over here!! well be here till like thursday =============================== Don't Die
  5. I build airplanes. Seriously, I build the CGS Hawk. I also got to jump out of one!!! ye ha =============================== Don't Die
  6. Not crazy about the plane???!!! April first we got a Grand Caravan coming in for the year. I better see you guys out there. =============================== Don't Die
  7. I did my first tandem on june 15th and have done 142 jumps since then. =============================== Don't Die
  8. So how many people on here are really from CPC?? =============================== Don't Die
  9. Deleted per request of original poster =============================== Don't Die
  10. Ive got 140 jumps and have forgot my altimeter 3 times so far....i go out with someone, we sit or do a two way or sumthing, and at 4500 he waves me off....i turn and track for a few seconds, arch for 2-3 seconds, and dump....easy as that =============================== Don't Die
  11. Ive got 142 jumps now. Stills would be nice later in time. Just a mini-dv now. Like a pc-105 or sumthing. you gonna be at our goodtime boogie? =============================== Don't Die
  12. Im looking for a good camera helmet. My first choice right now is the Bonehead Optix for $300. Is there anything better in that price range? Thanks guys =============================== Don't Die